Jessica Sanchez to Appear on Glee Season Finale, Portray "Legendary Diva"

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Jessica Sanchez as a diva? We'll need to see this to believe it.

And we soon will, the former American Idol finalist tells People, as Sanchez recently spilled the details regarding her upcoming guest appearance on Glee Season 4.

Jessica Sanchez in Action

“I’m playing a student from a rival school who is supposed to be a legendary diva,” Sanchez tells the magazine. “A powerhouse singer.”

Okay. That we can believe.

Sanchez says she's especially excited to meet Naya Rivera ("She’s got that attitude and I love it.") and that she will appear on the final two episodes of the season.

Glee, meanwhile, is on hiatus and will return with new installments in April.

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Hey you people, all you can do is judge judge judge, Please judge when you can do better than her, you don't even have a name in the industry yet and you're talking like you know everything or do anything and I know you know how hard it is to have a name in the industry, you would have one if you're not really great.


Hate on me haters! Whatevz! -Jessica Sanchez


No jealousy involved. She's just a terrible singer who growls her way through everything. She must be doing really well since this is the first I've heard of her since idol ended last season. Most runner ups have their albums out by the following October. Where is hers? That doesn't say a lot for her. People forget about you after so long. She's only appearing on the show because it's fox and they pushed so hard for her to win on idol and failed. And yes, that other comment was correct. It's Charice 2.0. A waste of air time. She's taking up valuable minutes that other much more talented singers on glee could be using to entertain us. I'll be muting her songs for sure.


There's a reason she was in the FINAL of American Idol out of over 100,000 people that auditioned. Jealousy is unbecoming but its awesome to see haters spew their unfortunate choice of words. That means she's doing it right. Oh and Millions of us care boo. Don't get it twisted.


Charice 2.0. wasting time on someone no one care about.


There's a reason she didn't win American idol… this is the worst news for glee all season. But I'm glad it's only two episodes now instead of the awful recurring storyline they had set up for her before.


No one cares

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I'm engorged with venom, and triumph.