Grey's Anatomy Review: Follow the Leader

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Grey’s Anatomy returned with a stellar installment that featured chaos and discord on full blast.

Picking up right where we left off with the Harper Avery Foundation saving the hospital, Jackson was left in charge. As tension was ignited in "Transplant Wasteland," the doctors and interns struggled to juggle several transplants simultaneously.

Thanks to his mother, Jackson was put in a position that caused him to make enemies left and right. Regardless of how everyone felt, they all knew they had a new boss and had to ultimately follow the leader.

With the foundation Catherine calling all the shots, he simply couldn’t catch a break, as he tried his hardest to keep the hospital afloat in the midst of Owen’s absence.

He's Mine Thank You

I can’t say that I was too surprised that Owen quit after finding out that the foundation wanted to fire him as chief. I absolutely loved the above scene with Derek, Owen and Jackson shouting at the top of their lungs out in the open of the hospital. I totally understood where each one of them was coming from and thought it was entirely realistic that they’d each be that upset and frustrated with all that’s happened recently.

Aside from the politics, transplants were piling up with the OR fully booked and half the nursing staff MIA. Every medical case this week was touching and featured the doctors at their very best. I especially liked April’s case, and this was surprising to me because I hadn’t ever been an April fan. Her case was heartbreaking, and I appreciated the way that she was able to help the patient’s family understand his difficult decision. 

In the final minutes of the episode, Jackson finally stepped up and impressed the new board of directors by making several big decisions. Most importantly, the foundation would begin following the board’s lead. Other major changes included Owen’s reinstatement, re-opening the ER and trauma center, and re-naming the hospital the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

How fitting of an ending, right?! I couldn't help but think Mark would be smiling because he would be just so incredibly proud.

I’ve always been indifferent to Jackson, but was certainly glad to see him succeed by winning over the other doctors and making the right decisions. It should be interesting to see how well he grows and develops as we already know and have seen that politics are a huge part of any job.

Other Thoughts

  • I cringed every time that Catherine called Jackson "sweetheart."
  • We’ve been missing the bromance element. Luckily, Cristina called Derek out for not actually forgiving Owen which led him to find Owen and admit that he wasn’t mad at him but instead at the world and Mark. Sigh, McDreamy, I still miss McSteamy as well. I've heard that time kills all wounds though. 
  • The writers are still hinting at a Jo and Alex pairing. Are you rooting for these two?
  • Be sure to check out TV Fanatic’s exclusive interview with Jesse Williams, who plays Jackson.

Overall, this was a solid episode that wasn’t boring in the least bit. I’m stoked for the changes that are coming to the new Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. How about you? How do you think Jackson’s doing so far as the new boss? With so many cases this week, what was your favorite?

Hit the comments to share your thoughts, and don’t forget to return later this week for the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table. Here's the promo for next week's episode, "Idle Hands" ...


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I really don't like the story line of Acquisitions ,the epi is very boring to me, everyone is boss??


Who writes these comments, Shonda Rhimes? The Jackson storyline is completely unbelievable. No hospital would give that position to someone without the appropriate experience no matter what foundation or mother/doctor said. I was waiting for him to fall on his face and go to the chief for help. The Chief needs to be in that position. The story line is unbelievable. Hunt and Derek don't have the same relationship that Mark and Derek had. That chemistry and bonding is missing in the show. And Derek's storyline, he use to be the Neuro God. Now he is like a background character. Bring him and Meredith back to the forefront. That's what's missing in this show. And poor Bailey, what they've done to her character. She's in the background too while all along we have to listen to these creepy interns. They are just using airtime that should go to the originals.


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I am sick of McNightmare blaming Hunt for the plane crash. He is not responsible for poor maintenance of a plane. McNightmare is just a jerk as usual. Now they are mad at Avery because his family saved the hospital that they sued into bankruptcy? If it wasn’t for Avery’s family the hospital would be closed and do you think any hospital would be happy to hire doctors who sued another hospital into closing? Leave Hunt alone and leave Avery alone you jerks! You sued the hospital into almost closing and now you get to tell everyone what to do? Jerks all around! I guess the hospital closing would have been ok for you guys because you had 15 million dollars to live off of. Jerks!


Dont Get me wrong I loveGrey's Anatomy. It's a amazing show with a great cast but I want it to be life it used to. We need back a cardio-god to keep things interesting. (Teddy).. Whats going on with Izzy? Isn't Her and ALex Back still married? it would make great Conflict with the new intern. 6 - 8th season was one of the most amazing seasons. 9th season is really just dull and i thought i would never ever say this but really boring. I allmost changed the channel yesterday and I never thought that on Greys. Please put more OR time! We need that. One more Thing!!! The Music is so Lame! like i said the music is everything on the show and its just getting kind of stupid. Put lifehouse and grace potter and monsters of men and other great music on there. If you need good music go to serious XM radio look for the Pulse Radio station and get ideas off that. I have thought of countless options to use for greys anatomy just on the music played on there alone!


the shows are kind of getting off the point in my opinion. Greys anatomy is about doctors saving lives and in the or alot. not yelling and screaming at eachother while seeing the inside of the or for 5 minutes each episode. what happened to the big operations? The Acutal feelings from Greys. All i feel now is fake emotions from the characters. Get Derek a hair cut and please stop with all the fake stuff and get back to the surgery. After all that is what surgeons do!

Sarah silva

This was probably one of my favorite episodes in Grey's history!
I cried like crazy when Jackson said he wanted to rename the hospital and I knew what it would be before he showed the group!
I laughed when Derek was chasing Owen.
I think the hospital will be better than ever!
I get a little tired of Bailey sometimes but I guess her harping on Jackson paid off when he had to tell Alex that he could use ER 2 and Christina had to wait.
April's patient dying was really sad too!
I need to know the name and who sings that song that was playing during that scene,


Very good episode. First, Bailey is back! She was the QUEEN of one liners & was so funny. Happy that Cristina finally got through to Derek & he was literally chasing after Owen practically begging to talk/apologize with Owen agreeing to return to the newly renamed Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital .. with thanks going to Jackson Avery. His first great grown-up move assures that his former love/mentor's memories will be forever kept alive. April ROCKED it again with her patient. And again, NO to Alex & Jo. My question is .. what has happened to ANY relationship between Cristina & Meredith? All I see & hear is Meredith shooting Cristina down for this reason or that.


I am so proud of what Jackson did. He stepped up and become independent. He named the hospital after the girl he loved and the best mentor he ever had. I am so excited I already watched the scene like a million times. So now I want Jackson back together with April. They are both growing up and they belong together, they are great together so writers are you listening? Can you tell us if that is the end game? The big plan?


OMG, I'm still in tears.... I knew the name he would change the hospital into, but when I saw that it actually had Mark, I just couldn't help the tears.... Beautiful ! I was afraid Jackson would actually drown, but he stepped up ! And honestly, I hope he'll get better at it.
Loved the fact that they were at each other's throat ! Firing Owen, what a bad move ! Agreed with him for quitting ! Love my Crowen moments !!!
I am rooting for a Jo and Alex pairing, cannot wait !
Derek...I miss Mark too ! And Lexie of course !
Catherine she should stop and look at Jackson sometimes instead of inputting her decisions on him like that. Sure she's his momma but he might want different things !
Loved April's case ! Heartbreaking the moment when the mom couldn't let go...
Cannot wait for next week's episode !

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