Being Human Review: Living Dead Girl

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I was so sure, going into "Your Body Is a Condemned Wonderland," that I had everything figured out.

I was certain that all of the Nora versus Aidan crap was setting us up for a Liam versus Nora showdown once Liam discovered she killed Brynn. The only person who would to be there to save Nora's ass would be Aidan.

I thought there was no other reason for Nora to turn to incredibly hypocritical in such a short period of time. She even admitted outright she killed Brynn in self defense, but Josh and Aidan only had her word that was the case. They had no trouble accepting her version of events, but Aidan and Josh postulated that Liam clouded Erin's mind, resulting in Aidan killing her in self defense and she was unable to process it.

Instead, Aidan and Josh are two of the best men out there, supernatural or not, and I can only wish my big idea was the one that came to fruition.

Helping Aidan

How in the hell did I miss that baby vamp, Blake, in "One is Silver and the Other Pagan" telling Liam that Aidan killed Connor? I knew she was outing him for something, but I missed her message completely. Liam, unfortunately didn't.

When it came down to losing his life or giving up the truth about Brynn's death, Aidan saved Nora. Josh and Aidan see the good in their friends, and are willing to fight to the death to save them (and reclaim a sense of self in the process). Nora just doesn't have that bond. Exactly what her boundaries are seem difficult to pin down. Why, for example, she would choose to believe Liam over the man she loves and his love for and faith in his best friend.

In the end, Nora's distrust left Aidan injected with the virus - something I'm sure he will overcome - and Josh, once again, infected by a werewolf. Sired by Liam. Of all the werewolves in all the world, he's now bound by blood to the one person who has completely wrecked the family he was trying so hard to protect. And it was effectively all because of Nora.

Then we have Sally, who had gone from a ghost to a zombie. Poor dear doesn't even know it yet. At least she wasn't singled out because of her special deal to see the people from her past.  Nick was also decomposing and discovered eating cats (I take offense at that mister!) cured him. Sally finally found something to satisfy her raging hunger - raw ground beef. Nom nom nom.

We knew our trio wouldn't remain as human as they seemed for very long, and they got dosed big time tonight. Sally becoming a zombie is a fun twist, especially during this particular social season when zombies are all the rage.

Josh will once again be occupying a storage locker next to his new fiancee, but something tells me he'll be a far more damaging beast this time around. Surely parentage and a second hit alter the way you change.

As for Aidan, I'm wondering if his hope for survival might lie with Max. All of that concern he had about Sally taking formaldehyde and getting high with it made me think it might provide some sort of cure to the blood of a vampire. They are already dead, so perhaps a little preservation while awaiting an infusion with, say, Kenny's fresh blood might do the trick.

Or, maybe he can eat a cat. The virus does look a lot like Nick's zombification.

The fates of our threesome sucked some of the life out of the good news of Josh's engagement (he's happy), Aidan's continued flirtation with Kat and Sally's admission and acceptance thereof by Max, but we'll have plenty of time to explore that later, assuming the three of them don't crumble before our eyes before then.

Are you happy that gang has lost their humanity? Chat about it in the comments. This was a fast and furious hour, but so welcome. It set Being Human Season 3 on fire!


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only one comment...Do we have to go through another season of "The Sally Show"?


This ep was so amazing. Im wondering how they're going to cure Aidan though. The virus is progressing quickly with him. And I think that Kat is a relative of the man that Aidan killed in his war flashback, the one that was his best friend. It would make a good twist.


I'm betting that Kat is Aiden's great, great, great something and that AIDEN is the war hero in her family.


Great episode, very exciting. Aiden was awesome. Tortured and still wouldn't give up Nora to Liam! Enough is enough. It's time for Nora to either get with the program or get the hell out. And Josh was at his finest, risking his own life and willing to kill again in order to save Aiden. Go Josh! It may sound mean but I'm SO glad he's a werewolf again. Sally & Nick were hysterical. Seemed to me that Nick just couldn't face up to what he's become and that's the reason he didn't tell Sally the truth. But I wish Sally had gone to the people who could have given her the best help and advice about her current woes - her roommates - instead of to what's his name. Until the kitchen table scene with Aiden & Josh it felt like Sally was totally out of their circle! I didn't like that. They are at their best together.


i really liked this episode.things are really starting to get was great to see josh get bitten cause i didn't really like it when he was a human.i mean i was happy for him but i don't want any of our trio to just be a normal human.loved the whole zombie sally parts...and can't nora just die already?she is really bothering for aidan i really have no idea how he is going to get out of this one...i really hope that he is not going to die cause i know that his british counterpart died in season 3....poor aidan!


first let me just say I love Kat, she was awesome. Also, their lives really suck all the time. Why hasn't sally gone to the witch though, thats the first thing I would have done. I knew that Josh wasn't gonna stay human for too long but he got skills going into the house like that.


that one scenes obsession on the cat food gave that something was afoot with nick, unfortunately it was eating cats. The only part of this episode i didn't like was why josh stuck around to stab Liam with the knife, had they made Liam a little faster i would have been ok with it but josh had plenty of time to get through the door... still a good plot turn.


I feel like the writers are setting up Nora's death at the hands...claws...of Liam for the season finale. This would put Josh in a very bad place. I hope they go all out "Thriller" with Sally and make her look like she could be in an episode of The Walking Dead. Will she eat people at some point? Is her new boyfriend Max in danger? I also think that the bubble boy has something to do with a cure for Aiden. Looking forward to the remaining episodes of the season.


Aiden has the vampire virus, Josh is a werewolf again, and Sally is rapidly decomposing. The scene with the three of them together at the kitchen table said it all. Back together again and in deeper shit than ever. I can hardly wait for the next episode. This season just keeps getting better and better!


I've always liked Nora, esp with Josh. I was mad when Josh started dating Julia again but...Nora is SO obnoxious this season. She was cool in the beginning helping Josh get Sally and Aidan back but her obsession with Erin was annoying. As someone said, WHY would Aidan attack Erin if it wasn't self defense like he said? Obviously Aidan wouldn't drink from Erin on purpose because he knows WW blood makes him sick, it's not like he could drink her blood to survive. So when Josh came in and found Aidan, sick from werewolf blood, and Erin, laying next to a wooden stake, the only logical conclusion seems to be exactly what Aidan told him happened. Add to that the fact that LIAM brought Erin back to Nora and Josh, who knows how long she was with him up to that point, and there's no reasonable explanation for Nora's treatment of Aidan. UGH

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