The Lying Game Review: Sleeping With The Enemy

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One huge answer and still so many questions! On "To Lie For," the identity of Theresa's (and possibly Derek's) killer was finally revealed.

Was it who you expected? Find out below...

Remembering a Loved One

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma. | permalink

C'mon Alec, that's the understatement of the century. It's also the most overdue confession...ever! Poor Dan really lost it this week and I don't blame him one bit. To no one's surprise, the autopsy report revealed that Theresa didn't die in the pool and was killed by blunt force trauma to the head. Hmm, same as Derek. There was also the evidence of limestone under her nails, which placed her at the quarry at the time of death.

So a few weeks back after Theresa first disappeared, Alec told Thayer that everything he was doing was to protect him. That comment set off a lot of alarms with viewers. Then there was also Thayer's shady demeanor, controlling attitude over Emma and violent outbursts with people like Ethan. These past few episode he seemed highly suspicious and now we know why. 

Thayer killed Theresa. Okay, now that we have that answer, the question is why? What did Thayer have against Theresa? Did he also kill Derek?

After much discussion with friends and other TV Fanatic staff members, here is the best theory that I have: Thayer may have killed Theresa because she got Alec out of jail and helped to protect him. Thayer despised Alec and helped put him behind bars in the first place.

Jordan admitted to killing his brother, but who is his brother? Was Derek Rogers related to Jordan? Maybe Rebecca was framing Alec for the murder of Derek in order to protect herself and Jordan. She hated what Alec did by messing up the adoption of her daughters. She wanted her family back together and wanted to win Ted back. Derek's blackmailing was getting in the way. Rebecca could still be the one responsible for Derek's death.

In this line of thinking, Derek and Theresa were killed for different reasons. I can't think of anyone aside from Rebecca or Alec who would want to keep the twins a secret so badly that they would kill for it. Ted didn't even know there was a twin until last week. Sutton wanted to keep Emma in the dark because she was afraid everyone would choose Emma over her.

Did you believe Sutton's sincerity in helping Dan and Ethan this week? Has she joined the good side? 

In order to get all of these answers we need ABC Family to give the green light for the back 10 episodes of The Lying Game. So everyone go out and tweet ABC Family, post on Facebook, write into the show and get yourselves heard. But before you do that, don't forget to hit the comments with your theories and thoughts! 


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Has anyone thought about char? Sutton and mad's friend who left the first season. She was in love with Derek and related to Rebecca. Do you think she could be involved?


._. Shocked face! but after watching the promo for this episode last week I had a feeling it was Thayer....


I don't think Jordan and Derek were brothers, Rebecca said it was from back in LA. I am guessing it was a more complicated, like Jordan was drunk and hit him with his car or his brother was way younger and he was supposed to be watching him and the kid died. While I know they were setting up Thayer for a few episodes, I kind of feel, huh. But I must say, I was kind of worried about Emma there for a few minutes since I know in the books that Sutton actually dies and thought, wow, they are going to switch them around. I cannot remember, but I do kind of think that Thayer was actually still in LA when Derek was killed which makes me wonder about whether he killed Teresa or is merely protecting the real killer (I am having flashes of Mads somehow being the actual killer especially with the blackout drunk episodes they have been building in all season). I don't know why what happened with Alec will prevent Ted from telling Kristen the truth, but I must question his decision to tell her at a banquet like that. I know they just wanted to get it out there and I agreed with Emma, it should be Sutton who tells her.


I figured it was Thayer when I seen him running out of the house with Rebecca's little box when Derek went to get it.


I only got one of 10 predictions correct, the thief stool Emma's necklace. I thought of these season 2A ten episodes, this was the only less-then-good one. How on earth were fans to have any clue that Jordan killed his brother, especially after the police did a background check and found nothing. And Jordan all season 2A long has been flat, like Justin Miller's story line was. And poor Laurel, never had a boy toy all season long. The scene between Rebecca and Emma was ruined by Emma saying she had been with six foster families, when we all know Emma told Thayer it had been 12. Be constant writers! Don't get me started on the abcfamily promo for PLL, second week in a row abcfamily has flubbed a promo! I did like Ethan's decision to choose family. And Alex through the glass was THE big event that saved the episode. But I'm still not sold on Thayer being a killer of Theresa. He did not use that pipe on Emma. I still think the killer is Sutton.


I felt so bad for Emma when she finally got to talk to Rebecca. She told her that she been in foster homes the majority of her life and never felt a hug until she got to the mercers. I don't understand why Thayer killed Derek. If he killed Derek Theresa was just collateral damage she got to close. Did Thayer hate Alec that much that he kill someone to just frame him. He couldn't be all bad Thayer did choose to stay with him instead of his mom and real dad. Alec raised him as his own. Thayer started giving off creepy vibes towards the end of the season and the things Alec said to him about protecting him I thought he was going to do something to Emma when he was all quiet and like close the door.. I understand why Rebecca wanted Alec dead and probably pushed him through the skylight, the whole seperating the twins and than framing him for murder. I think he must be dead i saw somewhere that the actor who plays Alec signed on for another pilot so he might be leaving the show,I hope it gets renewed still questions linger.


They just HAVE to air more episodes after this finale.. For a moment, I thought Thayer was going to do something to Emma when he told her to close the door. Everything is pointing at him right now, but at the same time that makes it too easy..


Well, I'm hooked on the show so I hope that tonight's episode was merely a Spring break. I'm sure that there are plenty more lies and games that the characters can play.

Philly ace

I really like Stephanie's theory. It is the best one that I've read and it ties in much of the other events.


Did you forget Alec dropping from the ceiling? You didn't even mention that. Is Alec dead?

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The Lying Game Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

There's another Sutton and her name's Emma.


It was you people, with all your secrets and lies. Someone here did this, I'm gonna find out who.