Grey's Anatomy Review: Welcome to Grey-Sloan Memorial

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I’m not sure how, after nine seasons, even the most simplest of things on this show, can tug on those heartstrings.

Grey’s Anatomy aired "Idle Hands” this week, an episode that focused on sad patients, changes to the hospital and ultimately what happens when you stop moving forward. Let’s break down the installment...

Callie and Bailey Pic

This Sucks, And We Don’t Say Sucks. Meredith worked on a teacher who finds out she has terminal cancer. Seriously, when the students came to visit her, I couldn’t help but tear up. Really, such a sucky situation.

The highlight of the cases was Alex and his young cancer patient. The jokes they played on Jo’s boyfriend were hilarious. Jenny Talia anyone? Too bad the OBGYN didn’t think so. Looks like the competition is heating up for Ms. Wilson. 

Derek and Ross worked on a young girl with a brain trauma, which gave Ross the opportunity to deliver a perfect line: “I’m Derek Shepherd. It’s a beautiful day to save lives."

Nailed it!

New Mentor For Yang?

Let’s Go To The Carnival. April talked to anyone who would listen about her wanting to sleep with Matthew and his wanting to wait. 

Is there a better spouse to have than Callie Torres? I don’t think so. This is a character that has grown in such a tremendous way and she is someone you want to root for all of the time. I can remember early on when she was Callie O’Malley. We have come a long way, huh?

He Or She? In the worlds cutest competition, no one even compares to Der and Mer. They started off super adorable with Derek talking to Mer’s belly. It only got better when we found out that IT'S A BOY!! Meredith and Derek are having a baby boy. I haven’t been this excited for a fake character’s pregnancy in a long time! Kinda sad but kinda funny at the same time. Who else is with me?

Side Notes:

  • A big shout out to Jessica Capshaw, who has played the character of Arizona perfectly all season. She is dealing with such a tremendous trauma and Capshaw makes it effortless looking. Definitely one of the bright spots of Grey's Anatomy Season 9.
  • Meredith was on her game in this episode, dropping hilarious lines about her pregnancy left and right. Always good to bring the laughs, Grey. 
  • The interns, Jackson and Owen were right. The Lodux does look like a ton of fun!
  • Who else loves the new name of the hospital? Grey-Sloan Memorial has a pretty awesome ring to it. 

Overall, a really enjoyable hour. Laughs, tears, and exciting news. Pretty much everything we love in an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. What did you think, TV Fanatics? Did you like “Idle Hands?"

Sound off below and let us know what you thought. Is Alex now ready to admit and fight for Jo? How excited are you for Derek and Meredith? And check back later in the week for our Grey’s Anatomy Round Table.

Until next week, TV Fanatics ...


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Digeorge is prevalent in one in 2000 not one in 200000. There are 200 medical conditions associated with it. Its second most common to downs. If a medical drama is going to talk about a condition they should have the correct information! I however otherwise thought it was a great episode!

Sarah silva

Catherine: She is a movie actress her name is Anette Otoole

Sarah silva

I have always enjoyed this show, and this year they are on the top of their game! This was a great episode. Plus when we get more Derek this episode than we have in a long time it always makes for a great hour!
Everything about this hour was enjoyable, I laughed and I cried. I too am so happy Mer and Der are having a boy.
I am happy that Arizona and Callie are moving forward too!
Alex and the kid were sweet! I hope he tells Jo soon that he likes her.


Flushed this network crapola show down the toilet after the Denny the ghost episodes .....guess the basic cablers are still getting their no attention span needed fix watching boring commercial network sex ......YAWN !!!!


really loved alex and that kid plus Dr webber was too funny hahaaaaa


I want to know the name of the actress who played the teacher with cancer. She looks so familiar. Can anyone tell me what her name is? Was she ever on a daytime soap opera?


Loved this episode!!! Perfect mix of humor and drama. Nice to see all of the main couples getting back to being happy and in love.


Seriously, this was such an awesome episode!!!!! Haven't really been a fan of this season, I'm afraid. But today they nailed it. Thank you thank you thank you. This episode reminded me of season 2 and 3, back when Grey's was really good. The characters was spot on from what they used to be. Awww so in love!


I think the baby name should be Xander in honor of his aunt Lexie. The best aunt in the world. Since her first name was Alexandria. Xander = Alexandria. I think this would be a lovely tribute to Lexie my favorite. Everybody knows Lexie hasn't received much tribute on Grey's since she died except the hospital name. Mark has received awesome tributes: 2 episode on Grey's, a video montage, they say his name all the time (which they should), mourned on Private Practice and the hospital named after him. See the different they both were important to the show. Meredith baby named after her would be a lovely tribute to Lexie. COME SHONDA HONOR LEXIE THIS WAY EVEN BETTER BRING LEXIE BACK TO LIFE. THIS WOULD MAKE HAPPY AGAIN WITH THE SHOW.


Loved this episode. The highlights for me were all Callie and Arizona scenes :) Loved the school teacher and merder bits also. The only irritating bit was April whining over wanting to go an a 'carnival ride' with Matt *rolls eye* but all in all, a solid episode.

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