NCIS: Los Angeles Review: Sunshine and Gun Powder

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Sam's wife, Michelle aka "Quinn," was back and forced undercover again in "Wanted."

It was inevitable that Isaak Sidorov would eventually return and insist that Quinn complete the assassination of Anatoli Kirkin. That day arrived and provided NCIS with an opportunity to find out where Sidorov was keeping the three stolen nukes.

Of course, Sam wasn't thrilled to see Michelle back at work and putting herself at risk. I have mixed feelings about this. I understand that Sam wants to protect his wife, but at the same time he feels it's okay for him to put his life on the line every day. It's definitely a double standard, but one that at least makes sense. There is a difference between one parent risking their life and both parents doing it. And, they decided that Michelle would be the one to give up the job.

Aunjanue Ellis on NCIS: Los Angeles

Love will make people do crazy things and for Sam that meant breaking out of jail. He had to be there to protect his wife. It wasn't that she couldn't take care of herself, but he felt a duty to be there there for her. And, in the end, that was a good thing.

After months of waiting for the Sidorov/Quinn story to be revisited, it was a disappointment. While faking Kirkin's death worked, it was unoriginal. Though, the use of social media and a viral video of the assassination was a nice modern touch. The story would have been better if it focused more on the search for the nukes, than on the assassination attempt. Though, as a transition story for an overall Sidorov arc, it wasn't too bad.

The highlight of the hour was on the personal side and interactions between the agents. The Kensi-Deeks partnership has been downplayed over the last few episodes, so it was a pleasant surprise to see it spotlighted again. From the magazine partner quiz, distracting Agent Snyder, Agent Sobatino's flirting, wet dog scenario, to the touching moment after Snyder's death, Kensi and Deeks actually considered their feelings for each other outside of work for the first time.

A romance between them has been tossed around before, but never in an even semi-serious aspect until now. Will the loss of Agent Snyder provide the opening for them to actually talk to each other about their feelings instead of around them? From the very beginning, I've been against Kensi and Deeks becoming a romantic couple. They are NCIS agents and partners; that's just a line that shouldn't be crossed.

If they did begin dating, they should be forced to get new partners. They could try to hide it like Rick and Kate on Castle, but as NCIS agents that would be dangerous. They care about each other as partners should, just like Sam and Callen, but anything more would be detrimental to the show. Sam's love for Michelle put him in a bad situation. He acted as a husband and not as a agent, which provided an example of why Kensi and Deeks can't hook up and remain partners.

Michelle's life is still at risk now that Sidorov is free and unaccounted for. Will Sam's family be forced into protective custody? While the fake assassination worked in the short term, Sidorov will certainly find out that Kirkin is still alive. NCIS needs to find him and the nukes. As Hetty said, "This is far from over."

Odds and Ends

  • Nice reappearance of Agent Sobatino. He previously seen as an actuary on "The Watchers," when Granger shut down the investigation. Now, we know why. He was an undercover agent.
  • Kensi and Deeks conversations to distract Agent Synder were a highlight of the episode. I could watch their hilarious banter on constant repeat.
  • Sobatino's comments to Kensi were awkward! But, the reasons he gave about why he couldn't be Kensi's partner were spot on regarding the potential relationship between her and Deeks.
  • Are there aliens in Area 51?
  • Kensi: Eww. You're like a wet dog. | permalink
    And, then Deeks shaking his wet hair out on her ... priceless!
  • Kirkov winked at Deeks! Ha!
  • The heart-to-heart between Kensi and Deeks about not dying was touching. But, nothing better than his answering the question about what she smells like:
    Deeks: You smell like Sunshine and gun powder. Two of my favorite things. | permalink
  • Where are the nukes? I want to know where the dangerous nukes are! 

Were you satisfied with the non-conclusion to the Sidorov case? Should Sam have followed Hetty and stayed in jail? Or did he do the right thing by breaking out? Are you rooting for a Kensi-Deeks hook-up? Would it be realistic for them to date and continue to be partners?


