Supernatural Round Table: "Goodbye Stranger"

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Supernatural included a pair of welcome returns last week, as "Goodbye Stranger" featured both Meg and Castiel in prominent roles.

In this edition of the TV Fanatic Round table, staffer writers Carissa Pavlica and Sean McKenna - along with Alice Jester from The Winchester Family Business - breakdown the installment, picking out their favorite scenes and more in this edition of the Supernatural Round Table...


What was your favorite scene or quote from the episode?
Carissa: This bit from when Dean was looking at the Asian porn magazine he found in the Men of Letters lair: Dean: What is wrong with me? This is a first edition. Do you know what this would go for on eBay? Sam: No. Why, do you? Dean: No. Maybe. Shut up.

Alice: I LOVED the opening scene. Talk about a teaser! Castiel coldly without flinching kills Dean, and we find out immediately it’s a heavenly holodeck.  I don’t know what I loved more, Naomi’s chilling, smug, smiling face that her star pupil was ready (we knew that was going to bite her by episode end) or the room full of dead Deans everywhere. It’s the dead Deans. How many poses did Jensen have to do for that?

Sean: There was so much to like this episode and I totally agree with both Carissa and Alice. Yet, that scene between mind control Castiel and Dean was intense. The way he was trying to fight beating on his best friend was emotional on both ends. Really though, a lot of strong moments all around.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of the Meg and Castiel flirting?
Carissa: I loved it, especially because they alluded they had actually done the nasty. I never realized they had actually gone there. Well done Castiel!!

Alice: I try not to get involved with ships on this show, but I’ve always loved Castiel and Meg’s strange chemistry, so the flirting was a big win with me. What fan doesn’t love the delicious idea of an angel and demon doing it? It’s a match made out in the cosmos. Anyway, sad to see it end.

Sean: I was totally on board. It was fun in a way I think because it just suddenly happened. Too bad nothing will ever really come of it. Poor Clarence.

Did you think Castiel would break from Naomi's mind control?
Carissa: I freaked when I saw that room of Deans, but I never thought he could hurt the real Dean. Nobody but Dean could say the things Dean says to grab Cas' attention, and he called Cas family, it was game over. I'm more certain than ever that Heaven is still a mess, Naomi is making deals (and sleeping) with the Devil and thankfully Cas made the break. 

Alice: I thought he would eventually, but I wasn’t sure we would see it in this episode. I figured they’d drag it through the rest of the season. I’m pleased they went there though. That sets up a huge showdown between the two now. Considering he’s a regular in season nine, I’ve got my money on the dorky trench coated one. 

Sean: I'm glad they didn't drag it out, but it was an interesting twist. Certainly, like I said before, the scene with Castiel and Dean brought it to another level. I'm happy he was able to break free but curious as to where he's headed now.

Did Meg make a valuable sacrifice?
Carissa: Yes. I'll miss her. I liked another quote from the show, which was hers: "I’m kinda good, which sucks. You’re kinda bad…which is actually all manner of hot." She came a long way from we first met her and I don't think she'll end up in hell. It's a shame Heaven doesn't seem like a great place to go these days.

Alice: Yes, but I’m still convinced she did it for her own purposes. It was the only way she could stick it to Crowley. Part of me thinks she especially did it for Castiel, aka her “unicorn,” but whatever her reasons, it was valuable.

Sean: For sure. Preventing Crowley, saving her unicorn, protecting the brothers for the time being was all manner of valuable. It was a wild sacrifice that definitely benefited. Miss you, Meg.

Where is Castiel going and what is he going to do with the angel tablet?
Carissa: My guess is we won't find out until Season 9. Are we setting up for the big Season 9 arc? That was such a fantastic ending. Eric Kripke loves his classic rock, and I'm glad they've stuck with it after he stepped back from the show. Goodbye Stranger was a perfect song to be playing as he rode off and it made me cry. I can't wait to see what happens next. The best news is we don't have to worry about Cas going rogue. He'll always be a Winchester now.

