Grey's Anatomy Review: One Hell of a Night

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Wow! That was an explosive Grey’s Anatomy - and I don’t just mean that literally.

Since the long and drawn out lawsuit/plane crash storyline, I’ve been waiting patiently for an episode like "Can't Fight This Feeling." I was so thrilled that Shonda and company wasted no time and totally delivered, giving viewers an intense and powerful hour we so rightfully deserved.

It's an Emergency

So, what went down and how did our favorite doctors deal with the madness caused by a gas tanker explosion?

Well, the explosion caused multiple injuries and chaos at the new and improved Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. If tonight’s installment was any indication of how well the hospital would do, I think it’s safe to say that GSMH is going to be just fine.

Sarah Chalke guest starred as a mother who was desperately trying to help her son. Unfortunately, that desperation made her appear a bit cray cray. Luckily, Meredith was there and willing to help the frantic mother.

While all signs pointed to a common case of strep throat, the mother was relentless and just knew that something was truly wrong with her son. It’s a good thing, too, because Mer figured out that the mother was right all along and the boy actually had Kawasaki disease, a rare condition in children that involves inflammation of the blood vessels.

Meanwhile, Owen was kind of amazing with Ethan, another patient whose parents were both being treated at the hospital. It was clearly evident how amazing of a father Owen would be and that he sincerely cared for the child he just met.

Elsewhere, a mother who was admitted to the hospital begged April to ensure that her baby girl would be safe. The baby was delivered perfectly fine. Unfortunately, the mother did not survive due to later complications. I couldn’t help but to tear up as well as April broke down with Jackson there to comfort her.

As I’m not a fan of these two together, I was glad that their moment was interrupted by Alex. Matthew seems to be a really good fit for April, and I’ve like her a whole lot more since she started dating him.

Lastly, I think it’s Jo’s boyfriend who’s the douche. I’m so ready for Alex to make a move and get with Jo. Come on, Alex!

Other Thoughts

  • I couldn’t help but think Alicia Keys would be singing to the tune of “This man is on fire…” as the man in flames collapsed near the ER doors.
  • Zola made a rare appearance! She’s gotten so big. I can’t wait to see her with her new baby brother.
  • My favorite moment may have been when Meredith and Zola showed up for Bailey’s genome mapping project. How could she possibly turn them away after every word that Meredith spoke?
  • Is it just me or was Callie’s side plot a bit out of place? There was just way too much going on, and I just wanted to see what would happen next instead of hearing about her speech.

Overall, this was a strong showing of our favorite doctors at their best. Though it may not be one that I'll remember forever, I'm always down for an installment that's full of medical drama and showcasing the gang doing what they love the most: helping their patients regardless of the circumstances.

What did you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy? How do you think Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is holding up? Be sure to chime in early next week for our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table


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Solid episode as usual just too much April. What was that with Jackson? Goodness Shonda, can't April and Jackson remain just good friends? Ugh! I think I need to start psyching myself into accepting that pairing even though it irritates the living daylights out of me. I hope I don't start disliking Jackson cos of whiny heavily made-up photo shoot ready April. My only critique would be to the makeup department. Apart from Bailey, Meredith, Christina, and the new interns all other female leads looked like they were getting ready for a photo shoot. What's with the heavy make up and blown out hair in a hospital? The worst of the worst were Callie and April.


If Shonda Rhimes gives Meredith Alzheimers or does anything to her baby I'm not watching this show anymore.


I also loved Owen with the kid. It's so sad that Yang doesn't want kids, because he'd be an incredible father. I bet she'll get pregnant again along the way and reconsider. Jo's boyfriend is really a douche and it makes me root for Jo and Alex even more.


That was a great episode. I loved everything about it. Meredith was awesome with the mother and with Zola at the end. If we consider next week's propmo, it seems like Mer has tested positive for the alzheimer's gene... Love, love, love April with Jackson, they're my new Slexie. He just gets her and accepts her craziness and they have great chemistry. I too was tearing up for the mother who died. April seemed to question her faith at that moment. I feel that this patient will affect her more than we'd originally think.


Last night was show was getting back to the things you love about Grey's. Owen was great with that kid and I kept thinking it is going to cause nothing but problems for him and Christina in the future. Zola is the cutest baby ever. It was so adorable when Derrick opened that door and she was standing there with the stuff animal. I do like April and Jackson together so I was glad to see them together as friends and him being there for her during her rough moment.


The prognosis for Ethan's parents is not looking great... do you think they will "recycle" the Zola storyline and have Owen adopt Ethan? That would either bring an end to Owen & Christina or allow them to move forward as an unconventional family...


I loved this episode. I especially appreciated the Kawasaki's Disease storyline because it hit close to home. My mother went through the EXACT same thing with my brother when he was a kid. They kept turning her away and claiming nothing was wrong and even threatened to report her. When they finally considered that as a possibility that wanted to rule it out because he was one symptom short. If she hadn't persisted he would have died. So I truly appreciated that part of the episode. I loved Owen with the kid even though it made me sad for him since Yang doesn't want any. Great scene with Mer, Bailey, and Zola at the end. Callie's part didn't fit but they probably felt obligated to show her. Jo's bf didn't annoy me initially but now he sucks. I'm glad Avery and April are back to the friendship. They always had a sibling vibe to me personally.

Sarah silva

I would like to see Heather go to Neuro, we have Derek already so I think a girl neurosurgeon would be a neat change of pace.


I just want to know what on Earth happened with those islet cells, and devices, and everything. Yes, I know that they can't make up a story-line stating that diabetes is now curable, and I wouldn't want them to, but to put that whole thing away, and to have Bailey now just happily chasing genome mapping (not that I have anything against is)is just a lack of closure. Dear writers, there are people among us who are interested in the medical story-lines too!

Sarah silva

This was a great episode!
I loved the end when Mer went to Bailey! So great.
GSMH is running very smoothly.
I too think that April and Matthew are a better match, I also think Jason (is that his name, Jo's boyfriend) is a douche too.

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