NCIS: Los Angeles Spinoff: First "Red" Photos!

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On March 19, NCIS: Los Angeles looks to continue a CBS dynasty.

In the NCIS: LA episode “Red,” we will be introduced to the potential spinoff ... of the spinoff of NCIS, which itself was a JAG spinoff. For those keeping score, JAG debuted in 1995 ... that is some run!

When a murder weapon in Idaho matches one used in a national security case in the City of Angels, Callen and Sam fly to the scene to join a mobile team of NCIS agents who live and work together.

John Corbett and Kim Raver

Cris-crossing the U.S. solving the hardest cases, the "Red" team is led by two TV veterans: Kim Raver and John Corbett will anchor the new NCIS crew introduced in this quasi-pilot episode.

Raver is Special Agent Paris, the athletic, smart, witty and bold leader of the team. Corbett is Roy Quaid, a former NCIS Special Agent forced to retire from active service; he's now an analyst.

Other members of the team: Gillian Alexy as Clare, Scott Grimes as Dave, and Edwin Hodge as Kai. NCIS: LA's Miguel Ferrer (Granger) will also star if the show gets picked up by CBS for the fall.

Take a look at the promotional photos from "Red" below!

Kim Raver on NCIS: LA
John Corbett on NCIS LA
NCIS LA Spinoff Picture
Kim Raver and Chris O'Donnell
NCIS LA Spinoff Photo
NCIS LA Spinoff Pic
NCIS Red Team

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NO,NO,WHY? I want the NCIS LA to continue with the original cast.. Heck with Red. Keep NCIS LA.!


seriously a SPIN-OFF why do they need that? NCIS AND NCIS:L.A are better off and doing well with their viewers NCIS:RED CAN GO SUCK IT ''not worth watching''......... THANX GOD FOR CABLE NETWORKS LIKE FX, AND AMC! CBS IS WACK FOR AGREEING WITH THAT!


Hola gente , me parece que la caja que aparecio en el episodio kill house, que estan diciendo que puede traer un resultado inesperado entre deeks y kensi y a el se le generaria un gran dilema para su relacion, me parece que no es absolutamente nada eso laraca! Sino tendria que pensar que puede ser que se convierta en agente ncis , un regalo de kensi por su cumpleanos , suenennnnnn noooooo la verdad espero no estar decepcionsda y que modifiqueeeeee algo entre los dosssssss para biennnnnn podra ser que opinan


I can see one big issue with this if they go to the mothership can you guys


A show that includes Granger in a full-time role makes me queasy; I don't like his character and I don't like that every time he shows up on NCIS' doorstep, he brings a large steaming pile o' mess with him.


Hopefully, Red will fare better than Suspect Behavior, the short-lived Criminal Minds spinoff featuring- doncha know- a Red Squad.

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