Alice: I don’t know, but isn’t that great to know that greyhound buses have magical angel cloaking devices?  I guess it makes sense, where else can a dude in a trench coat and suit carrying a stone tablet with hieroglyphs go about his business unnoticed?  What is he going to do with it?  I have no idea. 

Sean: Why did he take a bus? Hmm. I think he's going to try and hide the tablet or maybe even use it to stop Naomi. But what a great ending with Goodbye Stranger, and certainly making it one of the top episodes of the season.


Doesn't matter to me if Meg and Castiel actually have sex. I just want the character back. And I want Rachel Miner to play the role.


Well now we have the New Sam as a regular next year I can forsee a few intense brother moments between him and Dean next season . I was sad about Meg but she went down snarking which was typical Meg. As for Dean I love him alot of the time but get annoyed with him some of the time . I wish he would remember he has lied quite abit to Sam in the course of their lives and not make Sam feel guilty because he didnt fall over himself to tell Dean anything .


I didn't pick up on any reference confirming that Meg and Cas did it. I thought she was alluding to the one scene where they heavily made out. I will miss Meg. I know that there has been more than one actor to play her but technically Meg has been around since the first season. We just lost a character that had almost as much longevity as Sam and Dean themselves.


@Emma. I didn't think the Megstiel factor was "pushed", in fact, I think it was under-done. I don't know why you would have "actively disliked" this pairing. The Sam and Amelia garbage WAS pushed (and shoved down our throats). I think Cas and Meg were great together, and were the only couple to have had any chemistry (apart from Bobby's ladies). Lisa and Dean were forced - they didn't gel, or even look like a couple. Also, Dean didn't even know her - she was a one night stand which the writers then made "the love of his life. The Sam and Amelia story was foul, and there was absolutley NO chemistry there, and it was so BORING. I really hope that Meg is brought back to life.


I'm more of a 'watch the show for the sake of watching the show' kind of person, so I tend not to pay attention to any ships. But, I was never all that on board with Megstiel and it was one of the only ones that I actively disliked. It was nothing to do with the characters themselves, and I'm not denying that some of the scenes between the two of them weren't fun and/or sweet (the unicorn thing made me simply melt into a cooing puddle, it was so cute). But, I often found it slightly awkward to watch at times and I got an impression that the pairing may have been pushed more for the shock-factor of it existing, than for the potential of it ever being a workable romance in the long run. Also? There's no chance that Castiel and Meg were ever bumping uglies. I agree with Section8grl; he implied that he knew the mechanics of it, not that he had ever gone that far with Meg. When would they ever have had the chance to?


I think when Cas was talking about his sexual history, he was referring to the wife he had when he was Emmanuelle. I don't think he and Meg ever did anything more than kiss. Last time they saw each other he was insane and had the mind of 5 year old. The idea that they might have done something then is just YUK!


Bring back Meg!


Cas will be back for the episode 21 and the rest of the episodes after that


I actually didn't see the scene as Cas and Meg 'had actually done the nasty' as Cas still wasn't immediately getting the reference to 'moving furniture' this is the first time they've met since he was insane. And if it hadn't been for the fact that Cas was mind-controlled in this ep, I could say there was a possibility for Megstiel, (you can't deny the chemistry between the actors) Meg could have been honestly affectionate towards Castiel, particuarly if it seemed he wasn't all good, but as soon as Cas was free of Naomi's influence he was for protecting the tablet, and protecting Dean from its harmful affects (if Dean used it) and Meg wasn't even an afterthought. As soon as I saw a) Meg's blond hair and b) a moment where she was getting some good character development, the writing was on the wall, when show turned her from villian to failsafe and comic relief they no longer knew what to do with her. Goodbye Meg, you lasted longer than anyone other than Sam and Dean. I kind of wished they could have dropped a few weak monster of the week eps this season to keep the mytharc in the forefront, given Meg's goodbye it's own ep, and then given the Cas and Dean confrontation, which we've been building toward for a good long time, all the room it needed.


If only this season would have more episodes like this one.

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