NCIS: Los Angeles Review: The Assassin Twist

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After last Tuesday's disastrous introduction to Team Red, I didn't have high expectations for "Red, Part II." I hoped it would focus a little more on the new team members and really wanted to see the action that makes NCIS: Los Angeles stand out from other procedurals.

The conclusion to the two-part NCIS: Red backdoor pilot succeeded in providing both, but neither made me excited for the potential new series.

NCIS Red Team, Part II

I've been fans of both Kim Raver (Paris) and John Corbett (Roy) on other shows, but their characters were too bland here. I've written before that Raver exudes so much chemistry, she could have a relationship with a wall and it would be believable. I missed that in her performance here, but that's because of the character not her. Paris is awkward. Hetty was pushing for a relationship between her and Callen, but their interactions felt forced rather than natural. 

And, the contentious relationship between Paris and Roy didn't pique my interest in them, instead I was turned off. Though, I did appreciate that Paris' preference for head shots and what happened between her and Roy on the night he was shot was introduced and connected. With the prevalence of body armor, head shots do make sense. Paris and Roy came to an understanding about working together, but he broke his word immediately. Of course, it saved Paris' life, but what does that mean for their future working relationship?

The rest of the Red Team members didn't make much of an impression on me. The banter between Dave and Claire at the beginning was forced both in the writing and performance. If the show gets picked up for next season, I look forward to seeing how the team develops together and as individual characters. When NCIS: Los Angeles was first on, I didn't care for Kensi at all, but she's now a favorite of mine. I also hated Nell in her first episode and now she's the lovable Nell.

As far as the case, the surprise twist that Spears was not the one killing people was well-written. It was believable that someone with Krause's connections would hire someone to kill Spears once he realized that he had helped a terrorist. Krause may be a criminal, but even he has standards. The investigation went full circle with the reveal that the marine was killed for filming the hot female and not Spears.

She was hired to kill Spears and couldn't have a video showing her in his proximity. That video was evidence that would tie her to his execution. By identifying her unique kill method, NCIS was able to attribute over a hundred other killings to her. Plus, Spears was shot and killed. Not a bad day for the team.

The conclusion to the two-part backdoor Red pilot was an improvement from the introduction. The pacing problems were resolved, the investigation went into high gear, and the characters became slightly more developed. Based on these two hours alone, I'm not sold on this new installment in the NCIS franchise, but because of Raver and Corbett, I'd give the new series a few episodes before I'd dismiss it.

Will you watch NCIS: Red if it airs on CBS next fall? Does the working and/or personal relationship between Paris and Roy interest you? Who was your favorite Red Team member?


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It seems to me that the the working environment for the Red team is a bizarre BS. Two big trucks that can build in a minute the team's headquarters, and a bunch of lunatics that work there as federal agents. So now with this team the producers will cover all USA territory, solving "Naval" murder cases. Bizarre, bizarre, ... BS, BS, ...


"Did the producers couldnt find anybody else to play these parts?" Wow....


Won't watch Red. No sparks!


I enjoyed this two-part epi. I, for one, would watch a spin-off with Kim Raver and John Corbett. I loved their roles in Grey's Anatomy and Northern Exposure. Paris and Roy's backstory was intriguing and loved that Hetty appeared to be match-making Paris with G or possibly to get Roy jealous. Loved Deeks ruminating on working and living together on the Red Team. Not enough of the team but it makes sense that the focus would be on the Red Team. I liked Claire but Dave..not so much. I liked that Callen was good with complicated and Paris seemed interested. ; )


I thought it was just me, but I didn't like it at all. No chemistry between the cast. I like Kim Raver, but her character was boring. I was glad when there were Kensi/Deeks, Nell/Eric or scenes with Sam or Callen. In case it gets picked up, I needs to improve a lot.


I love NCIS and NCIS Los Angles. The premise of Red team is good but I don't think it will be as popular as the other two. I like John Corbett but the gal that is the main character would not be my choice for the part. I have never seen her in anything (I did Not watch Grays} but I did not care for her in this roll and definitely would not want to see them put her and Callin together at all. She is probably a fine actor but not in this roll. If it stays on and Corbetts and her get together fine.


Loved the characters except Roy and Claire - they were boring


Liked John Corbett-That's it! No chemistry between any of them. However if I liked them, NCIS would probably kill them just as they do with any of the support characters that we like. After recently killing off Vance's wife, Ziva's father, Gibb's mentor-probably to save money for this new series-they should have saved the money and kept the characters that they killed which does not endear me to them. Red doesn't work.


-paris has invited callen to stay for dinner but callen turned it down because of sam's family.see that's G his partner comes first,thats real partnership.:)
-when claire explained her theory to sam and put her hand on him.the look on his also when they talked about callen and paris.also hetty and granger.
these are the only things i enjoyed about the episode.the rest was boring.


Red Team still a group of 4 people who have no chemistry together. Dave and the younger girl are ridiculous. This is supposed to be an elite team? Paris looks too old for Callen. If NCIS:LA had this case themselves, it would have been solved a week ago!

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