Marisa Ramirez Previews Stint on Blue Bloods, Fear of Tom Selleck

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As we reported earlier in the week, Marisa Ramirez has signed on for a five-episode arc on Blue Bloods, coming on board the CBS drama as Detective Maria Baez, the new partner of Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny. Her first episode, “Protest Too Much,” airs tonight.

With past roles in Against The Wall and Spartacus: Gods of The Arena (and, yes, another recurring role starting next month on ABC’s Body of Proof) it’s a wonder the in-demand Ramirez found the time to jump on the phone in between shooting scenes in cold NYC - but she delivers an abundance of exclusive scoop to TV Fanatic in the following Q&A.

Marisa Ramirez on Blue Bloods

TV Fanatic: How did the gig on Blue Bloods come about?
Marisa Ramirez: They called my agent and offered an episode to me and it was right before pilot season was about to get crazy. So, I didn’t know the whole history behind all of Danny’s partners. When I read the script I didn’t think that it would even be recurring. I just thought they needed a partner to solve the crime for an episode.

I came in to New York and shot that episode and just had the best time. I got along with everyone really well and they asked me to be in the next one…and then they asked me to be in the next one. So, I was like, ‘Wow! What’s happening right now?’ I had no clue that this could possibly continue into more. It was just so surprising. I’m so honored that they kept asking me to stay. So, I’m here.

TVF: What’s Maria Baez all about? Do you know her backstory?
MR: Honestly, I have no idea because when I first came on they never really gave me the back story. I think they didn’t even know if they were going to have me back for more. All I know is there is a history between Maria and Danny. They’ve known each other for 10 years. I am not sure how. I imagine they worked patrol together but it’s nice. They have a little banter back and forth because of their history. I know she’s single because I’m not wearing a ring on the show. She’s from New York. She’s just a chick solving crimes, sort of thing, with Danny. They work well together.

TVF: Is it purely professional or is there some flirting going on between them?
MR: No flirting. It’s kind of like a brother-sister relationship, for sure…very respectful, very friendly, but definitely no flirting. They probably have known some of the same people for the past ten years and have seen each other around and now they’re working together. It’s fun for both of them but it’s strictly a professional relationship.

TVF: Have you had scenes with Tom Selleck? I mean, he’s Tom Selleck!
MR: I can’t even say hi to him because I’m a little nervous. I just smile a shy little girl smile and keep walking. I don’t know what to say. No, I haven’t had any scenes with him. I’m sure if I did I would handle myself professionally. It would be fine. We’d get through it. My character doesn’t really interact with his.

TVF: Since you have played these roles in the past, how do you kind of make it fresh for yourself so it’s not just a caricature of just another cop.
MR: Well, I think the location has a lot to do with it and Danny, the person I’m working with. Against the Wall was working with Rachael Carpani and we’re sort of very girly, but still tough.

With this, I’m working with a dude. I have to sort of match my personality with his and not be, basically, a girl detective, at all. I don’t really know how I change it up. It’s just something that I discover, I think, when I put on my wardrobe and read my lines over and over again. Putting the gun on actually plays a big factor in how I feel for the day, I guess.

TVF: The buzz earlier this week was that this could possibly become a series regular. Is that anything that they’ve talked to you about?
MR: I mean, there is definitely a series option but I’m not going to know anything for awhile and I really have no idea. I would be completely honored if they asked me to stay as a regular. It’s just such an amazing show to be a part of and the cast and crew are just awesome.

TVF: Tell me about Body of Proof where you appear in a few episodes in April.
MR: I play Riley Dunn, who was the uniformed officer who came into help solve [a case]. She ends up sticking around and is sort of having a flirtatious relationship with one of the other detectives.

TVF: That show has a lot of very empowered women like Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan. Did you get a sense of that?
MR: Yeah. There’s always something very empowering when a woman is wearing a uniform and has a gun.  Working with Dana was great for me. I watched her on China Beach. It is such an accomplishment to be a woman of her background, her history and body of work…and to lead this show for three seasons now. She just does it so easily and gracefully. It was nice to watch her and be a part of it.

Blue Bloods airs Fridays at 10 p.m. on CBS. Body of Proof airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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Marisa is an amazing addition to the show! I love her character very much and think she makes a great partner with Danny. Negative people should learn not to dwell on someone who is no longer on the show and give somebody else a chance... Go Marisa!


I want Jennifer Esposito back. The show is NOT the same.


Nope - didn't like either of the Megans and most definitely do not like Marisa (her character is so annoying). They will never, ever be able to replace Jennifer. This used to be one of my favourite shows, but now, I couldn't care less whether I watch it or not. I can't believe some of the idiotic moves that CBS has made over the last couple of years on some of their shows. It's almost as though it's being taken over by a 12-year old that knows absolutely nothing about what makes for a GREAT show. R.I.P Blue Bloods!


I didn't like MR, Danny stills needing a new partner


Marisa Ramirez was great on blue bloods. I love her as Danny new partner i think she is a great detective for Danny please keep Marisa Ramirez on blue bloods you have found a great replacement, I think Marisa Ramirez will do better than Jennifer Esposito? Because I remember Marisa on GH she will be the best addition on blue bloods great actresses love her so much....


I don't miss Jennifer Esposito. Thought I would but she was actually kind of annoying. I liked Danny's last partner.


Ditto for me....I'm with Debbie's comment.....why why why are they wasting better person for the part than Jennifer Esposito.....she truly acted the part of a good frills, make-up, a good partner. None of the replacements they have had even come close to being good. They are cookie cutter actresses...act the same, look the same.


Stop wasting time with the different partners for Danny. It's more than obvious that Jennifer Esposito is the best. They should be ashamed for letting her go over an illness. Isn't that illeagal anyway.