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Well, that was pretty down and derby, am I right, guys? Sorry, sorry. I'm just making some cheesy jokes in the spirit of "Na Ki'i (Dolls)", a delightful episode that fused fun action with a great sense of camp and the most Catherine Rollins we've seen in a long time.

Are you ready to talk derby with me? Okay, I'm really sorry this time. I swear I've gotten it out of my system (probably).

Catherine Undercover

First things first: I can admit when I am wrong. I had not previously been a huge Catherine fan, but in this episode - with her cool roller derby shorts and hot surveillance moves - she won me over (also, scientists have proven it is medically impossible not to enjoy the presence of someone referring to herself as "Alice Trooper").

Catherine hasn't gotten a chance to show her stuff like this on Hawaii Five-0 in a while, and this Catherine-driven episode was so fun, it (finally) made a believer out of me.

However,  the Hawaii Five-0 quotes game still belonged to Danny Williams - even though he only showed up in this episode long enough to let us know that he was raised by a woman who loved to watch vicious roller derby fights. Which is probably why he turned out so awesome (what can I say? You can't spell "relentless, borderline-pathological Danny Williams fan girl" without "Danny Williams").

The roller derby setting provided a nice contrast to the usual subcultures that come into play on this series, which tend to involve something highly unsavory, like smuggling or murderous underground fighting. Roller derby is merely a nice, friendly place where women with names like Nancy Raygun and Uma Vermin smash each other in the face while spinning around at high speeds on roller skates. Compared to the creepy-crawly communities the team usually has to dig around in, this was like a light-hearted trip to the Girl Scout jamboree - and I appreciated the episode's light touch.

I may have been swayed on the issue of Catherine; I have not, however, been fully swayed on the issue of Doris. While I believe that Christine Lahti does a great job with what she's given, the pacing of the Doris subplot this season has felt like a drag for a while. Though, judging by the closing moments of the show, that drag might be coming to an end.

Like so much else on the show, the Leahi Diamond Dolls and the South Shore Sirens are the real Hawaiian deal - actual working roller derby teams on the island (sadly, no team members appear to actually be named Ivana Kiss).

Though it's never explicitly alluded to as an homage, there was, in fact, a roller derby murder episode on fellow-traveler 70's action show Charlie's Angels. Even if it's not a direct homage, I felt that a distinctly retro spirit, which animates many of the show's most fun moments, was alive in this episode. It was lively, unique and it involved someone named "Crimson Bride," which is always a plus in my book. Yes, this was the most 5-0 fun I've ever had in an episode that didn't involve a cargument!

What did you think of Catherine as a derby girl? Do you think the Doris subplot is heading to a climax? What would your roller derby name be? Mine would be "Lady AghAgh."


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Loved Catherine here. She also did a great job in the Derby. Steve and Catherine have great potential if only the writers would stop portraying Steve as so self absorbed. How about he does Cath a favour for once and shows a bit of appreciation for all she does for him. Part of me wants Cath to tell him to get lost especially after his self righteous attitude because she'd kept something from him. But the other part thinks they are amazing together. The hug and make up scene was probably their best scene and both Alex and Michelle rocked it.
Doris is still as self righteous as ever. But she's a character I love to hate.


I'm still kind of confused on Catherine transition from Navy Intell to "yea I'll help you out with crimes, give me a gun." I think this is one reason why I don't find their relationship or her character as believable.


I meant just like that Steve forgives Catherine and his mom, knowing that Steve hates people who is dishonest and because of liars he had pesonal issues when he was growing up and was sent to the Navy.


Part 2 Steve also this season had changed, by pairing him with Catherine people watned to see his softer side, right? But wow he had became lame and stupid. Steve really has issues himself. I mean just like that he forgets Catherine and his mom? I thought he had more strong character When Lori was on people hate her too now that Cather is on many fans are starting to dislike her too. I know writers cant please all of us, but if their characters should have been better written we wont be having this kind of comments towards neither one of them and we would have loved them on the show, the current situation is not like that.


Jodee Jodee i like your comments and I could not agree with you more. Either the writers change the way they are writing the stories arch for Catherine and make it better or she has to go. I know all of us have a different points of views on characters and stories, but when something is wrogn fans notice and this is what is going on with Caatherine character, something is wrong with her sorry but I do see it and I believe im not the only one. I do not hate Michelle Borth but I believe her character this season had flopped the writers do not know what to do to her so they just get her involved in scenes with Steve and those scenes look like between 2 high school sweethearts not from a mature adult relationship. Steve and Catherine do not have magic or spark as a couple. They look like more than friends with benefits than a real couple. Cont..


This episode entertained. I love Catherine and Steve together, there is a lot they can do with this relationship, but the time is not there. It would take away from any storylines of the others. I liked that Steve is still with Catherine, she should have told him right away. Steve, however, is not the sainted angel in this relationship, maybe he realized that. Doris made excuses, Catherine just said she was wrong, thats probably what the writers were showing. I liked what Doris brought to the show, but I too would like some more answers soon. I would not mind a recurring character, but I don't want the whole story to be dragged on. I love Danny, I don't understand all the hate. Some of the best shows, including the one re-run that was shown on Friday were some of the best episodes this show has had. Scott is a great actor.


Not a bad episode. Catherine was great. Enjoyed the Derby. Steve's still a lousy boyfriend and him getting annoyed with Catherine because she kept something from him was laughable. Dude, she's at your beck and call 24/7 even putting her life on hold for you. You've no right to complain. Going over her head without her permission was an all time low for him as well.
Doris is still a nasty piece of work but I like what she brings to her character and I'd like to see her turn more evil.
Also like to see Steve having to turn on her and put her out of her misery and I'd have no objections if Danny got caught in the crossfire, two birds with one stone if you will.


I liked the episode a lot. Any ep with lots of Alex/Steve, I'm a happy girl.
He looked fabulous. I like him with Catherine, and that he forgave her for not telling him about Doris. Their make-up scene at the end was so nice.
I'm hoping what happened with Doris is the fore-shadowing of her exit from the show, but not by death. That would be too devastating for Steve.
Thankfully,Dog and his bunch appeared briefly. Anymore would be too much to
There were lots of good moments in this episode. Season 3 has been pretty good.


@Psych girl, who did Psych rip it off of? Do you really think Psych was the first to do a show about a murder involving roller derby girls? I've seen re-runs of shows that were before my time do them back in the 70's. Nothing is original. I like Catherine with Steve, and I like having another main character that is not a man. I would like to see more of Kono also. It was a good show, not great, but good.


I thought this was a fun episode. I think they showed Dog the bounty hunter at just the right amount. I loved that Catherine finally told Steve, and I'm glad that he understood it was mostly Mom, and he decided to forgive. Although, Steve is the one who through Catherine into the Mom situation, so he can't lay all the blame on someone else. I liked the Black clothes he was wearing, he wore them for the funeral scene which is where they came from. Alex looks good in anything. I'm liking this season. I do agree that I would like more answers coming faster about Mama McG. I guess they are building up for the finale. I would also like to see them settle the Adam's brother with Kono's gun thing before the end of the season. As for the Danny haters, I understand you don't like him, but did you notice when he whines so do you? Just a thought.

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