Castle Review: Three Days of Terror

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Welcome back, TV Fanatics! After a few weeks off, Castle returned with "Scared to Death," a lighthearted episode to follow up the intense two-parter we had just enjoyed.

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Is Castle Scared?

The Ring? On a fun play off of “The Ring” movie, the weekly case dealt with the death of victims who had received a mysterious package containing an evil DVD. Not going to lie, kinda freaked me out a bit. I definitely asked myself, “are they showing these clips again??"

I can’t blame Espo and Ryan for not wanting to watch it either! Leave it to the genius of Rick Castle to figure out such an odd link between the victims. This was an enjoyable hour filled with laughs to follow up from "Hunt."

The only thing that threw me was that there was no mention of what they had just been through. Not a word about Alexis or his father. I get that this is a series that has a weekly case and a smaller back story that continues week to week. But, seriously, your daughter was kidnapped and taken to another country. You met your father, the spy, for the first time. Nothing to say about either?!?

Regardless of that, the installment was fun and enjoyable. Of course, in an episode filled with horror, Wes Craven would make an appearance. Must be good to be Castle. Being friends with the king of scream has got to be fun. 

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Side Notes

  • Who else was creeped out after watching the DVD Clips? It seriously was like watching The Ring all over again.
  • How creepy was the serial killer’s brother? I’m with Castle: if I ever see that guy on the street, I’m crossing to the other side.

What did you think, Castle fans? Did you enjoy “Scared to Death” or was it a bit of a let down after the incredible two parter of the season?

Sound off in the comments and let us know what you thought. Make sure to check out the Castle Quotes page and the official TV Fanatic Castle Round Table later in the week.

Until next week, enjoy this look at what's to come:


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It was okay for me, but my husband hates when Castle is made to look like a bumbling fool. He was not impressed. I, myself, prefer the more serious side of Castle and hope we get to see more of that in the last 7 episodes. The ending was so great and it would have been more great if Castle would have turned serious when Kate asked him how long ago he made the bucket list. He could have said I loved you so much even back then...oh I just want him to show some love toward her and soon.


Its good to have something different now and then Castle, Espo,Ryan were all spooked out by the dvd I saw it again on my dvr and when you stop it part by part its not so spooky it don't make sense but Beckett wasn't buying it she is a cop and it was a crime to solve but Castle went with her to that house to protect her that Love. And Beckett running around the woods she not scared lots of laughs I miss Lanie it a great team Beckett,Castle,Espo,Ryan,Lanie and Gates.the Killer was a surprise. But the the end was cute with Castle and Beckett and she goes to the bedroom and he still counting down then off to the bedroom Funny. Watch it again and see all the funny things there is a lot of them The crazy Brother and the guy in the cabin somewhere there was a deep dark story I have to go back see if it there!!!!! Great show!!


I enjoyed this episode mainly for the way that Castle was so freaked out by all the superstition and horror movie tropes. I just love that he chatted up Wes Craven about how to get rid of the "curse" and I LOLed at Craven's response to all of it after he hung up the phone. "script my a**"
Great stuff. What I missed was Lanie and I also missed any mention of Castle's dad or the whole Alexis rescue. I don't think it would hurt the show to add that at all.
I LOVE that Beckett was perfectly calm and rational through the whole thing, though.


Loved this episode. It was a good creepy story and everyone including Perlmutter was great. I loved that he called Wes Craven to pick his brain! And the Holy Water saved the day after all! I was also glad to get a scene at the loft between the 2 of them. We need more of those.


This is one of my favorite episodes of the series. It just had a great vibe to it, with a lot going on in the episode. The episode was hilarious. Beckett seemed really loose and fun. Castle's reaction to everything in this episode was so funny and the bucket list was awesome. Wonderful episode.


An idiotic story line, only fit for Halloween viewing. Does not fit the Castle persona of a bumbling-brave but fearless (as when saving his daughter in the 2-parter) man's man. This show ranks as the worst "Castle" ever. Nevertheless, I love the show and am a huge fan (as is my wife.)


Exactly! They don't have to be all over each other for me to see how much they enjoy being together. They are just having fun right now, I think it will get more relationship-py in upcoming episodes and in the next season. I love the throw back to season 3 and the ice cubes.


I agree with Joyeful..I think this was supposed to be a Halloween episode..I sure got that vibe...And if it wasn't..they could've at least mentioned Alexis..What the heck!? I can see not talking about his father..having a whole cover story and all.. but it would've been nice to hear..BTW..Alexis is back at school...doing OK Still a good episode..looking forward to seeing more of Ryan's background


I LOVED this episode! the case was interesting (and the video was wayyyyy creepy!) the people were weird and the gang was off the walls funny. its not very often i see a show make my husband laugh well into the commercial break. i think espo especially got him. i like how their doing the relationship.. its not teenage lets be all over each other but not standdoffish cause their at work. its a well behaved relationship but still very flirty.


This was one of the most solid episodes of Castle in a long time. This was the first time in a VERY long time that I was actually riveted by the case itself; I thought the case was really well done. Castle brought just the right amount of quirky to it, Kate's skepticism was on point, and Ryan & Espo were just golden. I thought this episode struck the perfect balance between the case and the relationship. There was enough to convince us that they were a couple - playful flirting, heartfelt ending - and the case was interesting. Though I got the feeling that this was supposed to be (or could have been) a Halloween episode? Any possibility they aired out of order?

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