Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: Who's The Boss?

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It's a "Transplant Wasteland" Thursday night on Grey's Anatomy.

In the first preview from this week's episode, we saw Owen quit after a verbal altercation with Jackson and Derek. It's a new era at the hospital, for sure, and there's a new guy calling the shots.

A young guy. With transplants piling up left and right, we see the doctors jockey for precious resources until Avery of all people comes in and lays down the law. How do the others react?

Check out the sneak peek from the episode below and see:

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I need to amend my comment. Bailey is off the charts good all of the time. I really miss the Nazi but the elevator scene in the Season Six finale was unbelievable.


I do think that Jackson needs a strong story line to prove his acting chops. As of right now, he's just a pretty face to me. No depth and certainly not in the same league as Cristina and Owen, Bailey, and even Derek (especially when he's being pissy or crying)and Meredith. Of course, in my humble opinion, none of them are in the same league as Cristina and by proxy, Owen. Their chemistry is off the charts.


Avery is the new Cheif of surgery. I CAN DEAL WITH THAT.


@Cleo Let's hope so. It should be Jackson's turn for all the torture, angst and drama that other characters have had to put up with on Greys. But Jesse Williams still can't act.


Wow! I have always been indifferent in regards to Jackson (bordering on liking him) but I swear this season has made him insufferable and this scene is just making it worse. Oh well, the way I see this scene is, they are raising Avery for a bigger fall. I bet because of his "take charge" attitude something is going to go drastically wrong with Karev's patient.


Mark would be so proud.


We knew Avery could do it. He was the Gunther after all.


I have no problem with Jackson being in charge. If you don't like it don't watch or think about it this way if he had turned down the job someone else from the Avery Foundation would come in and I'm betting that would be a lot worse. At least this way they can run things the way they want.


I will now be fast forwarding all of Avery scenes, never liked him. I know he has majority on the board, but that does not mean he can run a hospital. I guess you can do anything when mummy buys you a hospital and grandpa is a bit shot. Prove yourself first Avery.

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