The Lying Game Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

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One huge answer and still so many questions! On "To Lie For," the identity of Theresa's (and possibly Derek's) killer was finally revealed.

Was it who you expected? Find out below...

Remembering a Loved One

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma. | permalink

C'mon Alec, that's the understatement of the century. It's also the most overdue confession...ever! Poor Dan really lost it this week and I don't blame him one bit. To no one's surprise, the autopsy report revealed that Theresa didn't die in the pool and was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Hmm, same as Derek. There was also the evidence of limestone under her nails, which placed her at the quarry at the time of death.

So a few weeks back after Theresa first disappeared, Alec told Thayer that everything he was doing was to protect him. That comment set off a lot of alarms with viewers. Then there was also Thayer's shady demeanor, controlling attitude over Emma and violent outbursts with people like Ethan. These past few episode he seemed highly suspicious and now we know why. 

Thayer killed Theresa. Okay, now that we have that answer, the question is why? What did Thayer have against Theresa? Did he also kill Derek?

After much discussion with friends and other TV Fanatic staff members, here is the best theory that I have: Thayer may have killed Theresa because she got Alec out of jail and helped to protect him. Thayer despised Alec and helped put him behind bars in the first place.

Jordan admitted to killing his brother, but who is his brother? Was Derek Rogers related to Jordan? Maybe Rebecca was framing Alec for the murder of Derek in order to protect herself and Jordan. She hated what Alec did by messing up the adoption of her daughters. She wanted her family back together and wanted to win Ted back. Derek's blackmailing was getting in the way. Rebecca could still be the one responsible for Derek's death.

In this line of thinking, Derek and Theresa were killed for different reasons. I can't think of anyone aside from Rebecca or Alec who would want to keep the twins a secret so badly that they would kill for it. Ted didn't even know there was a twin until last week. Sutton wanted to keep Emma in the dark because she was afraid everyone would choose Emma over her.

Did you believe Sutton's sincerity in helping Dan and Ethan this week? Has she joined the good side? 

In order to get all of these answers we need ABC Family to give the green light for the back 10 episodes of The Lying Game. So everyone go out and tweet ABC Family, post on Facebook, write into the show and get yourselves heard. But before you do that, don't forget to hit the comments with your theories and thoughts! 


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OMG there has to be more. This season has been so addicting. I loved every minute of it. Anyways, i always knew thayer was a phyco. I never liked him. But emma and ethan have to get back together. There meant for each other. PLEASE RENEW THE LYING GAME..... FOR MY SANITY


basically thayer killed derek because he hates his stepfather alec and saw the opportunity to get him in jail. (he was following him for the twins case and he took that picture of him threatening derek..., and then he killed derek). then he killed theresa because she was about to find about about him. alec called rebecca to let her go before she was arrested because he wanted to protect thayer by letting the fake killer on the loose... so the truth would never come up...


gaaah I hate cliff hangers! I'm already counting the days to when this show picks back up again. (crossing my fingers and hoping they renew it). I need an explanation on what Thayer had against Theresa. I also really need to know what happened to Alec...urgh, it's frustrating when they have such a good season of a show and it's unclear when/if it will continue. One last thought about this episode, I really loved that scene where Sutton is hitting tennis balls, trying to blow off some steam after Ethan told her it’s over between them. She really does a great job of just conveying emotion with her body language in that scene, it's a great piece of acting, plus I really liked that song that played (evidently it's called "Madness in the Air" by a band I've never heard of before, Friends of Desire). Alexandra Chando is the best!


The lying game Season 2 so far has been thrilling!!!!!!!! It's just a shame that such a good show doesn't have secure continuity! I truly hope it gets green light for season 3(??).. Alexandra Chando is a pleasure to watch as well as everyone else! The additions of Rebekah and Jordan really made a difference here! As for Thayer i don't really get his motives but i m sure there is an answer. I hope Alec isn't dead although it seems unlikely to survive this kind of fall! Also, i m all for good Sutton! I prefer the Sutton character than Emma because she is more real- I want the twins out in the open together! And i want to see it happening! Please renew The Lying Game!


they cant cancel this show! there has to be more! i love this show!


They can't cancel this show! I hope they get another 10 episodes of second season or a third season.
I'm Italian fans so I don't speak English very well; but doesn't matter because I'll be understand! Just: DON'T DELETE THIS SHOW! PLEASE! NOT FOR ME BUT FOR EVERYONE ITS FANS! PLEASE, LISTEN TO ME.


I swear to god if you cancel this show, i will come after someone throw things at them, booing until they bring it back.


Did anyone wonder, Derek rogers looks a lot like Jorden... maybe they are brothers?


I hope they get another 10 episodes/season 3 because the show is juicier than ever! Why did Thayer have the murder weapon? What happened to Alec? With Emma end up with Ethan? Questions, questions, questions. Just because it's not complex in the same way that Pretty Little Liars is doesn't mean it's not good! :)


I so hope to see another 10 episodes soon! i really like this show a lot, particularly the adult story lines. i really hope Alec's not dead!!! and it just feels like there is still so much to clarify... i really need the show back SOON :(

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma.


It was you people, with all your secrets and lies. Someone here did this, I'm gonna find out who.