Hart of Dixie Review: The Pie & Alcohol Cure

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After a tragic and frustrating episode last week, "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" was the Hart of Dixie hour where Zoe tried to get over her breakup with Wade.

This wasn't anything special. I didn't hate it, but it wasn't my favorite. I think it had the right amount of dramatic, especially after these past few episodes.

Lemon & Zoe

It was nice to see Bluebell having Zoe's back. It makes me think back to Hart of Dixie Season 1 when Zoe was public enemy #1 and it reminded me how far she has come. It's something that I really love seeing and the fact that Brick said "she had patients waiting" without a hint of resentment was great too.

Hart of Dixie really has come a long way and so have the characters.

I'm glad that Wade confessed that he MAJORLY screwed up by cheating on "the greatest girl" he ever had. I completely agree. Zoe and Wade were so completely different that they were really good for each other. Zoe is straight edge while Wade is a free spirit. It's unfortunate that everything they went through together is tainted now.

Elsewhere, Rose returned! And so did McKayla Maroney (Tonya). It was nice to see her continuing her guest spots. Unfortunately, the director or script supervisor needed to sit down with McKayla and give her some beats in her scene with Rachel/Zoe. She ran through her lines too quickly and needed some pauses/breathes in there. Though, McKayla's last scene where she was yelling was well done. Keep working at it girl, you'll get it.

I really miss Rose. Her young character  is Zoe's greatest friend. With Rose, Zoe seems to be more honest and willing to open up about her feelings than anyone else. Yes, I'm including Lavon in there. I am glad to know that Rose is still on set for the last couple of episode this season.

My favorite scene of the night was the one between Lemon and Zoe. I want them to be friends so bad it hurts. For the first time this whole series they sat down and discussed what they have in common. As a critic and fan, I didn't realize just how much they are alike. Parents who "abandoned" them, lovers that screwed them over, broken hearts, issues and all.

Please, give us more Lemon and Zoe. It was one of my favorite moments all of Hart of Dixie Season 2.

Overall, this installment was average. It's refreshing to see that they're going away from the dark/emotional arcs and back to the comedy. The lightness of this season is what made it so great in the first place.


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I don't want to continue with this show after Wade and Zoe's breakup... The show/writers built this relationship over a huge amount of episodes, and now they are just going to let them "die"? Why? I think they are perfect for each other, and if Zoe and George end up together it would just be so... wrong and obvious(Even though I like George's character). Even from the first episode I always thought the two of them would eventually end up together, but I still cheer for Zoe and Wade. They challenge each other and don't go all "sweetiepie", and they do love each other, even though Wade screwed up big times... I'd hate to see them go, and one of the main reasons I will watch the rest of the episodes is because I still hope they will end up together. They make me smile and wish that I will have a relationship just like they do(or maybe I should write did have)in the future...But hey, the show still got some other good characters as well, so even if they won't end up together in the end, theshow is worth watching.


I just started watching this show and caught back episodes on netflix and hulu. I agree that Wade and Zoe belong together, and I do hope the writers will put them together in the end. But, I do think the two of them need to grow up individually before they can truly be a couple. I know that Wade cheated, but I have a different perspective on why he cheated. I don't think it was because he is a cheating womanizer. I think it's because he has a lot of self doubt, and sex is the one thing he has always been "good at." He also feels that he would lose Zoe eventually. Why not lose her for something he did rather than because she didn't think he was good enough for her. For everyone who thinks that Zoe and Wade had a great relationship need to go back and look at previous episodes. This has been a completely one-sided relationship. Wade has been completely in love with Zoe since day one, and would do anything for her. He wants her forever, and he would be completely devoted and faithful if he knew that she wanted the same. I think that Zoe is in love with Wade, but she is still hung up on George. She sees Wade as a fun boyfriend for now, but George is marriage material. She is always there for George but not for Wade. She took Wade for granted. Even in the episode where Wade cheated, she wasn't there for him at the competition. And, she added insult to injury by getting George to "save the day" for Wade. That's why Wade kicked George out of the band. I think if she could give him all her heart, Wade would be a better person. He would pursue his dreams, and he would be an incredible guy for her.


My favourite couple right now are brick-shelby. wade and zoe definetly need to work out they relationship. the perfect plot for me would be: wade's dad dieng and leaving him all the money to start his bar; when he gets succesful he will prove himself he can do things right. Then he takes courage to recover zoe, and they up together at the end of the season yey. I need that xD wade and zoe are like a drug to me dont take them awaaaaaaaaaaay


I really hope Wade grows because of this--that he realizes that he should want to be a better man for himself. All along, it seems like he has been making steps forward because of Zoe. And while that is romantic, it is childish. A grown-up Wade who commits to actually winning back Zoe would be fantastic to see. And a grown-up Zoe who makes a choice to forgive and to learn what love really looks like would be fantastic, too. And to see them do that WITH all the chemistry between them--well, that would be a terrific thing to watch. I sincerely hope the writers do not make Zoe into "that kind of girl" (the one who wouldn't sleep with Wade during the heat wave in season one) just to get over her heart ache. I hope they let her mature some emotionally. As for George--love him with Tansy. I also love that Lemon is growing up and taking responsibility for who she is and the choices she has made and who she wants to be. A Lemon/Zoe friendship could be very interesting. And whatever happened to Anna Beth? And for that matter, Lavon and Anna Beth? I know he is waiting for her, but she didn't even appear to give Zoe any sympathy! I love this show. It is my guilty obsession.


This weeks episode was sad. I agree with @ I.. maybe Wade thinks that something happened, and it really didn't! The writers were stupid to make him cheat. They have something good with Zade..so why ruin a good thing? Zade is why I watch HOD. The conversation between Lavon and Wade, in Wade's house almost had me in tears when Wade confessed that he lost the one girl that meant everything to him. Lily Ann singing about Wade after 4 years was hilarious, and I really liked the girl bonding with Zoe/Tansy/Lemon was awesome. Magnolia trying not to say yes to Brick and Shelby was funny and Lemon roping George into helping her was very awesome...Maybe there is hope for those two yet...Although.. I do like George and Tansy together..


I'm still sad. The episode was lighthearted which was needed after last week's episode. There were some funny moments. However, I couldn't help but feel sad whenever I saw Wade in this episode. What he did was stupid and I hate the writers for making Wade cheat, but it was clear that he was remorseful and still loves Zoe. I think that these two will end up together eventually but I don't want to have to sit through Zoe dating a ton of other men. I'm pretty sure a lot of other viewers feel the same way. We want Wade and Zoe together!


I LOVED LAST NIGHTS EPISODE! Zoe's scenes of breaking up remind me of her and Seth Cohen's breakup.. Not sure why, but it did.
I think Magnolia is the funniest character on this show. She had me cracking up. Too harsh of a critic.


I'm just hoping that Wade left with the girl and was too drunk and passed out....nothing happened...he just woke up in the morning and thought it did...I hate that they aren't together anymore!!! It was so cute....and it seems more like George feels more sorry for Zoe now then in love with her...more like the big brother protecting her without having feelings anymore....


Last night's episode was great, I laughed quite a bit. I really want this show to be around for a while so I am well aware that it will mean that Zoe will try a relationship with both Wade and George. I refuse to pick a favorite until I see it all unfold!


I love this show! I am still hoping George and Zoe will get together.

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