Once Upon a Time Review: Is Redemption Out of Reach?

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There are few truly "Selfless, Brave and True" acts in this world - and Storybrooke is no exception, as August returned to Once Upon a Time this week looking for redemption.

Return of August

August never did take his task of looking out for Emma very seriously. That's all I could think when he woke up in a beautiful woman's bed in a beachside bungalow in Phuket, Thailand. Apparently his selfishness had already begun to take its toll. 

Of course, everyone thought he was a crazy person because he was the only one who could witness his dilemma. I wonder what the doctor thought when no blood emerged from that leg wound.

What I didn't expect was Neal's fiancee being wrapped up in all of this. 

How could August not realize it was a set up when she left that envelope of cash for him to watch? That seemed ridiculousm but I suppose he was just desperate enough to take it without question.

But how did Tamara kill the Dragon? How powerful was that taser? Couldn't his magic combat it?

This episode left me with lots of questions. What's Tamara's connection to the fairy tale world? How did she get involved with Owen and what's their plan for finding his father? And where the heck is Kurt anyway?

Regina had two of my favorite scenes of the night. The first was when she sniped at Mary Margaret in the diner in this Once Upon a Time quote

If I were you I'd try the fish special. It's right up your alley. Blackened Soul. | permalink

Such a perfect reminder of last week's conclusion in "Welcome to Storybrooke." Then Regina remembered Owen and confronted him, warning that despite what he thought, some people can just disappear.

In the end August redeemed himself but ended up as Pinnochio once again. I'm sure some fans will be upset to lose the handsome adult version but he's never been a favorite of mine. Given a choice of the two, I'd rather have Graham back in Storybrooke but I suppose that is not to be.

Mary Margaret contemplated her own chances of redemption and decided the first step was to come clean with David about her visit to Regina and her blackened heart. 

I was with David on this one. Where August readily admitted he'd lived a life of selfishness, cowardice and dishonesty, the same can not be said of Snow. She has the heart and soul of a hero. Surely one dark moment can't change that. 

So what do you think Tamara's twisted plan is for Storybrooke? Does Regina still have Kurt? And did you miss Rumplestiltskin on this Once Upon a Time?

NOTE: Once Upon a Time is off until April 21. But look who we'll meet when the series returns:


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--COMMENT CONTINUED-- RoseAnne @Ben: Thanks for that link. That did provide a lot of information that helped to clear up a lot of my questions for this episode.


I have watched OUAT from the start and I love the concept of making fairytale characters real as well as bringing them into the real world. But I have to say that I became a bit frustrated with the introduction of new characters like Captain Hook, Mulan, and Princess Aurora with the start of the new season. Particularly when the storyline with Mary Margaret suspected of killing David's "wife" Kathryn (a/k/a Abigail/King Midas' daughter) was dropped after she was found alive. Did she reunite with her true love Frederick? There has been no mention of that. I wish they would stay within the initial group of characters and how their stories interconnect because it gets really confusing after awhile. I must say that learning that magic had found its way into the real world before the curse was lifted is really intriguing. I am interested in finding out what occurred that allowed its entry and if Rumpelstiltskin or even Cora had something to do with that. @Ben: Thanks for that link. That did provide a lot of information that helped to clear up a lot of my questions.


I know this is a show all about our imagination but some things need to make sense for me to continue playing along.


So many things took away from the show this week. Augusts' butt was squishy as Emma leant on it... and not wooden, lol. As August went to sit on the caravan lounge (and during the falling scene at the end) his legs were too human like. I put this down to jeans being the opted clothing choice by the costume department because it's what he was always wearing but it just made the actors leg movements clash with what he was trying to portray (dark sweatpants... anyone?). The dragon... I had to laugh whilst he was spending more time on his magical hovering dust display then what... actually just disappearing? :D Also, the taser being what killed them... I can't. One, they needed to both have heart defects for it to hopefully work, and two... shouldn't August have started to smoke? lol. But I just... are we supposed to think the taser hit his wooden body and effected his heart, perfectly so that he was able to have final words and then... dead? :/ I know this is a show all about our imagination but some things need to make sense for me to continue playing along.


