Brenda Strong Previews JR Funeral, Moving Episode of Dallas

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Due to the tragic events of real life, Dallas was forced to once again ask last night: Who shot J.R.?

But the identity of the killer isn't what concerns most fans at the moment. Instead, they are focused on what is sure to be one of the more emotional episodes in TV history next Monday night: J.R.'s funeral.

In anticipation of that sad event, TV Fanatic's Jim Halterman was on the Dallas set last week and her chatted up Brenda Strong, asking the actress about the installment to come and how the cast has handled everything related to Larry Hagman's passing.

Watch now:

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Great interview. Love Brenda and the entire series. Can not wait for JRs funeral. I only saw like 4 or 5 episodes of the original Dallas (it was before my time) but I know a lot about it and know JR will be missed by everyone.

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