The Good Wife Creators Tease Love Triangle, John Noble and Guest Stars Galore

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This Sunday kicked off the first of five straight new episodes of The Good Wife Season 4 - and things are definitely heating up with not only the Gubernatorial election, but with Alicia and that love triangle she simply can't shake.

Earlier today, Creators/Executive Producers Robert and Michelle King jumped on the phone to talk about everything currently brewing on the show, along with whether we can expect a fifth season of the CBS hit drama.

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Alicia/Will/Peter: The love triangle is not merely going to become about who Alicia is going to choose in the end. “That’s not the direction we want to go,” said Robert. “We kind of want to explore more the moral dimensions about it, not so much the Team Will or Team Peter dimension.”

Who Is Kalinda Kissing? It won’t be Nick, her ex-husband, who was not a fan favorite earlier this season. The good news is that we probably won’t be seeing again but Robert did say that if we do hear his name, “you only will in regards to Kalinda’s character, not with regard to Nick appearing on the scene again.”

But what of the possible smooch between Kalinda and Cary that is teased in the promo for "Runnin with the Devil?"

“We have seen a friendship development and they did kiss in the past,” Michelle teased. “There are sparks between the two of them and that’s really developed over the last four years.” Robert added that the fact that Cary is currently in ‘take no prisoners’ mode, which makes him more appealing to the firm investigator.

Eli/Jordan Battle: While we saw Eli triumph over Jordan in guiding Peter and his election campaign this week, the battle is not over yet: “What you’re going to see in the coming episodes is this battle between Eli and [Jordan] for the direction of the campaign,” said Robert. “As much as [Jordan] has shot himself in the foot, he’s still limping and he’s still there.”

The Kings also said that, schedule permitting, they’d love to bring back Parker Posey as Eli’s ex-wife.

From Fringe to TGW: The beloved John Noble appears in 3/24’s “Death Of A Client,” but don’t expect the cuddly Walter Bishop. Robert, who also directed the episode, previewed that the actor's lawyer as someone “who sues everyone and at the beginning of the episode he’s shot in the head and, here’s the difficulty, what do you do with a murder where almost everybody might want to murder him?”

A lot of the episode is told in flashback as Alicia tries to figure out who might hold the biggest grudge. Robert also shared that Noble “was so lovely to work with, he’s such a great actor and then we killed him!”

More Guest Stars: With Emily Owens and Ben & Kate off to TV heaven, Mamie Gummer will be back in Episode 21 and the Kings said they’d love to get Anna Camp back, but that may not happen until next season. They also praised recurring guest stars Amanda Peet and Carrie Preston, who both appeared this week. If Preston wasn’t busy on True Blood, they made it pretty clear they’d love to have her appear more often. Gary Cole will also be back to stir up Diane.

Moving Forward & Season 5: “The rest of these episodes are essentially going to be about being careful what you wish for because,” Robert explained. “You’re not going to like it. The characters get a lot of their dreams but their dreams are not what they might appear.”

And while other networks are starting to renew shows for the 2013-14 season, TGW has not been officially picked up yet. He added that they don’t know yet about a fifth season but “we’re writing as if we’re coming back.”

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Please do not put Alicia and Will back together. You can keep us guessing with the Peter issue although I would like to see Peter and Alicia together but I really don't like Will and Alicia together. Will is best suited with with various women with no committment.


I am totally Will Team! Hooray!!!!!


Love The Good Wife! For the Record, I am TOTALLY Team Peter! I hope for THREE more seasons. The Kalinda/Carey relationship is hot, love them both. I would like to see more of them and less of Jordan. Would like to see more of Eli and anybody BUT Jordan. So happy to see S. Epatha & Amanda Peet. Looking forward to John Noble & Mammie Gummer. Although missing FRINGE's Walter and Emily Owen was too good to be cancelled :(


After following this for 4 seasons and with lots of fans like me, the show must at least have a proper ending. Hope the network will tell the kings if they are not renewing so they can write a proper ending. I definitely want a fifth season but what I want more is a proper ending and not live us hanging.


Nice interview. One more season of the Good Wife would be great.

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