Southland Review: The Pitbulls Win

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True to its title, "Bleed Out" featured plenty of bloodshed, as each Southland case took a darker turn. 

Lydia Struggles

Sadness seemed to follow John Cooper but I couldn't have been prouder of him when he refused to leave the side of the woman trapped under the bus. In one ray of light in a world full of darkness, she even survived.

However, I also appreciated when his partner told him afterwards in this Southland quote

 Next time we flip a coin. The loser's beneath the bus. | permalink

It was a good reminder of how cops have to try and make light of the insanity they're witness to every day or go insane themselves.

More shocking than the man with the huge knife cutting himself in the back yard was the young boy who tried to save him. What kid runs towards that kind of horror scene?!? Most adults would freeze or run in the other direction. I see a future in law enforcement or emergency medicine for that boy.

Cooper's constant need for evasiveness with his partner about his dates must be exhausting. It's got to be incredibly draining to always feel you have to hide a part of who you are. But when Dewey told him to go home and watch a musical, was that a clue that Dewey knows John is gay or was he just being funny?

When Hicks kept calling and John wouldn't answer, I had a good idea what he would find when he got there. Cooper could be looking into his future when he sees Hicks if he doesn't find a life outside of the job.

Lydia and Reuban's case took some interesting twists and turns. The nanny was nutty enough to be a serious suspect but the truth was far more tragic. The sleep deprivation and overall stress of having an infant can at times zap the joy from the experience. This poor mother made a mistake and it led to any parents worst nightmare. My heart broke for her.

Sammy needed to pull it together. This thing with Tammi was driving him over the edge and, to be honest, I'm not sure if that video helps him or hurts him. He has to remember that she's the junkie and he's the cop. Perhaps it's time for him to do a better job of going on the offensive.

Sherman was definitely doing his best to maintain his bad boy image.  He's got a great thing going with Brooke but he's going to lose it all because he enjoys the thrill of being with the banger's cousin. There's no way that doesn't blow up in his face.

On the up side, we got not one but TWO Ben Sherman shower scenes - so that makes it hard to complain.

In the end, the nutcase screaming Attica! Attica! was too much for the cops, but not for a couple of pitbulls. What a horrifying way to go.

So did anyone else find Lydia bringing the baby into her bed frightening? Will Cooper ever let his colleagues in when it comes to his personal life? And will Sherman's harem turn around and bite him?


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I believe that Sherman's behavior is a reflection of how the job affects some of the cops. He is not doing illegal or dirty cop things, but he is in a way acting out against what he sees day in and day out. I can't imagine being a cop on the streets of LA these days. He started out as a young man who wanted to do good, and make a difference by being a cop. He has seen that ideal go to hell, because no matter what he does there is always more.
Sammy is a cop. He should have had it written in the divorce decree that Tammy can be drug tested at any time, and if she comes up hot, she loses custody. I am not surprised she is doing this given her behavior over the last 4 seasons. The fact that Sammy didn't have custody in the first place is a shock to me.


I think Dewey actually knows and Cooper knows he knows and Dewey just treats it like he does everything else, I know that Sherman knows too, you just have to wonder if he will ever be able to be comfortable enough to tell his partner. I sometimes think no because he is anticipating returning to being a training officer. Yes, Sherman can be a tool, but he is just kind of growing up.


i don't hate Sherman,he is real,he is just like some guy you may know,and definitely not among the real bad ones.
Love this show,for ever and ever.


Lots of people are saying how they hate Ben Sherman's character - but they are forgetting the journey he has made since the school-boy goody-goody he was in the very first series. The fact that he's now not just walking the line, but long-jumping across it when it suits him is credit to his acting. A young actor is maturing really well right in front of our eyes and playing an equal part beside a really really first rate cast. Every one of these guys is acting their hearts out - even the 'story of the week' actors bring real enthusiasm and talent to their work. brilliant series.

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