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Finch knows that winning big means betting big, and it's still clear that Person of Interest is worth betting on.

"All In" divided the episode into two stories, allowing Reese, Finch and Leon to worry about a former card shark going up against a casino boss, while Carter was digging her way into the conspiracy that is the rebuilding corrupt police force known as HR.

The Atlantic City Case

I'm a huge fan of Leon and love how the show continuously has his number come up for Reese to swoop in and save him. Not only does he have a great personality that is smarmy and heart-filled, but Leon can contribute to helping out the case rather than be a useless nuisance.

The intro of the episode was a great way to get Leon involved this go around, while having a fantastic attack from both Bear and Reese on the bad guys. It was even funny that Leon knew exactly what was about to happen after he recognized that he was probably going to be killed.

The case of the week was pretty simple in its execution, but creative enough that it didn't feel like an overly cliche casino story of taking down the bad guy boss and winning money.

At the same time, rather than include poker, something that's been done repetitively, baccarat was played. It was simple enough to explain, and a classic game that's been associated with international spies. It's even the game that James Bond plays in the novel Casino Royale.

I also thought it was clever utilizing older players as the key to the money laundering scheme. You really never would ever suspect what was going on, although having a pile of medicine bottles in the trash might have been able to give it all away.

And while I liked the slight feel of an Ocean's 11 movie with Reese, Finch, and Leon,  taking down the casino felt far easier and less intricate than it probably should have been. That said, the whole winning back the money was made far more intriguing and something to root for because of the show's score.

The music on this series is very well done and adds to whatever mood the show is trying to convey whether it's suspense, action, drama, or even making money at the baccarat table. It works in perfect harmony with everything going on during the scenes. I think sometimes people really forget how much it adds.

Was there ever any doubt that Reese and Finch would succeed? Sure, some cliche thugs got in the way but classic takedowns followed.

Carter and slightly Fusco, who had the best line of "There's no Santa. It was your parents." were involved with HR, the villainous group that's been in the shadows after their previous defeat.

I had to look up the characters involved because of the variety of connections, and the fact it's been a while since we've dealt with the rebuilding HR. Interestingly enough, the head of HR was back trying to fix further partnership with the Russian mob while setting up good cop Szymanski.

Poor Szymanski. No more Geico commercials on this show.

Carter was once again digging her way into a situation that's going to get her in danger, and although she was able to help Szymanski get out of the setup, she wasn't able to stop him from being shot.

I had a feeling that Detective Raymond Terney was not around because he was another good guy. It was certainly a wild twist having the ending of the show finish out with the head of HR shooting Szymanski and his lawyer, but then having Terney shoot him to cover up the murder.

HR is a crafty corrupt force.

Although, I have to say that the real standout moment was the Reese and Finch talk about Finch not being able to be with Grace. It was such a sad scene and you could really feel Finch missing his love and Reese knowing there's not much more you could say. It's good that at least Reese and Finch have a friendship and purpose, but the price of being the hero is certainly a painful one to pay.

I still have hope that maybe one day, Finch can find a way to be with Grace again.


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To Allie 701. Why do some people who obviously are not from N.Y. have a problem with a great show centering around N.Y. ? Must get past petty jealousy that the show just happens to be based in the Capital of the World. When the original C.S.I. [Vegas] until William Peterson left was the best show on T.V., we here in N.Y. had no problems with it being in Vegas. You and the occasional viewer "not from N.Y." and have problems with the show being based in NY., you need to move on. Enjoy this Masterpiece of a drama given to us as it is the best show on TV and one day like all shows be no more. Just sit back, forget it's made in N.Y. and enjoy every great episode they pump out week in and week out. Shows as great as P.O.I. only come along so many times in a lifetime.


It is strange that the machine didn't give Finch and Reese the number for Szymanski. Maybe it was because the machine is not working properly? Yes, the watch that Finch wanted fixed was the one that Logan Pierce gave to Reese. Nice touch adding that into the episode. The ending scene with Finch and Reese was amazing. I feel so bad for Finch and hope he can go back to Grace at some point.


He said to shoot him in the shoulder, how much clearer does he need to be that he set himself up to be shot?


I didn't think the head of HR planned to get himself shot. That's bats**t crazy. I actually thought HR was falling apart, and now I'm hoping I'm right. HR became less interesting ever since the breakup with Elias. Like everyone else here, I can care less about them. And now I'm hoping they all disappear at the end of this season. Love Reese, Finch, Tao (Leon), and the POI taking down the casino boss. By the way, is the watch given from Finch to the POI the same watch Logan Pierce gave Reese? Finch did say it was 'broken' and is able to be fixed so he can by the diner. Hmmm... @Szymanski
That only adds to the glitch that the machine is messing up because of the looming cybervirus.


Huh? I agree that this is the best show tv right now ? Certainly I'd buy it's one of the best shows on NETWORK tv ....but all of tv , basic Cable and pay cable ----you cannot be serious ...
It's just the 1 NETWORK show on the ALL TV drama top 10...

Beverly brooks

I too dislike the amount of time paid on HR and it is getting very, very old. I feel like most police are not corrupted as HR would lead you to believe. Maybe Carter will bring them down totally very soon.
Otherwise POI continues to one of the better shows for this year.
As far as the machine, something is definitely going on there because of the fact that Szymanski was in danger, and the machine didn't pick up on it.


You are about to ruin a great show again by adding not needed people to the show. The 2 working a case every week was great adding to police confusion. Now it weems every one knows. Please NO MORE. Go back to when this show was great.


I agree that this is the best show on TV right now. always makes you think and pay close attention. carter and fusco haven't had a whole lot to do in the last few episodes. a love interest for carter could become boring. I want my "heros" to be more involved in the chases and takedowns.I hope Sarah is back soon. I love her character. really strong women on this show. The episode where she's introduced was fantastic. great writing and acting. Please I want MORE of that kind of writing. great great show.


I really enjoyed the episode, because POI is just the best TV around at the moment. However, I wasn't wild about the return of HR. I never found them very interesting villains and it all gets a bit tedious, long-winded and complicated when they start spinning that plotline again. I'm also finding Carter's scenes less and less interesting. I'm always much more involved in what's going on with Finch and Reese and have zero interest in Carter's love life. I'm finding the Carter and Fusco stuff a drag compared with the great Finch and Reese side of things.


Do you ever wonder if the machine operates beyond the boundaries of NYC (and that includes Atlantic City) or does the known world end at the edges of Manhattan?

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