Dallas Review: Who Shot J.R. Again?

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"The Furious and the Fast" featured events ending right where they began, in more ways than one.

It started with a standstill at Ewing Energies. Christopher and Bobby decided to play hardball. Bobby called in brother Gary and they terminated the lease that allowed the company to drill the oil on Southfork land. That oil seemed to be the companny's main source of income. It's what's keeping everything else running. Were they really thinking this would work?

A Tense Race

John Ross and Sue Ellen threatened to sell Christopher's methane patent in retaliation, but they needed Pamela's swing vote to do it. In that moment, I really hated the fact that Cliff has so much pull with his daughter. Sometimes it feels like she has to run everything through Daddy. 

I thought the race was silly... and I love racing. What did it prove exactly? Did winning a four car race really mean the city would consider turning their entire bus fleet to methane?

I found this part of the story really far fetched. In reality, any city would do a test sample and it would take months if not years of bureaucracy to change an entire transportation system. But this is TV, so I'll let that go. 

Bobby and Christopher's decision to stop the flow of oil seemed outrageously short sighted. Why destroy the entire company because Sue Ellen's on board? Why were they so sure that John Ross and Sue Ellen wouldn't dig their heels in and watch everything go down in flames?  

Gary could be their weak link. He always was and the best line of the night went to John Ross when he greeted his uncle in this Dallas quote

Uncle Gary. Who the hell let you off the cul de sac? | permalink

I really had to laugh. Then his jab about Gary hiding behind Miss Ellie's skirts or in the bottom of a bottle was classic J.R. 

As a fan of both the original Dallas and Knots Landing I could only shake my head when Gary said he'd fallen off the wagon once again and Valene had left him, once again. If Gary's truly desperate for money, it's anyone's guess how much trouble he's gotten himself into this time. If Bobby's power play bankrupts the company and leaves Gary penniless, how long will he continue to have his brother's back?

And was I the only one rooting for Christopher's car to lose that race? I even like driver Ricky Rudd but that couldn't save it for me. Christopher waffles between whiny and smug arrogance. Every week I like him less and him using his relationship with Pamela to sway her vote didn't help. He hated her a week or so ago but he'll try to tug at her heart strings when he needs her.

For those who would say that John Ross does the same thing, you're absolutely right. But John Ross owns his bad boy tendencies. Christopher acts as though he's the better man but I just don't see it.

We didn't see much of Elena but I was surprised when I heard Drew calling her Ellie. Was that a coincidence or are the writers trying to make us believe that Elena will somehow take the place of Miss Ellie?

I hope it's coincidence because Elena couldn't hold a candle to the original matriarch of Southfork. As a matter of fact, if that helicopter had flown off with her on it last week I'm not sure how much I would have cared.

The big question for her and Drew is whether or not Bobby will sell them back their land. If he turns them down we're bound to see the makings of a whole new family feud.

Annie finally got some quality time with her daughter. The comparison between Western riding and dressage was an apt one. I always expected Emma would  end up at Southfork. I just didn't think it would happen this soon.

The final scene with John Ross on the phone with J.R. was difficult to watch and I knew it was coming. John Ross calling out for his Daddy after hearing those shots was heartbreaking. He was finally reconnecting with his father only to have him ripped away.

I know some fans will scoff at the show trying to recreate the iconic Who Shot J.R.? storyline but I believe it was inevitable. How else could J.R. Ewing die? Heart attack? Old age? Come on. This is J.R. If anyone deserved to go out with a bang, it was him. 


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Here's my take on the shooting. I believe that JR had a terminal illness.
Knowing he had a few months to live, he purchased a multi million dollar life insurance policy. He left the policy beneficiary to John Ross. JR then hired someone to kill him so he could leave all the money to John Ross, to keep him and Sue Ellen financially secure. Now thats a great story line... and a great twist to the story line.


I think that the rest of my post (or whatever) got cut. Anyway, as I was saying, most of all, I am so excited about next week's brand-new episode. One final thing... REST IN PEACE MR. LARRY HAGMAN!!!!! YOU WILL BE TRULY MISSED!!!!! Amen.


@retiredinlavernia Where are you getting that Pamela is John Ross & Christopher's cousin? Christopher and John Ross are only cousins through Sue Ellen & Kristen being sisters. Christopher was adopted. They weren't raised together. No one knew who Pamela was except Cliff. There is no incest here.


On last night's new episode of Dallas, I was so surprised (yet even more impressed) when Harris told off that mother of his (aka Judith Ryland). I think that Harris has a sensitive side deep-down inside somewhere. It's just that he listens to that VERY TOXIC mother of his WAY TOO MUCH!!!!! Judith...who is nothing but a creepy, cruel and sadistic B-I-T-C-H!!!!! I hope that Annie and Emma's mother/daughter bond continues. And, I hope that Emma will stay with Annie and Bobby at Southfork for a while. I think that Emma needs A LOT MORE structure in her life. And I think that Annie and Bobby are the perfect ones to provide Emma with that structure (especially Annie). Also, I think that Christopher is acting like such a JACKASS with a split personality. Yeah...John Ross basically acts like a cocky S.O.B. and all. But at least John Ross has A LOT OF BAD-BOY SWAG to him. And, I totally agree with Christine Orlando...Christopher is way too whiny!!!!! Pathetic. Most of all, I am so excited about next week's brand-new episode...which somehow reminds me... REST IN PEACE MR. LARRY HAGMAN...YOU WILL BE MISSED!!!!! Amen.


To retiredinlevernia or whatever it was: You're rude and disgusting. Having lived in Alabama and Texas, I can tell you there is not much difference so you're lame attack on the state of people who didn't deserve it was just lame. Grow up!


Larry Hagman....Rest In Peace....I believe.... never has there been a actor in a television series that has been so ardent, in the representation of nefariousness, in character reputation as Larry's portrayal; J.R. Ewing. He certainly personified the character as a person everyone loves to hate.
Well done, JR. To the family and friends of Larry Hagman my sincere sympathies. May he forever Rest In Peace.


To Kelly - They are not just cousins they are FIRST cousins - No different than brother and sister having relations. SICK except in some states like Alabama and Tenn where it is still legal. Almost as bad is the women who goes though Ewings like the corner bar waitress - First John Ross then Chris - Next she needs to try out Bobby. My God she grew up with them - SICK. She was probally hoping Ann would go away so she could go after Bobby.


Miss Rozie, You're right. I should have mentioned Harris and his mother. Sometimes this show throws so much into an hour it can be easy to overlook an important moment. Yes, when Harris' momma called Emma "our daughter" that definitely made me squirm. As for Sue Ellen, she knows Gary's the weak link and was definitely playing him. I look forward to seeing where that leads since Sue Ellen learned her manipulation skills from the master.


"Christopher waffles between whiny and smug arrogance. Every week I like him less" Exactly. And I'm totally not buying that race. I too have prayed for JR to get the better of him! John Ross is a much more interesting, likable character.


I may be in the minority, but I rooted for Chris to win the race. I don't like the way Sue Ellen turned on Elena for John Ross. Although, John Ross is becoming the villain you love to hate, he's a spoiled, self-indulgent brat. Don't much care for Elena and Chris together either and I don't expect the bliss to last - c'mon it's Dallas.
It's nice that Anne's daughter has come to her senses and she will be a nice addition to South Folk. Ryland and that mother are a piece of work.
I think it's great that the writers can get so much mileage out of who shot J.R.? Unbelievable the Dallas remake is such a success. Larry Hagman will be missed by many- RIP!

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