The Lying Game Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

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One huge answer and still so many questions! On "To Lie For," the identity of Theresa's (and possibly Derek's) killer was finally revealed.

Was it who you expected? Find out below...

Remembering a Loved One

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma. | permalink

C'mon Alec, that's the understatement of the century. It's also the most overdue confession...ever! Poor Dan really lost it this week and I don't blame him one bit. To no one's surprise, the autopsy report revealed that Theresa didn't die in the pool and was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Hmm, same as Derek. There was also the evidence of limestone under her nails, which placed her at the quarry at the time of death.

So a few weeks back after Theresa first disappeared, Alec told Thayer that everything he was doing was to protect him. That comment set off a lot of alarms with viewers. Then there was also Thayer's shady demeanor, controlling attitude over Emma and violent outbursts with people like Ethan. These past few episode he seemed highly suspicious and now we know why. 

Thayer killed Theresa. Okay, now that we have that answer, the question is why? What did Thayer have against Theresa? Did he also kill Derek?

After much discussion with friends and other TV Fanatic staff members, here is the best theory that I have: Thayer may have killed Theresa because she got Alec out of jail and helped to protect him. Thayer despised Alec and helped put him behind bars in the first place.

Jordan admitted to killing his brother, but who is his brother? Was Derek Rogers related to Jordan? Maybe Rebecca was framing Alec for the murder of Derek in order to protect herself and Jordan. She hated what Alec did by messing up the adoption of her daughters. She wanted her family back together and wanted to win Ted back. Derek's blackmailing was getting in the way. Rebecca could still be the one responsible for Derek's death.

In this line of thinking, Derek and Theresa were killed for different reasons. I can't think of anyone aside from Rebecca or Alec who would want to keep the twins a secret so badly that they would kill for it. Ted didn't even know there was a twin until last week. Sutton wanted to keep Emma in the dark because she was afraid everyone would choose Emma over her.

Did you believe Sutton's sincerity in helping Dan and Ethan this week? Has she joined the good side? 

In order to get all of these answers we need ABC Family to give the green light for the back 10 episodes of The Lying Game. So everyone go out and tweet ABC Family, post on Facebook, write into the show and get yourselves heard. But before you do that, don't forget to hit the comments with your theories and thoughts! 


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Please don't cancel THE LYING GAME, it's one of the best shows EVER and this season was amazing !!!!!


This show is the best show ever! It's even better than PLL!Pll is SUCKING THIS SEASON.


this show is my entire life. i love it more than i love myself okay. i cannot wait to see what happens with jordans brother. if they cancel it i would never know what to do.


I do not think Jordan and Derek are related. Because when he was being arrested Mad said he didn't have anything to do with killing Derek or Rebecca and he said it was about his brother who was from Vegas. Confused how it's relevant at all.


Nooooo they can't cancel this show!
Anyway, if anyone else watches Pretty Little Liars as well, is it just be, or did the EXACT SAME THING happen with Toby that is happening with Thayer? They seem like really good guys for the majority of the series, and then they start getting really annoying alpha-male, and then in the half-season finale, they turn out to be...well...lying liars.
I still don't trust Rebecca and cringe everytime I see her face. I really want to trust Sutton but I feel like you can't trust anyone on the show.
PLEASE DON'T CANCEL THE LYING GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ethan thought if he had told Dan everything sooner Theresa might have not have died. But when the autopsy report came in it said she died right around when she went missing. No matter when Ethan talked to Dan, Theresa wouldn't have lived. Given that, I think Ethan could forgive Emma, her mistake was small compared to all the shady things Sutton has done.


Love love LOVE this show!
I agree with the ppl saying there's something off with Thayer, there's something about him that has always come off creepy to me. I like the theory that he killed Derek to frame Alec, it's the first one I've heard that makes sense. It had to be him who stole Rebecca's box, he knew that Jordan was going to steal it so he (Thayer) got there first. does seem a little too obvious at this point, with the way they've been making his character sketchier and sketchier all season.I don't think Jordan had anything to do with it, or if he did Rebecca doesn't know. She told Alec on the roof that she thought Ted did it, was trying to protect him. The way the Ethan/Emma stuff went down made me mad. Dan said Ethan had to choose family or the TWINS, as in both of them. So Ethan rejected Emma but then spent the whole charity event with Sutton. Wtf? I can understand that he pushed Emma away in particular because she's the one that asked him to wait to talk to Dan. Ethan thought if he had told Dan everything sooner Theresa might have not have died. But when the autopsy report came in it said she died right around when she went missing. No matter when Ethan talked to Dan, Theresa wouldn't have lived. Given that, I think Ethan could forgive Emma, her mistake was small compared to all the shady things Sutton has done.


Wow! @StephanieSanchez' theory really makes sense for me. Been obsessed in finding out why or what's Thayer's motive if he is the killer. Been watching previous episodes of season 1&2 :) Is Thayer obsessed w/ Emma too? Is Emma now in danger? What will happen to Emma-Ethan? Sutton? I have so many questions that need answers! Awesome show. Left me wanting for more. This show really needs to get picked up!


This is absolutely one of the shows that I look forward to every week. The season2 spring finale was insane-puzzling&jaw-dropping. I have so many questions that need answers. PLS PLS ABC FAMILY, hear us fans --- 10 or MORE&MORE EPISODES of THE LYING GAME! I love how this show is fast-paced, never gets tiring :) And of course, am on Team EmThan. And if Thayer's really the killer, my big question is WHY? What's his motive? Obsessed in finding answers for this. Thayer seemed to be so genuine&sweet but he's so short-tempered lately. Is he obsessed w/ Emma? Is Emma now in danger? And I love how Sutton has a change of heart. Another, maybe Alec intentionally fall so that he can't admit as to who the killer is. Really awesome show :)


The Lying Game has to come back!!! I am so addicted to this show!!!! It is so emotional! I laughed, cried, and screamed in the spring finale! It is just an amazing show, and an amazing job done by the director, producer, cast members, and the entire crew! I hope it comes back for another season! #LyingGameBack10

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma.


It was you people, with all your secrets and lies. Someone here did this, I'm gonna find out who.