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Oh, Glee. I knew you had it in you to keep me on the edge of my seat and thoroughly entertain me for a solid hour again! I knew you could leave me wanting more!

Do you want to know how Glee accomplished this feat tonight?

Two words: Santana Lopez. The bitch is most definitely back, and I could not love her any more than I do right now.

Pretty Santana

"Feud" was supposed to be about the epic battle being waged between Will and Finn regarding Finn's puckering of Emma Pillsbury. All the story line did before they sang was make Will look like a giant douche. Seriously. He has Finn make a coffee run and throws a fit because there are three pumps of mocha instead of two? Finn picks up Will's vests at the cleaner and then Will complains that they aren't clean so Finn needs to take them back?

I get it. Finn kissed Emma. Finn is also 19 years old. Maybe even still 18. And up until the past couple of weeks, he's always been portrayed as kind of a doofus. So yes, he was wrong for kissing her.

But on what planet is all of this a realistic reaction for Will to have? It's just ridiculous.

It was also ridiculous for the glee club members to know that Finn kissed Emma and that's why he and Will were fighting, but I've come to realize that student-teacher professionalism doesn't exist in Ryan Murphy's universe. But it did make Tina, Artie, and Blaine force them to duke it out Glee-style with a good ol' song and dance, which gave us one of my favorite performances of the season.

Maybe it's because Justin Timberlake is hot right now having just hosted SNL so it's dredging up all my old N*Sync/Backstreet Boys memories, but that mash-up tonight was phenomenal. I don't think there will ever be a time when I won't love hearing "Bye, Bye, Bye." And I remember watching the making the video for "I Want It That Way." Ahhh! It was perfect. And now my tangent is over.

If nothing else came from Will tapping into his inner diva instead of talking to Emma, we got that musical number and a heart to heart between Finn and Marley where Marley pushed Finn to make the decision we've all seen coming since he first donned a sweater vest. 

Finn's going to be a teacher when he grows up. Finally! 

I like that Marley helped him find his way because, well, because I like Marley. And because Finn has helped her and the rest of the new class, so having one of them be the one to give him a push toward his future was better and more fitting than if one of the other characters had helped him find his way.

I mean, Blaine can only do so much to help everyone, what with the Blam! plot to take down Sue and the Cheerios once and for all after losing to her in their Nicki-Mariah American Idol-inspired showdown. 

Did Blaine throw the face-off with Sue? Was that the Blam! plan all along? Those two, Sam and Blaine, make one hell of a team, but even if Blaine losing wasn't part of their master plan, Jane Lynch as Nicki Minaj singing "Super Bass" was still amazing.

All of tonight's music was incredible, really. The production of the opening number with Brody and the other gigolos and their clients in the hotel was so well done. It was a little gritty and had a more grown up feel than we're used to and helped set the tone for the New York scenes as being edgier and more adult.

It also confirmed what we all knew: Brody is a male prostitute. But he also maybe loves Rachel. He's not sure. And she also maybe loves him but she's not sure either.

Oh, and Rachel's not pregnant after all. 

I have to admit that there's a part of me that is disappointed that she's not pregnant, even if Glee has already done the pregnancy thing. It would've been interesting to see her grapple with whether she would make the same decision her own birth mother did. Or would she keep her child and still make a run for Broadway like she's always dreamed? 

Rachel has been playing adult in New York without actually understanding the consequences of her actions. Either way, like Santana said, this is a wake up call for her. 

Santana: Rachel, you can't just blow past this like nothing ever happened. This is a wake-up call. This is an opportunity for you to take a hard look at the choices that you're making, where your life is heading. | permalink

Santana loves her friends, even if she only considers Rachel her friend 10% of the time. She loves her friends so much she'll do something as awesome as bust into NYADA and get in touch with her inner Paula Abdul in the dance studio, which was way sexier and more appealing than when Rachel went Britney in the same studio.

I loved everything about her quest to take Brody down, especially that firey, fist-flying ending that occurred when she called Finn to New York. Finn is on fire lately and I'm loving it.

What did you think of "Feud"? Which feud was your favorite? Check out the Glee quotes page for more Glee fun and I'll see you in the comments!


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Completely agree with @zakattack regarding the awfulness that is all things Will. However, as someone who moved cross country for college & did NOT have any issues fitting in or adjusting to life away from home, I'm perfectly fine with Kurt in NYC. Everyone's college experiences are different & it's nice to see at least one person on this oft confused show living some sort of "normal" life. My main concern with Kurt is how aside from the reveal episode, there's never any mention of his dad & the status of his cancer.


Glee has a knack for being simultaneously awful and wonderful, and this episode was no exception. The awful: the conflict between Will and Finn (when is Will going to start acting like an adult instead of one of the kids?) and those ridiculous and nonsensical shots of the two of them having a fistfight/hugging it out during their feud song. Glee takes itself so seriously sometimes. On another note, I'm also having an issue with how easily Kurt is transitioning into college life. As a first year college student, I can affirm that coming to college is way more difficult than Kurt makes it look. Most of us (college students in general) experienced homesickness of some sort. Some of us quickly enter shitty relationships (like Rachel), but most of us, especially those of us who are gay, don't automatically find upperclassmen, gorgeous Brits who think we're completely awesome. But enough ragging, the wonderful: Sue singing Nicki Manaj, her whole conflict with Blaine, the Blaine and Sam friendship/super duo, and the Glee kids having that great moment where they admit that they are friends and that they are going to strive to create an environment where everyone can express themselves honestly. I'd like to see some more character development of out of Kitty -- I like her, but I don't know. Is she a heartless, second-rate Quinn knock-off, or is there more to her character? But I've really grown to like Marley; they've done a great job developing her character, even with the rushed, poorly executed eating disorder plot line. Same with Jake, and I'm even growing to like Ryder, though I wish they would differentiate his character a little more from Fin's. I respect what they're trying to do with Unique, but I really find her obnoxious and tacky. Sorry, there is only one Mercedes. The best part of the episode though, hands down, was SANTANA LOPEZ. She killed it. She was hilarious as always, and totally sexy, but this episode also highlighted her growing strength as a person: she was brave with her feelings and she really opened up to Kurt and Rachel (by telling them she loves them, even though they might not love her) but at the same time, she maintained her confidence and sense of right and wrong. She was honest and really mature in this episode, and she even arranged for Brody to get his ass kicked, which I think we all enjoyed. Glee, you're terrible, but you're also getting better. This whole season has been an improvement from season 3, and I'm really excited for next week's episode!




Will and Emma sang last episode, and it was charming. The Scientist with Will and Emma was one of the few songs to reach the Billboard charts this season, so Will's singing has been a boost to the show.


Santana really is what this season has been missing! And yes, Finn really has been killing it lately. I'm loving his scenes! I'm kind of over Will. I just get annoyed when he sings and he really has been acting like a douche lately. I'm wondering who this mystery girl is Ryder was talking to, and hopefully not just some plot device to push the feud storylines forward. I'd like to see more of kitty. I find her way more entertaining than marley. I'm glad Rachel wasn't pregnant. That would have been an awful storyline for her. Now I would just love for them to put her and Finn back together again. I think it's been long enough!


6 words...... THE NEW FINN IS SOOOOO SEXY!!!!!!

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Blaine: I'm not rejoining the Cheerios.
Sue: Oh you most certainly are. Or something unfortunate will most likely be happening to you extremely soon.

Rachel, you can't just blow past this like nothing ever happened. This is a wake-up call. This is an opportunity for you to take a hard look at the choices that you're making, where your life is heading.


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