Being Human Review: Dead Again

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Well, shame on me for jumping to conclusions about Zoe because, as we quickly discovered in "For Those About to Rot," she knocked the crap out of Nick before he took a bite out of her. She's safe and he'd dead again.

He even went ghostly for a minute, getting to to say goodbye and warn her about Sally before he traipsed through his doorway. Will wonders never cease?!?

This was a pretty dark episode, dealing with the flesh-eating zombification of Sally, Nick and Stevie and Josh's part in making in happen. Not only that, but Aidan and Kat were growing ever closer and he spent a lot of time remembering his first love and how different things will be with Kat.

Sally's Reaction

Josh was not only busy trying to come to terms with his culpability in creating flesh-eating zombies, but he was still visiting with Pete and trying to connect with his inner wolf. It was hard to believe that everything we witnessed took place in the span of one day, but when Josh left Pete, he said he'd see him later with a six-pack to do some more mediation. We'll see how that turned out in a few minutes.

First he was off to help Sally. I was pretty sad that Zoe had been killed last week, because I enjoy her quirky ghost-whisperer character. It turns out that even though she won the fight for her life and killed Nick, she plans on heeding his warning about Sally and never speaking to her again so she might as well have been the one to die. Even though she took his advice and turned Sally away, she didn't turn her so far that she didn't allow Sally to dispose of Nick's body.

That's where Josh came in and, true to form, turned a grisly moment into a humorous one. This Being Human quote was only one of the many he and Sally shot out that had me laughing.

Josh. Oh my God.
Sally: Are you okay?
Josh: Yeah. It's just...I just can't believe how unremarkable it's become to dispose of a body. | permalink

After they disposed of Nick, Sally realized the trouble Stevie must be in and they hightailed it over to his place, only to find him seemingly living a pretty happy existence. Or not. As with most things on Being Human things don't usually look on the outside how they are on the inside. He told a great little tale about how he tried to make it on his own, leading to this other gem of a quote...

Stevie: I tried living on the street. It didn't take too long until I got scared. Then I remembered the lake house.
Sally: Keanu?
Josh: Sandy?
Stevie: What?
Sally: Nothing. Go on.
Josh: Nothing, just continue. | permalink

Before he admitted his parents died when they saw him, he ate them when he got the urge and eventually ended up eating the mailman, as well. That's when things got really dramatic. I didn't even think about it, but it was Josh's fault that they were all back, and that all of these things happened to them. If he and Nora hadn't found the witch and dug up Ray and used his blood for a reanimation spell, they would still be in limbo. It wasn't the best place to be, but right now they have no idea what's in store for them.

Sally noticed Nick and Stevie went through identical doors and somehow equated that with her own fate. Sure, she made a deal with the witch for her soul, but did that same deal apply to Stevie and Nick without their consent? It would seem to me they are living out some other part of the nightmare, and she won't go through that door. She'll have her own hell to deal with. Although if the clam shell on the door meant anything, I figured their souls went right into the witch's pot and she ate them with a savory sauce.

We wondered what connection Kat might have to Aidan, and we found a small one tonight in the archived book she located published by his father. Honestly, he wasn't nearly as moved as I thought he would be. It didn't send him back to a memory about his own father, but about his quest to be one. At first I thought he was trying to have more children after becoming a vampire and that's why Suzannah was unable to give birth to a live baby. It makes sense that he can't have a child now, but I wonder what it was that was keeping him from having one then.

Was it his lack of faith in God? Did he really just have to give up his soul to God and say that if he lives 100 years (irony) he'll be a good man? I'm sure some of you have more details for me, so please share. I admit I was lost. Perhaps my own crisis of faith keeps me from fully understanding what was happening with Aidan, Suzannah and their wish to have a child. I do remember after he went to war and came back that he had a son, and that's why the timing of it was so confusing to me. I wasn't quite sure where we were in history until she gave birth.

It was revealing of a great love coming that Kat didn't immediately turn from Aidan at his admission he couldn't have kids of his own. After she admitted wanting a houseful, it would have been a perfect time to end things with him before they got too serious. Perhaps, for her, love trumps birth children and she's willing to adopt. That's a wonderful way to look at life. She's the best girlfriend addition to the show in quite some time, which makes me think something might be off about her when we least expect it.

Before I move back to Josh, Sally hasn't been with Max for a couple episodes. Did they break up or is he just working? Nora is obviously working a lot, as well.

