Psych Review: Over the Hills (to Mexico)

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Shawn has always had Gus, but it appears that now Henry has a new bro of his own in Juliet's stepfather Lloyd.

And in true Psych fashion, the bonds were forged south of the border in "No Country For Two Old Men."

The Stepfather

It all started with Shawn and Juliet's house-warming. I am so glad to finally have these two in a legitimate relationship, right down to the future in-laws that aren't particularly sure they'll get along. Leave it to Henry to have expectations about what Juliet's step-dad should be like. Henry almost seemed disappointed that Lloyd wasn't like Frank. By the end of the episode, however, I could have sworn I was looking at the older and very white version of Shawn and Gus in the future.

Funny thing is, I felt like Henry was fulfilling Gus' role as dedicated sidekick and Lloyd nicely filled the role of smart-ass with the propensity to find himself in tight spots much like Shawn.

What really made this episode was that it was very Henry-centric. We don't get that often, making it a real treat - and I think Corbin Bernsen, as always, really rose to the occasion.

Not to mention how well he and Jeffrey Tambor played off of each other. Their little scene at the end after Henry mistakenly believe that Lloyd was dead and started admitting how he hadn't had more fun spending time with someone since he could remember will be a .gif for many moons to come.

I do have to comment on the bit of a letdown I experienced meeting Juliet's parents. That's only because I think Shawn is outdoing her in the celebrity parent department, if only because I didn't recognize her mom.

I mean, come on, Shawn has Corbin Bernsen and Cybil Shepard for parents, while Juliet's birth father is William Shatner (who some might say meets or exceeds Shawn's celebrity parent score alone), plus Jeffrey Tambor for a step-dad. It's not a big deal, but it was something that jumped out at me as I viewed the episode.

Overall, this episode turned into a fun filler to lead us into next week's milestone 100th episode, but it certainly had a lot of other noteworthy moments to which it can lay claim.

Other highlights:

  • Gus' repeated references to his "family" and how disappointed he was in himself for leaving it.
  • Gus' confession to Shawn that he wanted to be "I Am Legend" rather then "The Black Von Trapps."
  • Mexican Lassie. Enough said.
  • Shawn and Juliet's gaggle of new appliances and housewarming gifts.
  • Henry going to Mexico.
  • Mention of Henry's cabbage-patch moves.

It's finally upon us Psych-O's: The 100th episode airs next Wednesday and it seems Psych has a lot in store for us. How will you be counting down to the milestone?


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I am very disappointed in this season. Honestly, so far,it sucks!!! I don't like the fact that they got rid of the "little Shaun" segments at the beginning of each episode. I also don't like the new effects when Shaun detects clues (strange music and zooming effects). They aren't solving anything anymore. Such a shame, really loved this show. Goes to show you that when Actors take over creativity on hit shows, the ratings tank. Has happened many, many times in the past.


I've read a little about ML's pilot, phew James Caan/single mom/ can we say YAWN. She may consider it more serious and mainstream but her role on PSYCH is priceless, where else do you get to save everybody against a pseudo Big Foot, with great hair, great blouse and usually be the most SANE person in the room.
Don't go Mags! I agree with the comment about "El Baldo Costco", that was rich! In reference to Shawn having to tell her that he is not Psychic, it goes something like this...he is tormented unsure about this lie that has been a part of their lives and their relationship, he finally gets up the courage...turns to her says: I am not a Psychic! she calmly turns to him and says, I know, I always knew...the end!


Am I the only one with Arrested development flashbacks??? George Sr being arrested in Mexico once again!:)


This episode was so funny, it was the old "The In-Laws" movie. But they were really good at it. I kept waiting for them to say that Juliet's step father was CIA or something. I hope we see more of them.


My biggest laugh was when Tambor said "Agree to disagree" to Henry.


Did anyone else love the bit about Shawn describing his dad as "El Baldo Costco" to the cop he thought did not speak English. What a hoot. Everytime I think of how ridiculous this line is in context it cracks me up. I wasnt that crazy about last weeks episode but this weeks is back up to the high bar of expectations this great show has set for itself.


@Jay They have said if her show get pick up they can still use her so I don't see that as a big deal. BUT i do see these season finale being about him finally reveling his secret and their last season all the people he put away suing him


nobody mentions that this was a total play on the inlaws


Everything about the Shawn and Juliet relationship spells TRAIN WRECK!! First of all Shawn has to tell her he isn't Psychic and i predict that will happen very, very soon, probably within the next few episodes. Once he tells her i predict that she will kick him out and break up with him. The break up probably wont last more than two or three episodes because this is Psych, BUT the relationship will still probably not go anywhere or end badly because Maggie Lawson is probably leaving the show if her pilot gets picked up. If you ask me it is a complete waste time rooting for their relationship to succeed and if you disagree that's fine but you are just kidding yourself. FYI I love Shawn and Juliet and would love to be wrong about this, but i doubt it.


Great episode. Gus loving his girl friend and her son one minute then the ext just wanting to get away from then even after only spending like 5 minutes or a few hours with then was great. Lloyd talking then everyone just walking away because he was so boring was funny. Shawn liking Lloyd more after he found out about his gambling was funny. Mexican Lassiter was great and everytime they said that was funny. Shawn and Juliet's house warming party was nice. The argument on who was sharing a grave with who and who didn't want to share with who was funny. Can't wait til the next episode.

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I abandoned my family! I'm a black stereotype!


Mexican Lassie is way better than American Lassie, much like Coca Cola.