Pretty Little Liars Review: An Impossible Game

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Pretty Little Liars has finally moved from mysteriously complex to downright improbable.

"A dAngerous gAme," the Season 3 finale, may have featured tons of action and drama, but it was so unbelievably frustrating that I couldn't really enjoy it.

In classic Pretty Little Liars fashion, the hour needlessly complicated the plot of show. Over and over again, the series gives us no real answers because its constantly undoing the work of the previous episodes. What are we really suppose to believe when everything that is asserted one week is completely upended later on? How can we really narrow down our suspects when the drama constantly throws new characters into the mix?

Unfortunately, PLL has reached the point that all programs built around a central mystery eventually encounter: how can you answer the questions without writing yourself out of a job?

The Pretty Little Liars

Shows such as Lost "solved" the problem by setting a clear end date and mapping out the storylines from that point on. With Pretty Little Liars, it feels like the writers have no clear sense of the ultimate direction. Or they need to continue to obscure it by retreading over the same clues from different angles. 

For example, when Toby was revealed as A, Marlene King announced that he was definitely evil and wasn't working undercover for good reasons. Yet, Toby claims that he is just working with the A-team to keep Spencer safe. Who are we suppose to believe? If you remember, the big Mona reveal was met with some derision because the creators claimed they weren't following the plot of the book series. So I guess if your a Spoby fan, you'll believe that Toby's really protecting Spencer and you probably squealed a little at their reunion.

It was nice to know that Spencer was actually trying to protect her friends in the end because it did seem like she was going to betray them for a guy. The deal she made with Mona was to serve up the girls on a silver platter for Red Coat in order to get Toby back. Luckily, she was working towards helping the girls figure things out...but even that seemed a little convoluted. It seems a little much to expect that Malcolm would someone how see the photo she sent and identify her so that Hanna would know.

Side note: how ridiculous was it that despite the fact that she was holding her cell phone, Hanna told Malcolm she was going to use the house phone to call Emily,  leaving him to conveniently play games on her cell phone? How many houses even have landlines these days? But I digress.

The big showdown with Red Coat didn't go as planned. Someone locked Mona, Hanna, Emily and Aria (and possibly hoped to get Toby and Spencer) in that lodge and set it on fire. We know it wasn't Spencer or Toby. Red Coat was still getting off the plane. The most likely suspects are Jenna, Shana and Melissa.

Yep, these three ladies were together talking about the gathering at the Lodge and some videos (plus there was some talk about "those bitches getting what they deserved"). And Jenna and Shana helped Wilden the night he got hit by his own car, as we recently found out. They all seem to want to make the As (and the girls) pay for something, and it looks like Jenna may have also been being blackmailed by A as well. (And her eyes are getting bad again.)

And everyone wants to know who Red Coat is. The answer is *spoiler alert* Allison....Or someone who looks a lot like her. What was crazy about this reveal (other than the fact that Ali is supposed to be dead) is that no one knows who Red Coat is. To hear Mona tell it, she is all powerful and all-knowing. Is she a girl or a superhero?? It's just ridiculous to think that there is a person who is that omniscient and omnipresent and have no one (not even the people working for her) know what she looks like. This character is an outrageous improbability, making it impossible for anyone to fight against her.

Mona also revealed that she was working alone as A until Red Coat showed up at Radley and took over. And now it seems that Mona will be one of A's victims.

The final scene of the hand reaching out the ground nicely referenced us back to the Halloween episode that ended in the same way. Only this time, another hand came onto the screen to help the buried person pull themselves free. I'm guessing the buried person is Ali since we're suppose to believe that she is the girl in the red coat.

In other season finale partial reveals, Wilden's car made a reappearance and exposed Jenna and Shana's involvement with Wilden. And there was a little surprise waiting in the trunk...but of course we don't get to see what it is. CeCe's body anyone?

Oh, and Ezra and Aria finally broke up.

