Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Who Quits?

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To those who predicted Jackson's new position of power might cause a ripple effect through the ranks of Seattle Grace, a sneak preview clip from "Transplant Wasteland" pretty much confirms it.

We begin with Avery telling Hunt that a change in management is being considered.

The reason? It could be a morale boost to the staff to shake things up at the top. You can imagine how that goes over, as Owen incredulously states that he's been the one trying to boost morale.

Enter Derek, who Owen reads the riot act, and who hits right back, stating that he doesn't want to get into a discussion of who is responsible for this. Then someone storms out, enraged. Who is it?

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I find it hard to believe that these "Doctors " can get fire and Quit anytime as they please. Don't these doctors sign contracts and all of that. Aren't you suppose to write a letter of resignation and all that crap. This is so stupid.


Apinapoikaerkki - Thank you!!! Owen really catches a bad rep in my opinion. Yes, he's volatile and he yells. So does Derek. I don't think there's anyone on the show that can get pissier than Derek when he's in a snit. Teddy did start the whole triangle thing in Season 6. In Season 7 he was nothing but supportive of Cristina during her PTSD and he was deservedly upset when she insisted she wanted an abortion. He knew she didn't want kids, but they got one sprung on them and he wanted it. Of course he would be upset, and of course he would yell. It's a wonder he didn't implode. But he has really run himself ragged trying to make everything right because of his feelings of guilt over the plane crash. And he's really had no one to talk things over with. Even after he and Cristina made up, he was under the non-disclosure agreement so he couldn't talk to her about any of it. Cut him some slack!


RaXXX, what the heck are you talking about? Owen has been doing nothing but trying to set things right this season. With the Triangle, it was Teddy who started the whole thing, not Owen. And he chose Cristina, how is that messing it up, he made the right decision. The abortion conflict went a little too far, but you can't expect him to be perfect in every situation. No one in the show is perfect, not even McDreamy (a fact that was very much proven in this sneak peek)At least he is man enough to at least try and fix things before running to the woods like Derek did in s5...


Well everything cannot be according to Owen. This is what he does, he messes up the entire situation and then yell then cry and then yell some more! He did the same with Teddy Cristina Triangle thing, then again during Cristina's abortion conflict and now he is on to this again - Bailey please slap him!


Seriously Sweet Pea, I agree! Poor Owen looks like he's about to break. :( And he's one of my faves too. Can't wait to see the new ep!


I have this feeling that Owen will have a massive heart attack all of this stress and maddness is getting out of hand


wow this episode it's be tense .....

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