Grey's Anatomy Promo: Tension Ignites

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Tension ignites (even more than usual) when Grey's Anatomy returns next week.

Discord and chaos created by the hospital's new management causes one surgeon to question his future at Seattle Grace, while the doctors and the interns must juggle several transplants at once.

There's also sure to be some fallout from the changing of the guard at Seattle Grace.

Who do you think may be checking out for good? Will the change in ownership help or hurt? Check out our photo gallery from the episode for a sneak preview of some of the scenes we can expect.

Then watch the promo for the March 14 episode and see what you think below:

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I personally love the great friendship that alex and jo has would would hate it if shonda turned them inyo a lovey doveycouple


That promo has to be one of the worst ever. What was any of that about??? It made me laugh how horrible it was.


Where is this show going?
Also, I am also rooting for Jo and Alex


go,JAPRIL yippee i love u guys cuz u guys are sooooo amazing :) i love Zoink'd b/c there is talented,adorable kid judges poor host he got gooed :'(


I'm cheering for JAPRIL to be back together at this point... I have lost hope on Crowen >.


I'm cheering for JAPRIL to be back together at this point... I have lost home on Crowen >.


The show will never be the Grey's you fell in love with back in the olden days. Grampa Dewick and the Old Grey Mer are old school now. Get over yourself. I love the interns and Japril!!!


The McCheater seems to be the one threatening to leave. I wish the writers seize the opportunity and write him off.

Sarah silva

Jarrod: I am shipping them too!
Well if it is a He that questions if he should remain, I would say it will be Derek.


Alex can do way better than Jo, love, love, love him. They could grow on me if they'd take out the stupid third wheel though. Can a Grey's relationship story ever just involve two people, ever? Owen should be considering leaving. How does he even still have his job at this point? More importantly, when will this dragged out story ever end? It's become so, so boring, and Mama Avery and her annoying Baby Boy aren't helping. Anytime the show wants to become Grey's Anatomy again, I'm ready.

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