Beauty and the Beast Review: It's J.T.'s Fault!

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"Partners in Crime" was a very personal episode that explored the relationships between many of the prime characters, especially Cat and Tess, but also Evan and his feelings for Cat.

I'm left reeling from what happened during the hour and especially from discovering there won't be another new episode until April 18!

"Look, your boyfriend asked me not to ruin your life, and I won't. But only if you turn him in."

We've been volleying for weeks on whether Tess was a true friend to Cat, even after they had severed their partnership ties, and that line said it all. Cat called Tess black and white, but until her life was threatened she was all grey. The only black and white she saw was outside the bubble of her own life. Once you stepped inside her world? It was all grey.

Cat's Secrets

If Joe had been the man in Afghanistan, and he was pleading to Cat about governmental experiments that were then followed up by Tess sharing information about her mother's death and the monster-like man she remembered from a decade previous, would Cat have acted differently? I think so. The reason is that Cat chose not to judge Tess on her affair with Joe and didn't threaten a tit for tat arrangement when Tess said she would turn them in and ruin Cat's life. Because I would have raced her to the phone.

Ever since the procedural element of Beauty and the Beast started to drift away, so did the friendship between Cat and Tess. Somewhere along the way, Tess engaged in an affair with their boss and Cat got ever closer to Vincent. The farther they were from each other physically, the further they became from each other emotionally, and it finally took its toll tonight. They had to have an exchange of words about everything eventually, but whether it happened before or after Tess learned about Vincent was up for debate.

It happened after.

J.T. tranquilized Tess in an attempt to temper things in the sewers to give Cat time to cover the situation up above and to come up with a plan on how to handle Tess once she awakened. The unexpected factor in the equation was Vincent, unwilling to believe Tess was only black and white, placing more faith in her friendship than Cat (or I) was willing to do. The way he talked about her and tried to reassure Cat her friend would do what was in her best interests was so sweet, but he didn't know Tess.

Tess didn't know Vincent, either. I don't think she expected him to let her go, which is why I was surprised she didn't put much thought into things before phoning Joe to say they got the wrong guy. She had heard the evidence from Vincent, learned about the connection between Cat's mom's death and the monster and Vincent - but still she made the call. Until she was drowning and he saved her life, she was unwilling to believe he didn't do things with malice aforethought.

All the cute girly conversations on the couch about when Cat kisses Vincent (if he's fully turned or half the way there - see the Beauty and the Beast quotes for the full line) didn't give me the warm fuzzies about their friendship. Cat still deserved to have her friend listen to her, process what she was told and formulate an opinion on all the facts before rushing to judgement. They got their friendship back, but Cat is still the better friend.

While I LOVED all of the Austin Basis as J.T. action tonight (this had to be his biggest episode, right?), what on earth did he do??? J.T.'s nerves get the best of him and he rambles. His rambling got Evan thinking about Cat and before he knew it, J.T. had somehow talked Evan into revealing his feelings about Cat. J.T. tried denying a beer to get him to change his mind, but once that train left the station, there was no going back.

J.T. had done so well up until then. He planted evidence that made the precinct think they caught the killer, he tranqed (I have no idea how to make that a word, but if they can do it on TV, it must work here, right?) Tess and figured out Evan was on Muirfield's payroll. Plainly, he was on fire. Except for giving Evan confidence he just did not need.

As soon as Evan was walking down the street, my mind started to scream. First, this is turning into Arrow for crap's sake. Will anyone NOT know Vincent is the vigilante (see a pattern here?) within the next two episodes? Second, would it it have been that hard for Vincent to listen as intently to the to the street for nearby heartbeats as it was for him to hear Tess' stomach gurgle in the sewer? Sheesh man! People can see you when you jump off a third story balcony!

Now Gabe Lowen knows he's alive, Evan is probably ready to tell the world, Tess is going to be hiding the secret from Joe and Cat, Vincent and J.T. are going to be on the major defensive. You know what that means? Absolutely no time for lovemaking. We all know that's unacceptable.

Seriously, it's going to hit the fan in the April 18 episode, and I cannot believe we have to wait that long. What are we going to do in the meantime? Theorize. Share your thoughts.


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In Tess' defense, I do think she started to change her mind about Vincent before he saved her. When she came down the tunnel with those 2 cops, she was careful to tell them to look out for Cat and when she saw the cattle prod, you could see her thinking that maybe what Cat was saying was true. That's why she said, I didn't say he was an animal when the cops said that he was dangerous. So from there, I think things started to click for her. Although she and Cat are friends, I think being a cop she's trained to think a certain way and she could see the evidence that things were off. I think she was still hoping to save Cat from Vincent but it turned out that Cat and Vincent saved her.