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The reason the killed of Jackie was because of how bad the NCIS ratings were getting and they know how piss off the fans were when no one die in the season permeir


Lucy, you may have something there. They killed Jackie Vance for no good reason that I can see--and in time Leon will get back to being the strong supportive manager of people that we know he is... Sam is a strong person, and I don't mind Sam-centric eps. But he should not have to go through the rest of his life alone... just because he works for NCIS. I'm not sure any of the men on the shows know how to work well with women. I'm glad the women are there to give strength and intelligence to the episodes of the week because it would be extremely boring to have an NCIS or NCIS-LA without Hetty or Abs or Kensi or Ziva.


Hola !!!! Me encanto el pisodio ver a hetty realmente enojada con uno de su equipo fue interesante, bien dirigido por cris y los momentos densi para el recuerdo fue un gran paso se pudieron abrir de cierta forma entre ambos y la charla que kensi tuvo con el agente sabotino creo que se llamaba asi (el personaje me parecio desagradable y arrogante!!!!! Porque realmente ella se imagina eso con deeks. Por favor que no vuelva ese personaje. Si quieren un tercero en discordia traigan a jak tendria mas sentido a la historia!!!!!!iigual estuvo GENIAl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liked the show…but I’m getting real tired of the Deeks and Kinsey flirting interaction. It’s getting old. Deeks can go back into the background…or on his ‘beat’, and the show can focus on the main team. Here’s the thing with Deeks. They keep playing up his whimpiness. He acts more like an immature high school sophomore than an undercover police office. How much more of a pansy ass can he be? I’ve had enough oh his whiny juvenile act. It is not believable that Kinsey could or would like him.


Interesting episode. Overall the best part was the Kensi/Deeks banter while keeping Snyder busy. Hetty's comment about keeping Snyder busy as "animal control" was nice plus Snyder's comment calling Hetty their "garden gnome of a boss". I'm curious where they're going with Sam this season with his emotions leading him to make highly rebellious decisions, contrary to a SEAL's training to obey orders. But Hetty was right. She was right to leave him in jail to avoid Sam's cover being blown. I was hoping for more resolution in this episode, but apparently this is going to be a bigger arc for the last part of the season. Sam must be a major part of the finale. On his way out? I can't imagine LL leaving the show yet.


@DeAnn were already dealing with that crap on NCIS don't want to see it happen on this show


I loved this episode, especially the Kenzi-Deeks banter and their realization that they do have feelings for one another. Unlike a lot of people here, I've been shipping them from the start, and I think they'd have a wonderful, sparky relationship that would be seriously entertaining and funny. I don't think it would bring the ratings down at all. In fact, I think it would bring the ratings up, because they're such different people that they compliment one another. Where Kenzi is weak, Deeks is strong, and visa versa. I think she could get him to be more serious and he could heal her heart. I would LOVE to see more eps that involved the two of them together. I also loved that fact that Hettie had the balls to say NO this episode, and she was tough and to the point about it. She showed her leadership skills in this ep. I also loved it when Sam tackled the guy he thought was making moves on his wife...LOL!


Nell I mean. Sorry. I forgot her name for a minute. Also, I want to mention, Callen said he had Sam's back and would protect Sam's wife, but if Sam had not broken out of jail and come in time to shoot Siridov's guy, Michelle would have gotten shot. Way to go Callen. I like how you protected Michelle. NOT! I felt Sam should have been hard on him for that. And hard on Hetty too!


@Danna, if my memory serves me right, you are one of the Sam haters and I just don't know why. Anyhow, I enjoyed the episode. I do hope they don't kill Sam's wife as a poster suggests. I love the play between Deeks and Kensi, but I don't want a full blown relationship. Let her date someone else or let Deeks do a hook up every now and again with any woman. Castle may be going okay for now with their hook up, but who says it's going to last? And Bones' own is so-so with the hook up. Leave Deeks and Kensi as partners only. Now if there is a hook up, I don't mind Eric and Ms what's her name.


Deeks is my favorite character on the show. I saw an old episode recently in which he was featured and would like to see more. I'm not sure I want to seek Kensi and Deeks in a full blown love affair, but I would like to see them have a serious conversation once in a while, possibly dancing around the relationship issue. Someone drew a comparison to Bones & Booth. I agree.

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