What are your thoughts on the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 finale? Will you be tuning in next season?


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Hi, I'm Spencer.
That is my real name, trololol.
And I love how you said Ezra and Aria "Finally" broke up.
Alison is actually spelt like this ALison not ALlison.


hehhehe just readind the comments and enjoying it a lot the ideas are so much better then the real show,as a fan of the show i am frustrated,unhappy,speechless even how ridiculous the season finale of PLL twas for me im sad i dont think i want to continue watching is really absord i mean it was bad


Did red coat save the girls from the fire? If it is, that means that red coat isn´t bad at all, or maybe she is not A. This episode really confused me a lot


I think there is the A-team and people that A uses how she sees fit like Mona. Then there is another team of people who are trying to maybe fight against A or simply keep their dirty secrets hidden. Anyway, I enjoyed this finale a lot more then last years. Although we STILL didn't get any answers. I doubt this series can go on much longer. It's frustrating how they can't give us ANY strait answers. Instead they keep on creating these new ones that only mess up the show more. But as said, I did enjoy the finale for some reason. Maybe it was the Spoby reunion ;) Hopefully Season 4 will conclude this whole charade.


Now I'm convinced that the writers will ultimately end the series with "it was all a dream" or some variation of that. It's spun so far to the illogical side, and on top of that, the finale created tons of inconsistencies to what we've already seen. (Ex. if Toby is "pretty eyes" he's clearly been with the A-team a looong time already, way before Mona was ever apprehended. And how is he "protecting Spencer" when double agents are supposed to feed intel to both sides. He's done nothing to keep bad things from happening to her or her friends this whole time--so how is he a double agent?? Makes no sense. Yet the producer confirmed that he joined just to help her. Huh? How has he helped her one bit?) Clearly they're not going to answer about 50 different questions raised in season 2, if season 3 is over and they've raised 50 more... PREDICTION: the series will wrap up with the girls all waking up that night in the barn and find out that everything we've seen has been a combination of their narcotic-induced delusions/dreams that night. Ali never went missing, none of it ever happened, probably Ezra is just a teacher Aria has a crush on, etc. It's going to be very hard to make true sense of the plot now, so I don't think the writers will even try by the end. I REALLY HOPE THAT I'M WRONG ABOUT THIS! This used to be my absolute favorite show. But the season 3 finale changed my enthusiasm for what's happening with this "narrative."


I have one question, was the lighter that we saw by Toby's head the same lighter from the episode when they showed Ali lighting the firework that blinded Jenna? I want Ali to be in more eps.!! I have a hate/love relationship, they gave us way too many questions and didn't answer enough of them in this finale.. UGH!


I know I'm the minority, but I really enjoyed it...


No. Just no. As a finale this episode was frustrating and overall disappointing. It really gave nothing but to let us know Toby is actually good when Marlene has been going on all season he was up to no good. And they didn't even show what was on the car's trunk. Booo!


Really? A secondary backup A team.... possibly consisting of Shauna, Jenna, Melissa. Redcoat is either Alli or her twin sister(from the books). It has to be either Cece or Jason is in the trunk. But what about Wren, Lucas or Noal. Admittedly Noal is probably just an idiot and Lucas was being used by Mona however Wren was super creepy in the last episode.(Maybe just a decoy by the writers?)
The second A team was the most annoying part of the episode. All along it's been this one group and now suddenly a new group took out the old one?
Is it Alli or her twin? That's probably the biggest question from this episode... (Or maybe the hand helping Alli out of the ground?) Or maybe it was her twin helping her out of the ground. *Wild speculation*
I was getting so bored of Ezra so I'm ok with the break up but will it last?
I also think Toby should have stayed dead. I hate when characters are brought back from the dead(except in Supernatural), if you're finished with a character then kill them and if not, don't...


great review. and I agree SOOZ this show is too frustrating and I am sick of the hypycritical liars who tell us they are not following the books when really they cannot even make up their own plot points.

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