Grey's Anatomy Review: Follow the Leader

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Grey’s Anatomy returned with a stellar installment that featured chaos and discord on full blast.

Picking up right where we left off with the Harper Avery Foundation saving the hospital, Jackson was left in charge. As tension was ignited in "Transplant Wasteland," the doctors and interns struggled to juggle several transplants simultaneously.

Thanks to his mother, Jackson was put in a position that caused him to make enemies left and right. Regardless of how everyone felt, they all knew they had a new boss and had to ultimately follow the leader.

With the foundation Catherine calling all the shots, he simply couldn’t catch a break, as he tried his hardest to keep the hospital afloat in the midst of Owen’s absence.

He's Mine Thank You

I can’t say that I was too surprised that Owen quit after finding out that the foundation wanted to fire him as chief. I absolutely loved the above scene with Derek, Owen and Jackson shouting at the top of their lungs out in the open of the hospital. I totally understood where each one of them was coming from and thought it was entirely realistic that they’d each be that upset and frustrated with all that’s happened recently.

Aside from the politics, transplants were piling up with the OR fully booked and half the nursing staff MIA. Every medical case this week was touching and featured the doctors at their very best. I especially liked April’s case, and this was surprising to me because I hadn’t ever been an April fan. Her case was heartbreaking, and I appreciated the way that she was able to help the patient’s family understand his difficult decision. 

In the final minutes of the episode, Jackson finally stepped up and impressed the new board of directors by making several big decisions. Most importantly, the foundation would begin following the board’s lead. Other major changes included Owen’s reinstatement, re-opening the ER and trauma center, and re-naming the hospital the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

How fitting of an ending, right?! I couldn't help but think Mark would be smiling because he would be just so incredibly proud.

I’ve always been indifferent to Jackson, but was certainly glad to see him succeed by winning over the other doctors and making the right decisions. It should be interesting to see how well he grows and develops as we already know and have seen that politics are a huge part of any job.

Other Thoughts

  • I cringed every time that Catherine called Jackson "sweetheart."
  • We’ve been missing the bromance element. Luckily, Cristina called Derek out for not actually forgiving Owen which led him to find Owen and admit that he wasn’t mad at him but instead at the world and Mark. Sigh, McDreamy, I still miss McSteamy as well. I've heard that time kills all wounds though. 
  • The writers are still hinting at a Jo and Alex pairing. Are you rooting for these two?
  • Be sure to check out TV Fanatic’s exclusive interview with Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson.

Overall, this was a solid episode that wasn’t boring in the least bit. I’m stoked for the changes that are coming to the new Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. How about you? How do you think Jackson’s doing so far as the new boss? With so many cases this week, what was your favorite?

Hit the comments to share your thoughts, and don’t forget to return later this week for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Here's the promo for next week's episode, "Idle Hands" ...


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I am enjoying this series but I don't think the characters are actually true to themselves or are being given enough time to explore these new personas. Mer was devastated by the plane crash but she seems to be down right mean to the interns in the episodes of the series (even if she is nice behind their backs) she was always someone who wanted to learn and who respected others for helping her on that path, so far she just keeps telling her interns to shut up all the time. I feel like the stories are being spread to thin amongst the characters. It's been a while since I saw something that really interested me a lot about any of them because ALL of them have so much going on. I love Mer and Der and Christina and Alex but the others need to take a back seat for a little while.


When last night episode started I didn't like all the fussing between the doctors nor how hard everyone was on Avery. Its not his fault that he got thrown into that position. But by the end of the show I loved it. Avery finally stepped up like I knew he could and the renaming of the hospital to honor Lexie and Mark was great. Now hopefully we can move on from this storyline of taking of the hospital.


Shonda Rhimes if you ever read this:
These songs remind me of how greys anatomy used to be .. the feeling i got when i watched greys anatomy before i went to school feeling good about the world and how good life is. Greys anatomy never put me in a better mood and everyone around me! Me and my bestfrind used to run home after class to my home to watch greys i used to record on vhs! ha lol. shes not here anymore and passed before she turned 18 and im almost gona graduate high school soon. want to be a surgeon myself and cant wait until greys gets better.. Like it used to be! if u ever need help go back to the old episodes season 2 - 6.. youll know what to do! :)


At first I was OK with name even though I prefered Alexandria Sloane Memorial. Then I thought how mad Shonda got at Chyler for saying she step as the Grey if Ellen left. Shonda said Chyler would never be the Grey, Ellen wa the only Grey. Some people think this is why Chyler left I don't though. Now the Grey on the hospital is for Lexie now. Someone wrote in another comment that this was POETIC JUSTICE the new name. Now Lexie will be the Grey. Now I'm Loving the new name. Shonda probably doesn't even realize what she did. Miss you Lexie and Mark.


Good episode. I choked up a bit when Jackson presented his name change for the hospital. Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital is a great name for the hospital. I'm loving this season. I just wish more people would watch already! Best season in a VERY long time.


+ Mama Avery sure isn´t making it easy for her son to be taken serious when she keeps calling him sweetheart or baby in front of staff. *shudder* + I loved that moment. I miss Mark too. Totally agree that Hunt doesn´t even come close to what McSteamy and McDreamy had. + I´m afraid nothing will stop Alex/Jo from happening.


@Ryan No, Izzie isn´t married to Alex anymore. She sent divorce papers in season 7 and Alex was shown signing them while talking about it. It´s rather early on. @Grimmfan#10
LOL! You feel better now? The episode was clear on the subject: Derek doesn´t blame Hunt. He needs to blame somebody for taking his best friend away from him and Hunt just happens to be the one responsible for hiring the plane that killed him; and Lexie. It was obvious he´s hurting and lashing out unfairly, and he knows and admitted to it. Try mourning a friend you grew up with while daily having to see into the face of the one person basically responsible for his death! It´s not easy to see straight. Did you even notice why he was there to talk to him? To get him back. Also, Hunt is living in Derek´s trailer. When does Hunt start living in a place that HE owns? His wife bought the firehouse he wanted (he didn´t even pitch in). Now he´s living in Derek´s property...


LOVE Jo and Alex. I really want them to end up together. And yeah, I totally cried at "Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital"
I watched for years waiting for Mark and Lexie to end up back together, now it's like the hospital will have them forever linked anyway. The baby they never got to have.


contd. take no prisoners attitude and the interns need to continue to have their face time/talking time limited. Seen and minimally heard. Just my opinion. All in all, not the worst episode ever and I did enjoy it, but I really can't wait until next week because it sounds like it might be a funny one.


First, I agree with whoever said Derek needs a haircut. Or at least some product in it. He is such a gorgeous man but most of the time he looks sloppy. He did look good in the scene at the trailer though. Yum! I think it's a ridiculous premise that Avery would be everyone's boss at his age, but of course the writers are going to make this work. Meredith and Cristina may have reassigned their spouses as their other person, and rightfully so, but does that mean that they can't have a relationship at all now? Alex and Jo - it's going to happen one way or another so I've given up on that one. Thank God April has stopped acting like a maniac so I've decided I can tolerate her too. (I'm sure no one cares.) But I swear I am sick to death of this plane crash/lawsuit storyline. Please let it be put to rest now and let them get back to medicine. Derek needs to get his butt back in the OR and chasing lost causes. Cristina needs more kick-ass surgeries. Bailey needs to get back to her "take no prisoners" attitude. And please, for the love of God, keep the interns face time/talking time to a minimum. All in all, not the worst episode ever and I did enjoy it, but I really can't wait until next week because it sounds like it might be a funny one.

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