Once Upon a Time Review: Is Redemption Out of Reach?

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There are few truly "Selfless, Brave and True" acts in this world - and Storybrooke is no exception, as August returned to Once Upon a Time this week looking for redemption.

Return of August

August never did take his task of looking out for Emma very seriously. That's all I could think when he woke up in a beautiful woman's bed in a beachside bungalow in Phuket, Thailand. Apparently his selfishness had already begun to take its toll. 

Of course, everyone thought he was a crazy person because he was the only one who could witness his dilemma. I wonder what the doctor thought when no blood emerged from that leg wound.

What I didn't expect was Neal's fiancee being wrapped up in all of this. 

How could August not realize it was a set up when she left that envelope of cash for him to watch? That seemed ridiculousm but I suppose he was just desperate enough to take it without question.

But how did Tamara kill the Dragon? How powerful was that taser? Couldn't his magic combat it?

This episode left me with lots of questions. What's Tamara's connection to the fairy tale world? How did she get involved with Owen and what's their plan for finding his father? And where the heck is Kurt anyway?

Regina had two of my favorite scenes of the night. The first was when she sniped at Mary Margaret in the diner in this Once Upon a Time quote

If I were you I'd try the fish special. It's right up your alley. Blackened Soul. | permalink

Such a perfect reminder of last week's conclusion in "Welcome to Storybrooke." Then Regina remembered Owen and confronted him, warning that despite what he thought, some people can just disappear.

In the end August redeemed himself but ended up as Pinnochio once again. I'm sure some fans will be upset to lose the handsome adult version but he's never been a favorite of mine. Given a choice of the two, I'd rather have Graham back in Storybrooke but I suppose that is not to be.

Mary Margaret contemplated her own chances of redemption and decided the first step was to come clean with David about her visit to Regina and her blackened heart. 

I was with David on this one. Where August readily admitted he'd lived a life of selfishness, cowardice and dishonesty, the same can not be said of Snow. She has the heart and soul of a hero. Surely one dark moment can't change that. 

So what do you think Tamara's twisted plan is for Storybrooke? Does Regina still have Kurt? And did you miss Rumplestiltskin on this Once Upon a Time?

NOTE: Once Upon a Time is off until April 21. But look who we'll meet when the series returns:


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i both liked and hated this episode. before watching this episode i saw this girl on youtube dissing once upon a time saying "its awful but it keeps trying cause it doesnt know its awful yet" and that ringed in my head all night as stupid thing after stupid things happened. the bad/stupid: a taser? really? that is so STUPID. i could give you with the dragon, we could go with the fact that he's old and has a weak heart but pinoc is made of wood, short of chopping him into a bunch of pieces (like they did in Fables the comic, read it people) i dont get how she could stop him let alone kill him with a freaking TASER. come on. just give the chick a gun and lets move on. pinoc as a kid? no no no no no nononono. if the actor had to leave/was fired then just let the man be dead, he would have died redeeming himself it works! but i guess henry needs someone his age to hang with (like that would ever happen).
the good:everything else. ok so i was wrong that tamara is from neverland but i was right about her connection to owen. i knew she was "HER". but when did they meet? why is tamara looking for magic? what did she see that made her believe in magic? i believe in magic cause its awesome and would love to be a sorceress like in the comics but im a comic geek lol doubt that tamara is. i suspect something is up with her grandmother. who is the dragon and where does he come from? does rumple have a possible new protege in tamara? she is deliciously cunning


After watching the promo (which is supposed to deal with Belle and yet shows almost nothing of her) I'm a little uncertain where the writers want to bring the show. I mean, I know they can't involve every character from Season 1 in every storyline, but it would be nice to see more of Ruby, Dr Hopper, Whale, the dwarves (remember one of them lost his memory too and nobody seems to care)... and meanwhile we have Philip, Aurora and Mulan in FTL, Owen and Tamara in Storybrooke, and now Robin Hood?! I'm a little afraid they do the same mistake like some other shows: adding new characters while forgetting to tell / wrap up older character's stories.

