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Reading the review before I watched my DVR'd show, I expected to be very disappointed in her rejection of Will. But I came away getting the impression she is with Peter right now, but clearly not over Will. And the pregnancy during college definitely poses an interesting question about Zach's father. I do love Peter and the punching of Mike Kresteva. I love Peter and Alicia's partnership, I just don't love them as a couple. I wish she would just get a divorce already and stop the back and forth. I was also very intrigued by Alicia's conversation with Grace aka did her pregnancy prevent her from being with the person she really wanted to be with?


It's amazing how so many of the viewers has very little enthusiasm for the institusion of marraige. Peter messed up; went to jail for something he was acquitted of; became SA and running for Governor. Alicia was hurt, embaressed, went to work, had an affair over and over. cancelled divorce poceeding, cintued the affair until guilt set in and called it off. TGW's actions did not contribue anything to her husbands repentance orther than "eye candy." Your approval of Alicia's behaviour seems contrite and discriminating. Why can't she love her husban? There is no virtue in infedelity and she is being a hypocrite. If her actions are okay why is it done "in the dark." Why is Peter responsible for her moral integrity? The public resonse to General Petraeus and Pauala Broadwell was "they are grown. They were also married to other people. Cheating is never alright. If you want to sleep around, divorce your spouse and respected them and yourself. Morals don't cost a thing.


I love Alicia being with Will, but there is no way they can be together. I think we have to wait the end of the season to see what happens! Can't wait to see it!


I'm in the minority here, but I do not like Will! He's definitely a playboy, cuts legal corners, is borderline unethical, and just a little too smooth - to the point of being sleazy. I do not want Alicia and Will to be together. I don't know if I want her to go back to Peter, but I do think he has being trying very hard to be honorable and he is a good father. I want Alicia to grow up in terms of her love/sex life. Either take Peter back or find someone appropriate outside of the workplace.

Love Kalinda again now that her husband has gone. I hope he's dead. Don't want him to turn up again.

Don't understand the cop thing. Why did the detective lie about the GPS?

Very intrigued about Diane's next move.


Ugh I hate Alicia and Peter together! She's clearly not over Will even though she wants to be and she definitely hesitated before telling Grace she loved her father! She seems like too much of a strong woman to just go back to her cheating husband! I don't know why Wil gets called the bad boy when it's Peter who's the scumbag! I love his interactions with Eli though, and I loved that he punched Chandler! I wish Diane takes the job! I love her and she deserves it, and it will def mix up the firm, I just hope they keep showing her because she's too good to leave or appear less on the show!


Alicia is a great mother! Boy, her mother is something else entirely. I can't believe that she would have told her grandchildren what she did.

Love the show!


@Amy I had forgotten about the date. It was the only indication that they were back together. Nonetheless, I'm still glad she's back with Peter, because of my undying love for Chris Noth! Seriously, I think he's a good family man, and a good father and he sincerely loves Alicia, he's not just sexually attracted to her (as I suspect Will might me).

Please Willicia fans don't crucifie me for my opinion;)


Anybody noticed how Will and Diane felt close to one another tonight? I know they won't get together (Will likes younger women), but sometimes I wonder...


Not surprised the cardinal shook both hands. No way he was going to hug Kresteva! I wasn't surprised Alicia still loved her husband, the fact that she continued to support him no matter what says a lot. I had just hoped that revelation was preceded with more concrete proof. It's like we don't know how she came to that realisation NOW.


Loved this episode and especially loved that Peter and Alicia are in love :):):) Love Dianne and the fact that Peter sees her as good enough for a Supreme Court seat even though I think she'll decline. I like Will but I recognise the bad boy in him is still there in spades, here's hoping he and Laura have something meaningful.

Ps being married or in a long term relationship does not make you immune from getting attracted to someone else so I understand Alicia's attraction to a younger bad boy (Will), it does not automatically translate to being to's plain lust (sometimes mixed in with friendship).

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