Kickstart It: Which Series Would You Finance Into a Film?

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The news has nearly broken the Internet: via a Kickstarter campaign, Kristen Bell and company are hoping to start filming a Veronica Mars movie as early as this summer.

Considering the influx of cash already pouring in - $530,000 in just a few hours! - it's safe to assume producers will reach their goal of $2 million in 30 days... and it's also safe to assume other canceled shows may soon follow a similar path.

  • Terriers Duo
  • Evil Eye from Faye

But which ones should? Which recently axed programs would you be most likely to fund through Kickstarter?

We've listed a few options below and want to hear from all TV Fanatics: What series should be Kickstarted into a film next?


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Ringer, DEFINITELY. I was so mad when that got canceled and we were left wondering! Flash Forward


Gilmore girls. I want to see Lorelai and Luke wedding and Rory and Jess getting back together.


RINGER, please. We were left with a major cliffhanger so they could at least make a TV movie to wrap things Up!


Gossip girl!


CHUCK!! hands down.. Team Bartowski.. One last mission..


Deadwood, Firefly, and Chuck!


Charmed- movie about the boys or reboot series about the boys
Dark Angel-movie or reboot a better series
Friday night lights
Legend of the seeker
The Sarah Connor Chronicles-movie about connor and cameron


BUFFY AND GILMORE GIRLS... an one tree jk that show went on for 4 seasons too long


I wud love to see the two scripted yet not produced Stargate movies come to life, but that'll prolly never happen, so i'd Merlin!


Breaking Bad - IF it doesn't ruin the ending.
Supernatural - wrap it up! Let's see J&J go to the big screen.