Ronald simkins

Not my favorite episode. However August was a total toad and trying to pair him with Emma who he really screwed over would have been idiocy. Do we really know that the implement the evil woman used was really a taser. How many soapy triangles do there have to be in a show. Maybe Snow can hook up with Hook. Who will Robin Hood hook up with? Personally I like Neal/Bael he is certainly trying to be a Dad.


Why would the taser have any effect on a man made entirely of wood? It would be like shocking a tree stump. And the Dragon with all his magic power certainly turned out to be a wimp when hit by the taser.


Even though I liked this episode I was devastated when August first died and then turned into a little boy. I was like "Psht, that taser won't work on wood" BUT then it did, WTF?! So when the blue fairy came to the rescue I was like, THANK GOD. And then they turn him into a LITTLE BOY. So much for getting August back on my screen.... I think it's nice that there is a connection between Owen and Tamara, it makes things more interesting and at least "Her" isn't someone else that also knows about Storybrooke.


! wow 4 weeks until new episode... They better figure out Greg and Tamara quickly and get them out of StoryBrooke woww they ruin everything !


Okay. I have to admit, like most of you who have commented, this wasn't my favorite episode. First and foremost, a taser killing a wooden dude? Seriously?! That was bad. I thought it was pretty pathetic that they didn't have the dragon put up any kind of fight against a taser, but it was so much worse when Tamara used the taser on wood. I mean that's what, 5th grade science? I also am a little upset about August coming back as a little boy. While, yes, I prefer Graham. I accept he's gone. But was kind of hoping for a hook-up with August and Emma. I'm not a big Neal fan, right now. So far he just seems wimpy... I just haven't seen him show any cojones, yet. And I firmly believe Emma needs a strong man. And since she does have a shady background, I thought August would have been a nice pairing. Even for a little while. And while I initially loved hook. The 7 degrees of separation and all the family connections would just make Emma and Hook too...what's the word....ewwwww. As for Tamara, for someone who just appeared in town, she did seem to be able to get around and be at all the key places just in time, didn't she? I can't figure out yet who she is, but I don't mind seeing where the whole Owen and Tamara story is going. It doesn't seem like the best of story lines to me, but I'll wait to see where it's going before passing any harsh judgement. I also can't stand that we have to wait a month before we get to meet Robin Hood! He looked hot! And that episode seems like it'll be much better than the one that aired last night. I agree with what someone said earlier, I would prefer to watch it straight through and have a finale in April than break up the story this way. It's frustrating. Love the show, even if I wasn't too impressed with this one episode.

Drea xoxo

"I think Tamara may be Pocahontas if she were to be a fairytale character..."
@Guest my thoughts exactly! i wanted her to be tiana but she's evil so that went out the window. n the woman in august's bed, could we argue that could have been present day mulan...? no, only me ok.....
sigh! i wanted august to overcome fear n overcome tamara but no, the writers couldn't let us have one man to stare n oogle at!!! missed gold big time!!! snow needs to move on this 'i am a victim' act is tedious and diverting her attention from everything. overall, august should have been kept a man, emma needs to connect dots, neil a better judge in character and regina on her a game!!! slyly miss cora, she would have figured it out.....


"I need a photo opportunity, I want a shot at redemption, don't wanna end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard..." Am I the ONLY one that kept hearing Paul Simon's Call Me Al in my head? I try not to comment on OUAT because I find the fans here get defensive sometimes, but there was so much wrong with this episode... 1. A TASER kills a man made of WOOD?!? Wood is an insulator - it does not conduct electricity. How does that not bother anyone else? 2. A dude called the freakin' DRAGON goes down simply because he decides to "morph" within arms length of someone with a taser. 3. No Mr Gold, no Enchanted Forest flashbacks. 4. We have to wait A MONTH for the next episode?


Awesome episode....right up until Blue Fairy turned August back into a boy. I kinda was hoping that a True Love's Kiss from Emma would turn him human again. What's with getting rid of all the hot guys in Storybrook? First Graham, now August? Way to ruin the Fairytale!

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