Lost Girl Review: Through the Threshold to the Temple

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"There's Bo Place Like Home" was Anna Silk's episode. For the first time, Bo opened up about her past and by doing so released years of guilt and anger.

Silk was absolutely amazing during Bo's final sit down with her mother. Bo's emotional reflection of her past and love for her new family was intense, while touching to watch. The Bo that entered town was filled with long suppressed dark feelings, while the Bo that left was happier and freer. 

Kenzi & Bo On the Farm

The final meeting between Bo and her mother was such a highlight that the rest of the hour paled in comparison. The presence of the Poludnica in town didn't add to the story, if anything, it was filler and provided a few extra minutes with Bo's high school classmates.

Every once and a while, the writers would be better off if they didn't include a "case of the week" and instead focused on the bigger story arcs or mythology. This probably would have been a better episode if they left out "Lady Polly." 

That time could have been used to provide continuity in Bo and Lauren's relationship. When we last saw them after Kenzi was rescued, Bo said she wasn't ready to discuss what happened with Lauren. And, now,  they are acting as if Bo was never angry at her. Are they still a couple? Working on trust issues? Friends? As a viewer, I shouldn't have to analyze every moment and then still have to make a guess about what's going on.

Bo was alone in bed with a nightmare when Trick's call woke her up in the middle of the night. Later, when Bo and Lauren hung out, it appeared they were still together with a small hand holding and then a quick kiss goodbye. On another show, this inconsistency may not be a big deal, but on Lost Girl Bo and her relationships are a core aspect. And, now that Dyson has his love back, the status of her relationship with Lauren is even more important.

While Bo loves Lauren there are complications with that relationship. Bo must feed outside of Lauren to survive. And, Trick confirmed that Bo's relationship with the doctor can "only be short term." He didn't elaborate about what that meant, so he could simply be speaking in regards to lifespan. Or, could it have something to do with the Awakening?

Dyson showed that he cares more about Bo's happiness than of his own by keeping his love a secret. It's true love that he would rather be in pain without her than complicate her relationship with Lauren.

Dyson's secret will either be revealed or Bo will figure it out. Now that she knows that Kenzi went to the Norn and asked her bestie about it, it shouldn't be long. If Bo hasn't forgiven Lauren, then Dyson has a shot, but otherwise it would take something big for her to go back to him. 

Whatever comes next for this potential love triangle, I hope it is handled with precision and whatever Bo does makes sense while remaining true to the characters. I care more about watching a compelling story with intriguing characters, than about who Bo romances. Though, I would still love to see Bo hook up with Vex at some point, even if only for a feeding. 

The relationship I've missed the most during Lost Girl season 3 is Bo and Kenzi. They haven't had nearly enough time together and that was partially remedied with their road trip. Their friendly banter was back and in full force. "I ass-provised!" anyone? As Bo mentioned to her mother, Kenzi is her sister and they are family. No matter who's Bo's partner, the core relationship in Bo's life should be Kenzi. 

Now that Bo has overcome her past, she can move forward. She not only has to deal with the evil within her, but her devolving cells. Now that she has passed through the Threshold, her quest to survive the Temple will be the biggest challenge of her life. 

Is it important that Bo didn't mention Lauren specifically when talking to her mother? How do you think Bo will find out Dyson got his love back? Why does Trick believe that Lauren is only a viable partner in the "short term?" Any thoughts on what Bo face in the Temple?


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I agree, Poly seemed "forced" into the story just to add some "fae" element to the story. I think Kinzi is still hurting from being ignored when she was asking for help. She heard the "sister" comment and maybe that will help heal things, although Kinzi said she wasn't ready to talk about the whole experience yet. I did like seeing Kenzi out of her leathers and into a nice summer dress .... both her and Bo.


I agree that the Lauren-Bo relationship is only short term, much as it's been fun to watch. However, I can't imagine that Bo won't forgive Lauren. I wonder why Bo didn't bring up faux-Kenzi's lack of allergic reaction to peanuts. That at least would have made her seem less crazy. My biggest complaint: now I want pie.....


continued... So I totally understand that moment where she tells her mother that she's made her own life outside of her hometown. I think that happens to a number of people who grew up as "different" and discovered that being so isn't as much of a handicap in the 'real world' as it is in a small town full of small minded people. I can hardly wait for the next episode! I am also glad that Lost Girl has been renewed for a 4th season! It is one of my favorite shows!


Wow, this was an amazing episode, purely from an emotional/psychological viewpoint for Bo. It was also great to see Kenzi back in action as Bo's sister/sidekick, and I was laughing several times when Kenzi was disparaging small town folk and their clothing. I also loved that Dyson (sigh, beautiful, hot, manly-man Dyson) was being such a gentleman about Bo's relationship with Lauren the boring doctor. I was glad when Trick pointed out that Bo can't stay monogamous with Lauren, because Lauren is human, and won't ever be enough for our favorite succubus. She needs to get back to spending some quality time with Dyson and other random hot fae. I also know how Bo feels about going home again, and having to confront all those bad feelings from high school and family. I was pretty happy to get away from my high school bullies and get into college and the workforce, where I made my own family from some great people I came to know and love. So I totally understand that moment where she tells her mother that she's made her own life outside of her hometown.


Unless Kenzi can really get Bo to listen to a, it actually was not for me and that is not my secret to tell...well even that, Bo will likely be able to put it together, she is aware that Dyson gave his strength to her during her fight with Efa and the rest kind of falls into place. I think Trick was just really talking about life spans when he was talking to Dyson, but I wonder if it applies to Bo since he was indicating this test isn't something she should be facing for more than 200 years, and she is only whatever her human age is (I am wondering if it might be something as simple as her actually being half human, like her father whoever he might be). Now, I kind of want to review some of the bad Fae that was impersonating Kenzi said to her while she was captive, wasn't there an implication that Kenzi had some fae blood and that was why she could be impersonated?


Oh one of my favorite things was kenzi just stabbing Bo with the injection things when she was acting crazy even when the one time she was just acting crazy it didn't have to do with her monster crazy.


Great episode. I agree that Bo and Lauren's relationship is only short term because Bo is a succubus and Lauren is human so something will happen that causes them to break up. I think Bo will find out about Dyson's love soon especially since in the last scene Bo asked kenzi why she went to see the norn. I don't think kenzi will tell Bo why because she promises Dyson so I think she'll say she can't tell her or she'll have to ask Dyson. Can't wait till the next episode.

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