Back to where we started. Josh was all ready to look for his inner wolf and headed back over to Pete's with his six pack to get started. He walked in on a vamp inoculation party. They heard his name and kicked him out, as he and Nora are off limits. That addresses my surprise that he and Nora took the news so well that Aidan shared with the vamps the virus cure. He sure seemed surprised to see vampires sucking on his friend, and if he had heard his name and the reference he would have understood.

I think there are about to be some more problems in Casa de Being Human between the vamp and the wolves.

It was a really great episode, especially with regard to Josh messing with the order of things and dealing with the consequences. I felt so much for him as he admitted it to Sally and a great respect for Sam Huntington and his ability to go from goofy fun guy to hard core dramatic actor in the blink of an eye. Very well done.


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Ok I'm just wondering is Pete dead from the vamps feeding on him or....?


For the people wondering why Josh couldn't see Stevie's ghost, it does seem like he has to turn once before he can start seeing them. Back at the beginning of season 2, Nora couldn't see Sally until the first time she turned. :)


Oh, and I KNEW that Stevie had eaten his parents the moment he answered the door to the family home. I also figured out that the arm was probably someone like a pizza delivery guy, because Stevie has had enough time alone to eat through his family and still be hungry. I am glad that Josh helped him, but now I am thinking that Sally will go back to being a ghost soon, because she won't be able to stop her decay without eating her roommates or someone else, and she doesn't want her soul to be enslaved or eaten by the witch, either, but she will probably sacrifice herself for the sake of her roommates. What I do not understand is why she hasn't gone back to the Linda Lavin witch and asked her why she didn't tell them that they would be decaying if they didn't eat live flesh. Was that part of the bargain that Sally made in order to be allowed to be "seen" by people she'd known before she died? If so, the witch should have said something about becoming a zombie and rotting.


I think that Josh couldn't see Stevies ghost because he hadn't turned as a werewolf yet, so he is still mostly mortal. Though I liked most of this episode, I didn't like all the focus on Aidan's life right after he was turned into a vampire, and the prejudice and cruelty of the religious leaders in New England at the time. I felt like there was too much emphasis on what is in the past and unchangable, and there was no discussion of why Aidan could father a child back in the 18th century but not now. The only logical explanation that I could figure out was that perhaps he wasn't completely turned at that point, or he hadn't gone into battle and been turned yet, so he was still mortal and was therefore able to father children. Vampires are essentially dead, so they would have no way to conceive children. I think that the death of the old hippy werewolf was horrible, BTW, and I hope Aidan cracks down on the gang who follow that red headed lady who obviously lied about killing werewolves.


I would like to say that i really enjoyed this episode due to it's many layers of character of the characters and lack of Nora. But mainly, due to Sam Huntington with Josh's acceptance of his place in the supernatural world. I say this because if you noticed in almost every episode, you see Josh whining about the things that go on and don't get me wrong, it's terrible and confusing at times but it was getting annoying... So for him to finally realized about the consequences and stop trying to "double-dip" in both worlds was a major step up in my book so kudos to Josh...


I have a big question that I just need to get out Josh not a werewolf? I had been wondering why he was still bandaged, but thought maybe I was getting my werewolf rules messed up (though neither he nor Nora are scarred). I had also kind of wondered, well, I guess technically I wanted a quick view into Nora and Pete's mediations because I wondered if they were seeing a wolf rather than a werewolf. Then last night, I have a feeling his smelling the arm was just a human sense and then he couldn't see Stevie or the door (now I will accept that maybe it is because they are cursed). I am guessing we will learn next week with the vampire stripper, but I am wondering if Josh is actually something else now as a result of being twice bitten and the latter by a purebred. I couldn't let go of the thought of skinwalker and he might actually be able to turn into a real wolf (hell, likely cheaper than the werewolf CGI) but then he would still be supernatural and be able to see ghosts...right?


I was also confused by the flashbacks and thought Aiden was somehow trying to conceive as a vampire. When he went into the room after his wife's miscarriage and the scene ended with him staring at the bundle I assumed he had eaten his child. Even at the end I was wondering how a vampire could father a baby, or whether it would be a demon-child, or whether it meant his wife cheated on him... If Josh is a werewolf again, why couldn't he see Stevie's ghost? Does he have to change first?

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