Grey's Anatomy Review: Welcome to Grey-Sloan Memorial

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I’m not sure how, after nine seasons, even the most simplest of things on this show, can tug on those heartstrings.

Grey’s Anatomy aired "Idle Hands” this week, an episode that focused on sad patients, changes to the hospital and ultimately what happens when you stop moving forward. Let’s break down the installment...

Callie and Bailey Pic

This Sucks, And We Don’t Say Sucks. Meredith worked on a teacher who finds out she has terminal cancer. Seriously, when the students came to visit her, I couldn’t help but tear up. Really, such a sucky situation.

The highlight of the cases was Alex and his young cancer patient. The jokes they played on Jo’s boyfriend were hilarious. Jenny Talia anyone? Too bad the OBGYN didn’t think so. Looks like the competition is heating up for Ms. Wilson. 

Derek and Ross worked on a young girl with a brain trauma, which gave Ross the opportunity to deliver a perfect line: “I’m Derek Shepherd. It’s a beautiful day to save lives."

Nailed it!

New Mentor For Yang?

Let’s Go To The Carnival. April talked to anyone who would listen about her wanting to sleep with Matthew and his wanting to wait. 

Is there a better spouse to have than Callie Torres? I don’t think so. This is a character that has grown in such a tremendous way and she is someone you want to root for all of the time. I can remember early on when she was Callie O’Malley. We have come a long way, huh?

He Or She? In the worlds cutest competition, no one even compares to Der and Mer. They started off super adorable with Derek talking to Mer’s belly. It only got better when we found out that IT'S A BOY!! Meredith and Derek are having a baby boy. I haven’t been this excited for a fake character’s pregnancy in a long time! Kinda sad but kinda funny at the same time. Who else is with me?

Side Notes:

  • A big shout out to Jessica Capshaw, who has played the character of Arizona perfectly all season. She is dealing with such a tremendous trauma and Capshaw makes it effortless looking. Definitely one of the bright spots of Grey's Anatomy Season 9.
  • Meredith was on her game in this episode, dropping hilarious lines about her pregnancy left and right. Always good to bring the laughs, Grey. 
  • The interns, Jackson and Owen were right. The Lodux does look like a ton of fun!
  • Who else loves the new name of the hospital? Grey-Sloan Memorial has a pretty awesome ring to it. 

Overall, a really enjoyable hour. Laughs, tears, and exciting news. Pretty much everything we love in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you like “Idle Hands?"

Sound off below and let us know what you thought. Is Alex now ready to admit and fight for Jo? How excited are you for Derek and Meredith? And check back later in the week for our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.

Until next week, TV Fanatics ...


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The female cancer patient teacher - terminal- was not liza weils. I looked at her photo deffinatley not her - does anyone know her name.


@PJ I was thinking Mark Alexander Shepherd.


But the surgeon making her think she could join in on his trial while all he was doing was pitching her. In the end she showed him who was the boss !!!
April, go get some already, stop pretending !
I want more episodes like this one !!!!!!


I LOVED that episode OMG ! It reminded me of the old days !! Brilliant Calzona, Callie U ROCK !!!!! Arizona, damn she has been great this season !
Bailey made me laugh, having to ask her "babies" for help ! When she talked to the bay I was laughing even harder !
Webber and Karev, SERIOUSLY !!! They were just hilarious, the way Webber bolted in the end was just funny. But the guy was not happy, and the way he talked about Jo, so RUDE !!! grrrrrr, go on Karev, make him hit the dust ! lol
MerDer moments, sweet ! They're having a boy !!! Mer was just excellent with her 3 legs, 2 heads, but I guess she was really scared.
Crowen, looooooove them ! Owen with his new toy, just hilarious as all the interns were ddying to try it, but didn't get a chance, until the end. Mousey, big LOL, Jackson was funny too, reminded me of Owen and Der new chief no time to cut somebody lol.
Cris just plain funny, hey, she's the boss ! That Chow, how dare he do something so cool looooool. But the surgeon making her think she could join in on his trial while all he was doing was pitching her. In the end she showed him who was the boss !!!
April, go get some already, stop pretending !
I want more episodes like this one !!!!!!


The baby should be named after Derek's father.


Baby's name Christopher Mark Richard. Christopher, Derek's middle name and close to Cristina who will be godmother, Mark for Mark, and Richard, Derek's mentor and father figure to Meredith. Way to come back Arizona and cudos to Callie for her patience.


Totally agree about Jessica Capshaw! Bravo! Arizona is my fav!


the episode was amazing, absolutely loved the CALZONA scenes, those girls are pure GOLD!!! so sweet, so tender, so loving, so beautiful, so sexy, they rock...Jessica and Sarah are so perfect together, the xray room scene and the sexy scene at the hot, hot, hot, Callie is the perfect spouse,she is ace, CALZONA have been through so much,they are outstanding,the chemistry between them is unbeatable..thank you Sarah and Jessica for your amazing rock


Great show. Alex will get Jo. Did anyone notice all the interns were there except Stephanie? I hope she is gone. Baby Boy will not be named a girls name, Alexandra. Most likely after Dereks murdered father. Great job on this one Shonda.


Callie FINALLY got some!!! Patience is an understatement! I'm so happy they finally have moved on to intimacy. I agree that Callie is the BEST spouse ever. She is amazing in so many ways. She still saw Arizona as hot even though Arizona didnt agree. Calzona 4 EVER!!!
Jessica is awesome. But Sara has always been my favorite. She is so beautiful and amazingly talented.

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