Parenthood Season 5: Time Jump, Return of Ryan Ahead?

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Let's unfortunately get this out of the way: NBC is yet to pick Parenthood up for a fifth season.

But assuming this does take place, most of the time spent last night at the show's Paleyfest panel was focused what storylines and developments fans can expect to see from the Bravermans this fall.

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"There will be a time jump, like in real-time or somewhat close to that," producer Jason Katims told the crowd of what he has in mind.

He also made it clear that he hopes to have Matt Lauria return as Ryan, schedule permitting: "I absolutely loved the dynamic between [Amber and Ryan] and I would love to continue that storyline... [But] Matt may or may not be available next year, so we’ll have to see what happens.”

Looking back a bit on Parenthood Season 4, Lauren Graham surprised some attendees by saying Sarah didn't end up with Hank in the finale. Not exactly, at least.

“I saw it differently,” the actress said. “I felt that the finale left it open. Sarah made a choice and then Hank’s like, ‘I’m moving to Minnesota,’ so to me there was a lot of energy in both areas. I did not view it as [she] chose one or the other necessarily."

Other tidbits of interest:

  • “Drew is going to Berkeley,” Katims said of that character's status on a potential Season 5. “He’s in town.
  • Neither Dax Shepard nor Joy Bryant were too enthused when they read about their fictional couple having a child. "Our baby’s going to sleep a lot," they joked.
  • Katims was "blown away" by Miles Heizer's performance in the controversial abortion storyline and added of the storyline: “It’s a tricky subject matter, but I felt in my gut that it was a story I wanted to tell. We set out in a way to make sure we were accurate, but to also be very sensitive. I didn’t want to politicize it… We wanted to get underneath the story and tell them in a way that we feel is as real as possible.”

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I love this show, i just recently found it again, so I would like to keep watching. please renew!!!


Please, Please bring Parenthood back .. I just got finish with watching all the episodes.,it is a really good TV show..


Please please bring Parenthhood back for season 5. It's the best family show on TV. My husband and I watch it all the time and we love all the characters and the stories. Very well written and the cast is fantastic.


I love this show! the only negative thing that sort of "bugs" me is the constant talking over one another when they are all in a room. I find it annoying at times ......


PLEASE bring Parenthood back for a 5th season!!! There are so few "really good" shows left on TV.......everything is reality TV these days. We NEED Parenthood...just a great fictional television show with a great story line. It's real entertainment......Please don't disappoint us again! So many great shows have been cancelled for rediculous reality TV! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!


Please Season 5. Mae an announcement now. I need my PARENTHOOD fix every week. And from above season 5 seems to be shaping up to be good.


IF there were a time jump, I hope it's not a big one that involves recasting any of the children. I think it'll probably only be at least 6 months though seeing as Drew will only be in college, however, if Crosby and Jasmine already have a baby, then it's had to be almost a year.
As for Sarah, I wish for once she'd do nothing. I love her character - a lot, but I wish she'd just choose herself for once instead of worrying about anyone else and do what she wants.
In regards to Parenthood (season 5) altogether - Get on it NBC! Renew it for a 22 episode order! Hell, even a 24! While you're at it, give it a sixth season too! I could totally see six seasons and a movie for Parenthood.

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