Once Upon a Time Review: Is Redemption Out of Reach?

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There are few truly "Selfless, Brave and True" acts in this world - and Storybrooke is no exception, as August returned to Once Upon a Time this week looking for redemption.

Return of August

August never did take his task of looking out for Emma very seriously. That's all I could think when he woke up in a beautiful woman's bed in a beachside bungalow in Phuket, Thailand. Apparently his selfishness had already begun to take its toll. 

Of course, everyone thought he was a crazy person because he was the only one who could witness his dilemma. I wonder what the doctor thought when no blood emerged from that leg wound.

What I didn't expect was Neal's fiancee being wrapped up in all of this. 

How could August not realize it was a set up when she left that envelope of cash for him to watch? That seemed ridiculousm but I suppose he was just desperate enough to take it without question.

But how did Tamara kill the Dragon? How powerful was that taser? Couldn't his magic combat it?

This episode left me with lots of questions. What's Tamara's connection to the fairy tale world? How did she get involved with Owen and what's their plan for finding his father? And where the heck is Kurt anyway?

Regina had two of my favorite scenes of the night. The first was when she sniped at Mary Margaret in the diner in this Once Upon a Time quote

If I were you I'd try the fish special. It's right up your alley. Blackened Soul. | permalink

Such a perfect reminder of last week's conclusion in "Welcome to Storybrooke." Then Regina remembered Owen and confronted him, warning that despite what he thought, some people can just disappear.

In the end August redeemed himself but ended up as Pinnochio once again. I'm sure some fans will be upset to lose the handsome adult version but he's never been a favorite of mine. Given a choice of the two, I'd rather have Graham back in Storybrooke but I suppose that is not to be.

Mary Margaret contemplated her own chances of redemption and decided the first step was to come clean with David about her visit to Regina and her blackened heart. 

I was with David on this one. Where August readily admitted he'd lived a life of selfishness, cowardice and dishonesty, the same can not be said of Snow. She has the heart and soul of a hero. Surely one dark moment can't change that. 

So what do you think Tamara's twisted plan is for Storybrooke? Does Regina still have Kurt? And did you miss Rumplestiltskin on this Once Upon a Time?

NOTE: Once Upon a Time is off until April 21. But look who we'll meet when the series returns:


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UGH! Annoying episode! First of all, TASER?! Really?! All the magic in all the realms and the only thing that defeats that is TASER in our world? Most ridiculous thing ever! And they turned August into a kid??!?!? I'm sooo mad about that! Well there goes my Emma/August ship! Ugh! Seriously, writers need to be thankful they are not making the mistake of killing off Hook and ruining my Emma/Hook ship. Cause that's the only ship I like. The way things are looking now, they are pushing Emma/Neal and I'm not happy about that! I know, I know, this show isn't about ships. But I still have them! Where the hell are Hook and Rumple?!?!?!


This episode IRRITATED me


agreed I have never liked henry they need to change his character or get rid of him and fast poor emma and neal I would not want a kid like him I even feel bad for regina


The way the dragon died was so ridiculous ! it's just a friggin taser !! weapon of the year


Yep, I'm completely disappointed with this episode. Tazers??? Really??? The Dragon is suppose to be magical, then suddenly, TAZER! Boom! Drop dead.... Next is August, made of wood! (Mind you, woods don't conduct electricity except when they're wet, but he's not wet here is he?) Gets killed by a tazer too??? You've got to be kidding me. Then he becomes a little boy?? I thought I was the only one who's disappointed here... I know that he can get a second chance, but he doesn't have to turn back into a boy! hello!!!!


If you go back and look at the images of Cinderella's fairy godmother, she looks a lot like the woman in the photograph who is supposed to be Tamara's grandmother. However, the fairy godmother was killed in the Enchanted Forest and the photo shows her in modern-day our world clothing, which creates a continuity issue. If Tamara is indeed her granddaughter, then that would make sense that she is seeking to take the magic away from Storybrooke. She might be bent on revenge or she might actually be a good fairy trying to put everything back to the way it was. She may view it as her mission to stop Rumple and Regina from using magic in this world, so that they don't destroy it like they did the Enchanted Forest.


I was disappointed that they turned August back into a little boy instead is just making him a real man again. I liked his character. I'm sick of Emma's sons attitude. I don't like how they are portraying him. They need to fix it quick.


I was frustrated with this episode. There was no rumple. Then the fact that the blue fairy changed august into little pinnochio before he could tell Emma who Tamara really was. @KansasGuest i agree who wrote the book once upon a time?


Missed Rumple alot/he is my favorite part of the show. While a great job was done in making August appear to be out of wood I was kind of glad when he was gone as he was creeping me out for some reason. Maybe it was the eyes.


@Roseanne - Once characters receive their Happy Ending, they are shelved for storytelling purposes. Witness Hansel & Gretel (found dad), Cinderella (married her prince), Jefferson/Mad Hatter (reunited with his daughter), Pinocchio & Geppetto, etc. In Storybrooke, Kathryn's last scene was meeting the gym teacher/Frederick in the school hallway while looking for Mary Margaret. I took that to mean that they were on their way to their Happy Ending. Hook was much better incorporated into the series that Aurora & Mulan, IMO. Those two are still wandering around the Enchanted Forest looking for Philip. Their actions don't impact Storybrooke at all. Once Snow & Emma left that place, we didn't really care about what happened to them. I hope it's a lesson to the writers that you just can't throw anyone into the series because the fans want them. There needs to a good reason & motivation for every character to be present. The whole Owen/Tamara/Neal mystery better be worth it.

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