Well, its politically correct Hollywood. A taser doesnt kill, it knocks people out. She should have shot two blasts in the air with her shotgun. This show has crossed over into stupid. Magic stucker? Try political brain reprogram to America.


What bothers me with this show is how convoluted it is at times.
The one thing I am glad about is that Snow talked to Charming. It bothered me last week even though I understood how distraught she was, that she went to Regina to end her life. where would that have left Emma, Charming and Henry-without a remaining word. So I'm glad she came clean on that-actions like that will eliminate those dark spots in no time. I understand the actor who plays hook broke his leg and therefore isn't on screen right now, and I miss him and want some character development there-revenge is hollow in the long run but we do have Rumpel and his long lost son - with zero interaction in this epi - one would think there would be a chat or something between them. At this point I am not a fan of Neal - he's coming across as an insensitive moron - maybe that is the route the writers are going or perhaps they are holding out till then season finale for the big talk but realistically one would of thought he'd apologize to the woman he left in jail (pregnant no less - even though he didn't know it at the time but he certainly does now) for 11 months serving a crime he committed whether August told him to or not. Ditto Rumpel just did this lovely heartfelt speech to Belle and then nothing, does she even know he's still alive? There are conversations that are unrealistically being delayed that make the episodes and some of the scenes feel like fillers. August had a lot more story to tell but adult August is gone and Pinnochio's memories wiped clear - I doubt we'll be seeing August ever again -he's effectively been killed off. Which is a shame as he could have cleared up some things.
The intro of Tamara and Owen/Greg makes me think - why? Isn't Regina villian enough? I guess we'll have to wait and see what these two have in store. Personally I love charactere driven storylines opposed to plot driven ones and lately a lot of the show seems pure illogical plot driven which imo is taking away from some of the charm and magic of the characters we know and love on this show.


Just because Pinocchio is back to being a boy doesn't mean August is gone from our screens. There is major backstory about how August even knew where to find Bae/Neal after all of Bae's years spent somewhere else. We know that August was instrumental in getting Neal to abandon Emma about 11 years ago (before Henry's birth). But, does anyone think it's pure coincidence that the son of the Dark One and the daughter of Snow & Charming just happened to meet & make a baby? Uh, no...and August probably knows the answer to how that went down more than anyone. Plus, there's that ever present question about the book. WHO WROTE THE DARN BOOK OF FAIRY TALES in the first place? August knows, and it needs to be shown. So, we'll see him again.


"I think Tamara may be Pocahontas if she were to be a fairytale character..." Nope, because Pocahontas has never been a fairytale character. She was a real person, along with John Smith and John Rolfe, and is actually buried in England. The creators have been quite adamant that only fictional characters need apply, and Poca is too "real" to bring her into OUAT. I think Tamara could be either Tiana ("The Princess and the Frog"), Tiger Lily (from Neverland), or Tinker Bell. The theory that she's related to the Cinderella's murdered fairy godmother is interesting. But, how would a human have connections to the Enchanted Forest? Then again, the whole "magic is not in this world" thing seems to be falling apart with each new episode.


THE WORST Once Upon A Time episode I've seen thus far. I agree that they only want Emma to be with one person. That Taser thing was absolutely ridiculous!!!! and why wasn't the dragon strong enough to resist a taser? And tasing wood? Really? And why would they make Pinocchio a little boy?!?!?! I'm beyond pissed about that. What's the point in redemption if you have to sacrifice everything to get it? I'm just too upset about it. The writers are gonna mess this show up. I can feel it in my bones


@fangirl23 "when Emma said "i have to take Henry to see his grandfather"
i totally imagined Mr. Gold even though it was probably Charming" i thought the same thing. i totally forgot about charming honestly. i was thinking "taking henry to gold? you trust him like that?" p.s.: all the tamara haters step back. we finally got some color on this show, lets just bask in the glory for now. she's a villain and as we all know they never win in the long run, no matter how many minor victories they accumulate

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