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As much as I enjoy a decent Monster of the Week episode, there's something rather exciting about expanding upon the Supernatural mythology and delving into the battle that is angels and demons.

And while investigating witches or fighting Greek gods have been that okay foray into the Winchester World, getting back on the trail of searching for the hidden God tablets and the return of Castiel was the much needed resurgence for the series.

"Goodbye Stranger" was full of great moments, lines, twists and character decisions to conjure up excitement for what's to come as we drive closer towards the finale. Even the concluding song of the title's same name was a great way to wrap it all up.

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It's been a while since we've seen Castiel, almost too long, even though I've enjoyed the brothers working together as a team. Certainly their new home at the Men of Letters lair has been the right touch and transition for their work, as well as chance to dig into what they love (Sam for knowledge, Dean for first edition Asian porn).

Yet, the mysterious and controlling Naomi had been able to completely brainwash Castiel into carrying out her crusade of killing demons and tracking down the angel tablet. He was a zombie-like Terminator who I couldn't help but keep comparing him to Zoolander prepping to kill the prime minister of Malaysia. Although, I'm sure some might agree to Castiel being really really ridiculously good looking.

It was definitely an odd reunion for him and the boys. He's always been a little off in his demeanor, but it was a part of his charm. Here, he was a Zero Dark Thirty machine precisely eliminating demons and sort of ignoring Sam and Dean.

At the same time, Meg made her own return appearance and in pretty much one fell swoop won me over. She's always been fair enough, but I've been less on board with her dry remarks and actions when with the brothers.

This time around, new blonde hair and all, she was full of clever one-liners and a flirty charm that worked when she was hitting on Castiel. Sure, she's a demon and he's an angel, but there was something fun about the two of them having a rapport including talking about the pizza man.

Could it have worked? I guess we'll never know, but I was willing to see where a little Megstiel action decided to go.

More so, I enjoyed Meg's heart to heart with Sam, discussing his normal life and magical unicorn. I get that she's been untrustworthy with the brothers, so I don't blame Sam for not wanting to talk, but Meg proved herself this go around.

She stood up to Crowley, held him off Sam and Dean in order for them to escape, all before getting even more beat up (after a year of torture under the King of Hell) and then killed. Wow. And I really was all ready for her to join the team.

Goodbye stranger for sure.

And yet, Castiel had become a stranger as well. It was a very intense and creepy standoff between the angel and Dean, after they discovered the tablets. His stare down was cold, and you could see a certain wariness in Dean's eyes. Two friends fighting was not the happy reunion that should have been.

On top of that, was Castiel attacking Dean over and over for the tablet until the Winchester was battered, bloody and bruised. It was heartbreaking to watch the angel feel so conflicted as he tried to break free from Naomi's grasp at the same time Dean cried out weakly for Castiel to stop because they are family.

I really wasn't sure if Castiel could break free. It was wild that touching the tablet and Dean's pleas snapped him back under his own control. Still, the angel flew the coop leaving the brothers to fend for themselves again.

What is Castiel going to do with the tablet by himself? I hope he finds his way back to Sam and Dean again. The three of them are a family.

Such is even more so fact with Sam agreeing to tell the truth (a conversation that sounded very familiar, but I was happy he decided to), along with Dean famously quoting Lord of the Rings and carrying Sam rather than his burden. I liked the reiteration of the brother bond and length they will go for each other.

The coming together and breaking apart again was pretty dramatic, especially with Castiel finding freedom and Meg meeting her end. There's just something about the angels and demons that feels entertaining, so that added to the character mix was a wonderful delight. Really there was just so much enjoyable that this has to be one of my more favorite episode of Supernatural Season 8. With more episodes like this, I can't wait to see how the season concludes.

A few other random things I noticed:

  • Not sure if we've ever had a demon with curlers before.
  • I loved the Family guy reference with "Shut up, Meg!"
  • The Crowley and Naomi standoff really showed how much the two loathe each other. It also affirmed that Naomi is indeed an angel, right?
  • Meg described Sam's year off perfectly: "I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little."
  • A hobbit quote to reassure your brotherly love is always ok, as long as it's from the Rudy hobbit.

What did you think of the episode? Castiel and Meg? The fight for the tablets? Sound off below and watch a promo for next week's "Freaks and Geeks."


