Pretty Little Liars Review: The Weak Link

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Last week's Pretty Little Liars episode ventured a little too far into crazy territory, and I'm glad to say that things have evened off with this week's installment.

Unfortunately, there wasn't much going on besides more details on Spencer's mental breakdown. And after weeks of watching Spencer slowing crumble to pieces, I'm getting really bored watching her take the forefront in all these episodes.

"Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" finally reached a point of oversaturation with the Spencer storyline. I'm all Spencered out - and it made it really hard to like this episode.

Missy Franklin on Pretty Little Liars

I was very glad that they didn't give Spencer amnesia. When the episode started, it seemed like a real possibility and what could be worse than that old soap opera cliche .... except maybe a show that refuses to give answers. But the writers steered clear of that ridiculous idea and instead Spencer was just trying to avoid being herself.

There was a lot of "blah, blah, blah" about Spencer's "real" problems and how she really has become the weak link in this group. She accepts that no one can really rely on her anymore because she's changed. Basically, most of the scenes involving Spencer (and there were a lot of them) were just trying to set up a longer stay for the Liar. From the looks of next week's promo, she might not get out after 72 hours.

But just how long will she be in Radley? If these season finale pics are any indication it won't be more than two episodes, but how much time will she actually be locked up?

Fortunately, we did get some information from the helpful orderly Eddie Lamb. It seems like Toby might have gotten his security badge (with the E. Lamb name) from Eddie. Eddie mentions there were having issues with the badges and with the visitor passes. All signs point to someone on the staff. Is it Wren? Or could it be Dr. Sullivan?

Wren seems like the easy answer based on his opportunistic interest in both Hanna and Spencer, but Sullivan could also be a serious suspect. Sullivan was an important part of the midseason finale back in Season 2. Was Mona (or someone on the A team) still blackmailing her while staying at Radley? Or is she still being pressured by the A team?

Plus, Eddie might not be just another helpful friend. Most of the people on this show are never 100% honest. Especially not Mona. However, I thought she was probably telling the truth about Ali's pregnancy scare. I really wish Spencer would play along so we could find out what else is in those diaries. But that would be too convenient. And there's no telling what Mona would want in exchange. 

The other girls were relegated to smaller slots of screen time, but that doesn't mean nothing happened to them. Except for Emily. Oh, wait! She got to meet Missy Franklin. Good for her, but what does it really have to do with the show?

In more exciting news, Wilden is back! Guess that means the body in the woods isn't his. Unfortunately, we won't know who it is until the police can find it. A has really created a lot confusion over this body, which could have been avoided if Spencer had taken off that freaking helmet. 

Wilden's return seems to spell trouble for Ashley and Hanna, but all he wants is his car back. Too bad Hanna drove it into the lake! With any luck, he'll just be glad to be rid of it. But I'm guessing that's not going to be the case. And with A blackmailing Hanna, it's only a matter of time before the car and the video resurface.

There was also a little movement on the Ezria front. Aria seems so deadset on helping Ezra get a job that she doesn't seem to realize she's driving a wedge between them. Her father hopes that getting him a job at Hollis will separate them slowly over time as he becomes more committed to his family. But there are not jobs at Hollis.

Ezra's attempt to substitute teach means their relationship will have to be hidden again. Well, it didn't have to mean that, but Aria decided that it would be best if the principal didn't know they were still dating. How much longer do you give them as a couple?


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I'm sorry but Aria is completely selfish, and stupid. Trying to get Ezra a job at her highschool.....and if they get caught together it's not just the two of them now, he has a son. How does she think that would affect him?!! Not that this show lives anywhere in reality, but Ezra would be screwed.


I feel like the reviewer has made her dislike of Spencer pretty obvious before, so it's hard to enjoy these reviews considering they're so negatively written on account of one character (who I happen to have no problem with). Shouldn't the reviews be judging how good the episodes are as a whole, not ranting about how irritating Spencer is? I'm sorry, but most people seem to be enjoying the Spencer storyline - from what I can gather - and to be honest, it's not really the mystery of 'a' that makes this show so good but its character development. I love ALL the characters and I tune in for them, not because I'm desperate to know who's torturing them. If you don't like the characters, then don't watch and review, cause it honestly just makes it depressing to read.


@wickwack yes! i actually laughed so hard at aria saying spencer as the weakest link when aria is NEVER TARGETED! that took a lot of nerve.
and i completely disagree with this reviewer. spencer is the only good thing about the show right now, the rest of the characters suck and have storylines not even related to a. i'm glad that she got the most scenes, its the only thing that made this episode watchable.


I also think it was Wren who was giving out the passes.


I also see chemistry between Emily and Shauna and think that Emily should just drop Paige and end up with Shauna, no matter how untrustworthy she is. Well Hanna I knew you made a dumb mistake and now how are you going to fix it. I also think it shouldn't have been Aria who said that Spencer was the weakest link because you never face A's wraith so how would you know.

Spindae 2o

It was a pretty slow episode. i really liked the last couple of eps bit this was quite killing the flow.
First of all SPENCER. I knew she would end up mental but i thought that would be series final material. i liked her psychp way. Playing a bit with everyone. And the final session where she was imaging her girls was really movibg. Aria and Ezra are boring and he will be her teacher again and it is sad bad done. Emily was quite sweet with Shawna. Some nice chemistry there. And my fav pal HANNA. She will never bore me for sure. The Wilden story is nice but a bit of a stretch. Wilden has probably nothing to do with this. But CeC is the Original Ali so she could be some part of this story. It eas odd seeing Wilden without a scratch. Yep and My Girl Mona. Devipus and perfect. I don't know what she has in store but it's big. Her screwing with Spencer as the Ultimate mean girl was great. On the other hand geeky Mona was quite funny. A round of applous for Janel. But who gave Mona the Diaries? Cece?


This show has been getting dumb and dumber each week, with all the main characters making one stupid decision after another. The writers of this show needs to learn how to turn their 4 protagonists into characters we can actually sympathize with, rather than characters we roll our eyes at.


Did anyone else get pissed off at how it was Aria who said Spencer is the weakest link? Compared to the other girls, she's hardly faced the brunt of A's attacks


only 2 episodes left and this is what we got? really?
Sullivan looked really suspicious today. then again, every character does in this show at some point.
seriously, what was the point of bringing Missy Franklin?
overall, i was bored for the most part. hopefully next week is different.

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