NCIS Sneak Peeks: The Test

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On tonight's NCIS, the media frenzy surrounding an unidentified criminal prompts Gibbs' barber to question his son's involvement and ask for Jethro's help in ruling out his son as the "Prime Suspect."

In this sneak preview clip, Gibbs does not appear - apparently it's "Haircut Tuesday" - which is too bad for Dorneget, because he might've been able to shed some light on a rumor going around.

After staying up half the night playing video games with McGee's awesome controller, Dorney learns from Tony that he should've been studying - for the GS 11 Exam Vance is reportedly reinstating.

What is this test, and who's the last person to take it? Find out below:

UPDATE: Here's a second clip, featuring Gibbs and the aforementioned barber, discussing his son and why he worries that a recent string of killings may be connected to his own flesh and blood:

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Ehh. It was OK. Not sure why they bothered with the beach scenes. I do love Dornegut though. That was a pretty lame "I'll get Tony back" trick.


Pessoal até agora cote de pablo não renovou contrato.Eu devo me preocupar com isso?


It's interesting that you brought up SG1, Dreamrose. When I was watching that clip, I was thinking about how both Mark Harmon and Richard Dean Anderson have have gone from "gray-haired" to nearly "white-haired," and they are both only in their early 60's. And I didn't even recognize Kawalsky; good catch!


In this universe, Kawalsky didn't get Goa'ulded - he retired from the Air Force and the Stargate Program and became a barber in D.C.! Cool. I wonder what Jack O'Neill would think? Then again, he probably uses the same barber as Gibbs...

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NCIS Season 10 Episode 17 Quotes

Tony: Couldn't help noticing you're sitting here all alone. I thought maybe you'd want some company?
Melissa: Sure. Your partner won't mind?
Tony: Partner?
Melissa: I assumed you two are a couple. Just... your shirt.

Ramsey: Looks like we got a lot of evidence to get through, huh?
Abby: Yeah.
Both: All-nighter!