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@Kivina. You didn't like Megstiel? You wanted to puke in your mouth a little because of it? I have been puking non-stop over S8, which overall has been appalling with Sam's daydreaming, his blank stares and "reveries", remembering the most awful non-romantic aspects of his so called "relationship" with a bitch who kept putting him down and insulting him, and who he committed adultery in a motel with (yeah, normal life?). Watching Sam fixing fans and sinks, and having irrelevant characters like Amelia's father washing dishes, and the boring prophet Kevin whingeing, and Kevin's mother shouting, has been traumatic. This Meg episode was very well done, and Cas and Meg were great together. Wish Meg was in S8 since the start, instead of being forced to watch Amelia in the cloudy lens (looking like she's staring in a women's multivitamins advertisement).


@Richard. Hopefully Castiel will bring Meg back to life. The story of an angel and a demon sharing love with one another would be an interesting story, especially since Castiel has fallen from heaven, and Meg has fallen from Hell. This IS a romance which would develop the characters of both Cas and Meg. It could also be a "secret" affair. (Let's face it - Sam's boring "love affair" was anything BUT character development). It would be interesting to see whether a demon can become humanised and develop free will, just as Castiel has. I am awaiting to see what happens when Cas discovers that Crowley killed Meg.


@Kivina. I think Meg was a great character, and she has been there since the beginning. I don't think they "pushed" the Megstiel thing at all. Misha is a great actor, and he and Rachel Miner got the chemistry perfect. The eye contact alone was wonderful, and the scene was very short (I would have liked to have seen more). Agree with you about the unicorn thing (I totally disliked the whole Amelia reference. The Amelia story was painful, boring, and unnecessary to SPN. No chemistry whatsover between Sam and Amelia). I would have liked Meg to be in S8 instead of Amelia, Mom, Kevin, Garth and Charlie. The Angels and Demons story rocks. Hope Lucifer returns!


Great episode. Painful to watch Dean getting beat up by his only real friend in the world. Thank God Cas stopped himself from killing Dean.


Please.. we need more SPN episodes like this one! The Angels versus the Demons battle is above anything else the best storyline for SPN. Keep it going!


I wonder how Castiel will react when he finds out Crowley has killed Meg. I don't think he knows, yet.


The first scene was absolutely brilliant. 10 seconds into the show and you already want to curl under a blanket. New record.
I think Meg's line "I laughed, I cried, I puked in my mouth a little." is perfect for this episode and I have to say I puked in my mouth a little during the Megstiel scene. They were really pushing it after few seconds. And with the whole unicorn thing? It made me burst out laughing and then cringe when I realized they're serious. It sounded like an episode of Glee. But now I understand, they did all this to make us like Meg more and opportunity for her to redeem herself, so her death would be more painful. So RIP Meg, it's been a blast but I guess it was your time to go.
The crypt scene...holy hell the directing was perfect. I was practically dying on the floor after "We're family, we need you. I need you." and Cas chose Dean when Naomi gave him the choice. Again. She was so sure that after 1000 times of Cas killing Dean, he would be able to do it again, when it really mattered. Guess again.
Scene with Crowley and Naomi blew my mind. Who or what is Crowley? Is Naomi really an angel?
And the brotherly moment was nice. I needed it after the ep.


@Richard. I don't think Meg is regretful for the bad things she's done. She has somehow "fallen" due to her love of Lucifer (an Angel), and because she was burned in the holy angel fire when Cas trod on her. Also, Cas kissed her, so she was "affected." Like you, I have become a huge Rachel Miner fan. She was great in the role, and was an under-used character. Hopefully she comes back (Cas might resurrect her).


Good episode. Love Cas and Crowley, and finally we got to see Naomi. Love Meg - the chemistry between Cas and Meg was lovely (there was absolutely NO chemistry between Sam and Amelia!!!). I could have lived without the awful reference to Amelia, though. (Meg, believe me, we ALL vomited in our mouths at the start of S8!!). Very sad that Meg is dead (hope she gets resurrected). The notion of a "fallen" demon to counterpoint Cas the "fallen angel" would have been great. Also, the only romance which would work on SPN is Cas and Meg. (Dean & Lisa were also just plain yuck). However, I would like to see a bit of Destiel!! Bring back Meg, and bring back Lucifer.


@RK Yes, Dean said she's a demon and therefore must be killed. But he's also being hypocritical because he's also buddy-buddy with a vampire who he considers as a brother. What makes Meg so fascinating is that she's the only demon in SPN's 8 year run that actually seems regretful for things she's done and for becoming a demon in the first place. There are still signs of humanity in her. And Rachel Miner plays the role of Meg to the hilt. I've become a big Rachel Miner fan! As for Megstiel, yeah, it's difficult to think about. But they're both outcasts. Meg is only welcome in hell as Crowley's chew toy,,,and Castiel burned his bridges to heaven long ago.

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