Just went on to Amazon and sent my book in. Wow, it couldn't have been any simpler, five minutes of my time, and $12 from Canada straight (hopefully) to Mark Pedowitz at CW. I pay that much to go and see a movie, so it's a small price to pay for a second season of BATB! I was being kinda lazy about it but finally decided that for someone who loves the show as much as I do, and for someone who will be crushed if it is not renewed, I had to get off my lazy butt and actually do something about it.
It really was a no brainer, so I hope everyone else will take that little bit of time and send something off. Seriously, why wouldn't you? Just sit down at your computer, spend about 5 minutes of your time and boom! Its done...


Tess was shot but she was wearing a bullet proof vest....there was no blood after she was shot, it showed us underwater.
Loved the episode. Really felt bad for Evan but he gave Catherine the impression that he was a playboy from the beginning. She did say she didn't want to be a notch on his belt, another women he has a relationship with then leaves.
The whole time on the fire escape I was saying don't jump, don't jump, don't jump. Can't wait until next episode.


I agree with swellzoe. While jumping off the fire escape wasn't the best idea Vincent ever had, in his defense- he's done it lots of times before and I think he was just happy. Giddy, even. He's got his girl, he thinks everyone believes he's dead and Tess had pulled through for them. He felt good and so he showed off for Catherine a little. Notice his smile? Like he was saying "Did ya see that? That was fun!!"


Loved this episode a lot! Glad that Tess finally came around, even if it took her almost dying. But seriously, wasn't she shot? Maybe I missed something, but did anyone take out the bullet? (I'm guessing Vincent, if there was one.) Or did the gunshot just throw her for a loop and she just happened to fall into the water? Looking forward to the next episode. Can't wait to see how it plays out. I'm getting deja vu with Vincent in a cage!


Guys, Guys, Lets be honest here. Tess was acting out of fear. She had a right to do that, if everything was dandy, we would all say the writers did a poor JOB. I agree, jumping off the building was really crazy idea, but that is what happens when you are on an emotional high. You feel on top of the world and act careless. Otherwise, i loved and i mean loved the episode.


I'm not thrilled with Tess. For a woman who has shown such exceedingly bad judgement (and sleeping with your married boss can only be described as such), you'd think she'd have more of an open mind on Kat's romance and trust her partner who's always had her back. That she didn't even hear Kat out and then ran off in this episode was disappointing, especially because in the previous episode she started to question whether the vigilante was as bad as the captain said. I get not every partner is as unwaveringly loyal as JT or as Hank from Grimm, but still Tess seemed like a bad friend and partner for at least not hearing Kat out. And how dumb was Vincent jumping off that building. Yea I get that Evan had to be clued in that Vincent was still alive, but still. That was lazy writing and plotting.


@ Denise
Thanks for the info. Just went on Amazon and sent my book. Only cost me about $8.50 and included shipping. Small price to pay for a second season. I encourage everyone posting here to do the same! Hope Mark Pedowitz's office is overflowing with books!!


***PRIOR COMMENT CONTINUED*** The writers waiting until now to show us Tess' apartment and the pics she had of her and Cat came too late. That kind of bond needed to be shown at the start of the season. The writers took more time to flesh out J.T. and Vincent's bond where I actually like J.T.'s character. He has a gruff persona too but we have seen from the start that he really cares about Vincent.


This episode fell short to me because I had always felt that Tess' character is underwritten. I have never liked the character because she is so one-dimensional. All she does is make snarky comments and rolls her eyes at everything. What is up with that? I was angry with Tess in the scenes between she and Cat when I should have been understanding where she was coming from. The writers failed to show early on the emotional connection between Cat and Tess; the friendship. I am automatically on Cat's side because her character's story is more developed. As a result what Cat has been doing where Vincent is concerned resonates; with Tess, I feel nothing. After she called Joe to say they had the wrong guy and then ended up in a life-threatening situation I didn't care. I hoped she ended up dying so that Vincent and Cat were safe. So it is really unfortunate that Tess just looks like a bad friend and bitch. The writers waiting until now to show us Tess' apartment and the pics of she and Cat she had came too late. That kind of bond needed to be shown at the start of the season. The writers took more time to flesh out J.T. and Vincent's bond where I actually like J.T.'s character. He has a gruff persona too but we have seen from the start that he really cares about Vincent.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

J.T.: Okay. Before we put all of our faith in this charcoal partnership, I should probably mnetion out that her other BFF Evan is now on Muirfield's payroll.
Cat: What?
J.T.: You really know how to pick 'em.

Cat: J.T.?
J.T.: What? I didn't kill her. It was a tranq gun.