Justified Review: No Prob, I'm Bob

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A decoy can be defined as anything used as a lure.  Unless you don't have a pulse, Justified's "Decoy" lured you into watching every second from the edge of your couch, chair, coffee table, or what have you.

With pulse pounding stalemates, thrilling fist fights, secrets revealed, subtle wit, and clever solutions to our heroes' problems, this hour of Justified proved once again why it is one of the best dramas on television.

Will Drew Survive?

Stay Frosty
Let's begin with Constable Bob. Although the show has always had its own brand of humor, like I said in the season premiere, Patton Oswalt has only added to that in a positive manner this season.  Because his character has been around so sparingly, his brand of awkwardness has been a joy to have around rather than the nuisance it could have become if Bob had been around 24/7.

Maybe I'm biased, because I've heard others who haven’t loved him, but how can you not love that guy?  Since he's easy to root for, watching him actually save the day this time around couldn't have been more enjoyable.

Not only did Bob hold out whilst taking that beating, and end up stabbing Yolo to win the vicious fight, he also apparently came up with the plan that eventually got Drew Thompson out of Harlan!  Who ever thought that would happen?  Probably just that kid that Bob put in a coma back in high school.  He knew what was up.

What made it all that much better was how Raylan gave Bob's efforts their due.  First he explained to Rachel what happened by saying “What happened is Bob's a tough son of a bitch.”  Then, in a huge nod to Bob's greatness, Raylan tells Bob to "stay frosty."  How great did Bob feel right then?

Circling the Wagons
Nobody circles the wagons...like Tim Gutterson.  While many might only know the phrase as it pertains to NFL Football and Chris Berman.  This was what “circling the wagons” is all about, and watching Tim pull it off was nothing short of magnificent.

While we get to watch him in his element so rarely, we have seen Tim excel like this before, but this seemed different.  He was in a zone!  He just sat there for so long, trying to figure out what the next move was.  And after that hilarious conversation with Colt - the young Gerard Depardieu comment being my favorite moment - Tim knew exactly what he wanted to do, and he did it...perfectly.

Cat Outta the Bag
Another fantastic dynamic was Boyd and Nick.  The fact that Nick has nothing but respect for the way Boyd talks is great.  We as fans love the way Boyd speaks - as Nick put it "using 40 words when four will do" - so it's nice to see a character within the show enjoy it just as much.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, that little get together took a wrong turn when Nick, Johnny, and Ava were left alone.  On a positive note, the tension was so crazy thick between the three of them there for a while that I think Johnny's secret being revealed might not have been the worst thing that could have happened.

If it got any tenser in that bar, shots were probably going to be fired.  Oh yeah, and there was also that "I love you bit."  I understand Ava is a catch, but what is it with the Crowder boys and the lovely blonde?  In the words of Patrick Verona, "She have beer-flavored nipples?"

Down the Home Stretch
Now what happens?  With only two episodes remaining in the season, and Drew Thompson seemingly on his way out safely, what is next for our heroes and our villains?  What do you expect to see in the final hours of Justified Season 4?

What did you think of "Decoy?" Was it your favorite episode of the season?  Or did it not live up to what you expected?  What were your favorite moments?  Who made the best play?  And what surprised you most?

Stay frosty...


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Loved this episode - thank goodness for DVR - I watched the installment 3 times - definitely rated a 5 in my eyes.
The exchange between Tim and Colt was the best. Tim showcased some real smarts maneuvering those cars and making a way out of that set-up.
Constable Bob, Constable Bob - Yolo or Wholo - whatever - he underestimated his opponent and got dusted.
In the end Constable Bob saved the day - gotta love it - can't wait for Tuesday night and more Justified!!!


Here's my theory. Shelby is Raylan's real dad. Arlo just an evil stepdad. Explains a lot, inc Shelby sliding a "son" into a comment he made to Raylan in the high school.


The best episode yet. Awesome, every character.
Especially loved constable Bob and all the Drew who's. And Art's reactions to Tims read on the whole situation was brillant. The best though was the Colt and the Gerard Depardieu references.
What Next... Limehouse and Ellen May.


Amazinggg episode! Every second was great. I especially loved the conversations between Tim & Colt and Nick & Ava. I love me some Ava (maybe as much as the Crowder boys), but Nicks whole "dicks" speech had me laughing hysterically. Love that Bob got some love from Raylan after being so incredibly kick ass. I wonder if we will hear from Limehouse and Ellen May before the season is up. Stay frosty everyone.


AWESOME episode ! If Graham Yost and Chris Provenzano were the duo responsible for this week's writing, I am going to watch whatever show they put up in the future! Its not just about Raylan and Boyd. Tonight we had a sort of chess match between Colton and Tim. It was a great scene. We are really seeing Tim at his best! Colton too. It makes me think if Colton were not so high on drugs, he could prove to be very useful to Boyd. I guess in the end perhaps he guess that they were not successful in getting Drew so he had to killed off the sniper. It would be great if he prove his loyalty in running back to get Boyd instead of just running for his life. Which writers will give such a fantastic name to a henchman that appears for such a short time in any series. You Only Live Once - YOLO. Seriously, simply great! He would probably be remember now my most people even after the series end. The ending, it was wonderful too. It was such a simple answer and we had a simple man suggesting it.


Justified is the best show on TV, and has been for some time. The writing incredible and the actors superb. Last night's episode was a home run!


No comments about Colt? He's one bad dude. I hope he makes it to the next season.


they may have gotten Drew out of harlan but he will probably get killed in prison. good episode


Best show ever! Ava, Gutterson, and Constable blew it away!

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I love the way you talk, using 40 words when four will do.

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