Glee Review: Dirty Little Secrets

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Due to the absence of Will Schuester at McKinley High, this week's Glee practice was almost cancelled. Overlooking the fact that Will has been MIA for the better part of the year, Sam and Blaine saved the day so the New Directions wouldn't have a week off from regionals practice.

The assignment of the week? Everyone had to perform their "Guilty Pleasures."

Kurt with Santana

When Blaine discovered that Sam was hiding his pretty awesome talent for macaroni art portraits, he was inspired to make this week's theme all about exposing hidden passions. Sam and Blaine went with one of the classic guilty pleasures acts and kicked things off with a little Wham! Can I get a couple of "jitterbugs?" 

Sam continued to express himself when he admitted that he's a hardcore Barry Manilow "fanilow." I've seriously not seen such a hardcore "fanilow" since Ethan Embry's character in Can't Hardly Wait. Remember the guy who was obsessed with Jennifer Love Hewitt's character and thought "Mandy" was a sign he should talk to her? Well, while I appreciate Trouty Mouth's willingness to put himself out there and throw on a ruffly mariachi jacket, there's already a classic performance of "Copacabana" out there in the TV universe.  

It belongs to Rachel Green in her Pepto Bismol bridesmaid dress in Season 2 of Friends.

The thing about all of these guilty pleasures is that they're not so guilty after all. Well, either that, or I'm too open about my embarrassing entertainment preferences. Either way, let's assess. Spice Girls?? Ummm... who didn't perform "Wannabe" during a childhood talent show. I was Baby Spice, there are photos.

Phil Collins? I'm pretty sure it wasn't embarrassing when one of his songs was chosen for the Risky Business soundtrack and played during one of the sexiest scenes of all time. 

Truth be told, the 80s was just an embarrassing decade. I'm sorry, but it's true. What was really embarrassing wasn't that Kitty loves all of the Bring It On movies, duh, but that Jake didn't realize Bobby Brown had a really sordid and awful past. Bobby Brown vs. Chris Brown, who do you think Jake should have been more embarrassed about?

Let's face it, it wouldn't be an episode of Glee without some political or moral agenda. However, I personally hate Chris Brown so I doth protest too much. I will, however, back up Jake's point that there are plenty of singers they perform in Glee club who are terrible role models. In addition, what kind of role model is "Bad Gal Riri" when she just ended up getting back together with the guy who beat the crap out of her?

Off in New York, Rachel was nursing her broken heart over her Gigolo boyfriend, Kurt was ordering boyfriend pillows on Ambien, and Santana...was just continuing to be awesome. Can we all agree that bringing Santana back was one of the best decisions Ryan Murphy has made in years?

Your boyfriend wasn't a cater waiter, he as a gigolo. Like Magic Mike with happy endings, for money. | permalink

So what's your guilty pleasure song? I'll let you guys in on a little secret about one of mine: Will and Finn weren't "sick" this week, they've just been trapped in my apartment doing repeat performances of NSync vs Backstreet since last week's phenomenal performance that was my own personal teenage dream.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, it's your turn. Hit the comments! 

NOTE: Glee is off until April 11. Check out the promo for its return now:


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This might sound odd but I was glad to see that Sam wasn't bothered by Blaine's crush on him. A lot of other teenage boys (and grown men!) would have been, but Sam's behavior shows a tolerance toward gays that we don't see in a whole lot of shows, esp those oriented toward teens.

Drea xoxo

@rkeys your right without santana and blaine what is the point to the show anymore. it's becoming stale and backwards. i do want finnachel but then i don't. she matured without him and he is too and they both did this APART so if they were to get together they'd go back to their comfort zone. don't care for the new glee members, i tried i really did but no their too nickelodeon for my liking, we have enough selena's and demi's in the world don't need another justin either!!

Drea xoxo

We are not in the relationship so therefore we should let them be and respect their decision. i for one still support their music because at the end of the day, who are we to judge. kate moss is a druggie and yet still has full custody over her daughter. britney went through a public meltdown and again full support over her children. madonna and sean penn...... kourtney and scott.....oscar pitorious....
so many celebrities we can discuss but end of the day NOT OUR BUSINESS!!!


Oh, that comment wasn't aimed at Leigh. Just generally what I thought somebody should have said to Jake in the episode.


I'm not a fan of Rihanna at all, but I would just say that you can't judge somebody who has been through an abusive relationship. Yes, a lot of people look up to her, and they shouldn't, but when you're in a place like that, it's very hard to leave. And if your abuser calls you back, you are very likely to go crawling back to them. That poor girl needs love and support to understand that she deserves so much better. Not hate for not being able to get out a dangerous relationship. Chris Brown is a frikkin DOUCHEBAG. And his music should not be appreciated, because he's not harming himself. He's harming others.


At what pOint in the episode did Brodie specifically say that he refuses to use condoms or get tested? STOP ASSUMING


Honestly? I'm kind of sad that Blaine and Sam aren't ending up together. They seem to understand one another. But oh well. Hopefully Blaine doesn't end up being alone by the time Darren Criss' stint on the show ends, unless Ryan Murphy and co. find a reason for him to go to NY where it seems all the past Glee-ers go post-Lima.


I thought that Blaine wasn't supposed to be in Glee club anymore while they are trying to bring down Sue? Maybe I wasn't paying attention close enough last week but that's what I interpreted it as as why Sue forced him into joining the Cheerios, I thought he was supposed to be only on the Cheerios if he lost? When Rachel started singing Mama Mia I was in on, Lea's voice never fails to amaze me. However, the second they switched over to the Glee club in their ridiculous over the top ABBA performance I wanted to shut the tv off. I get it, that was what ABBA was like but the point was that Rachel was putting on Mama Mia as a guilty pleasure movie so an ABBA performance wasn't needed. Each episode doesn't need to end with a Glee club number, they could have given it to Rachel Kurt and Santana. I want them to just split the shows already. I look forward to the NYC stuff so much each week but it is always cut far too short.


BTW, I love Glee, I really do, but sometimes they drop the ball, as they did with Brody and STDs. Still, I am glad that Rachel got rid of him, and I am really glad that Santana is back! She's awesome, and I loved "Cold Hearted Snake" from last week! I also agree that if the Glee club were to never sing songs from musical artists with no morals and lots of drugs and abuse issues, they'd never sing a note. There are just too many musicians and musical groups who have lead singers or musicians on drugs or alcohol or they've got anger issues and beat women up, or they're pedophiles, like Pete Townsend of The Who.
They have to be able to separate the song from the sordid life of the singer.


GLEE!! had it right about what has been bothering me about the whole Brody/Rachel relationship. Because he's a prostitute, that means that he's bringing home every virus/bacteria from every woman or man he's having sex with to Rachel, and until recently, she didn't know that. She could have gotten HPV from him, and could have ovarian or cervical cancer and not even know it! Women don't often present with symptoms of various STDs until it is too late, and the same thing goes for certain cancers, like ovarian cancer, that don't have any real symptoms until they are in stage 4 and almost impossible to treat. There are also strains of drug-resistant gonorreha and syphillus out there, so I personally think that Finn should have hit Brody harder for being such a d-bag, and I think Rachel needs to get tested for STDs ASAP! They need to show this on Glee as the consequences of unprotected sex with multiple partners.

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