The Mentalist Review: The Broken Memory Palace

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"Red, White, and Blue" was a standard filler episode for The Mentalist. But an enjoyable one nevertheless. 

Jane's Memory Game

The murder investigation highlighted some serious issues facing today's military. The first was sexual harassment against its female members. The ability to file an anonymous claim certainly seemed to have as many drawbacks as advantages. In the end, if no one is willing to officially come forward, then the claim goes nowhere.

I really appreciated that Cho took the lead in this part of the investigation because he's the person on the team with a military background. As he was quick to remind Hawkins in this The Mentalist quote

The next time you ask someone in this unit to watch your back you might want to remember how you watched hers. | permalink

Considering one woman under Hawkins command was killed and another was sexually harassed, it appeared he needed to take a little more responsibility for what was going on in his unit. 

The other issue was the number of soldiers coming back with traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. I was amazed by Pete's battle to get through every day. 

Of course Jane was the perfect person to go to for anything concerning memory.  I was relieved when Jane finally got around to telling Pete about his memory palace. I felt like I'd waited the entire episode for him to get to that moment.

But Jane was great in several scenes, my favorite of which was when he thanked the soldiers for their service in his own very Patrick Jane way.

The other was when he hypnotized Pete so he could sleep. I loved it when Jane uses his skills for good instead of evil and, even though he tricked Pete, in the end it was for the greater good. Not to mention the poor man finally got some decent sleep.

The killer was such a selfish, arrogant, jackass. He thought slashing some innocent woman's throat was the appropriate response to having to pay alimony to his ex-wife.  Well, that and covering up his illegal prescription drug side business but off course that was his ex's fault too.

The best line of the night went to Rigsby who told the good doctor…

Look on the bright side. In prison you won't have to pay for dates. | permalink

After the drama of losing Lorelei last Sunday, what do you think of this week's The Mentalist? Sound off now and then take a look ahead to next Sunday:


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@Huisclothes - thank you for the Instagram info. Don't have an iPhone though, so it's no use for me. @estatica - Orlov would be great as RJ! We haven't seen him since S1 though. Don't know if people (that are no crazy fans) would remember him. But I guess they could bring him back. Hmmmmm... totally worth a thought!


@estatica and @entwife - totally agree with you. Jane knows what he means to Lisbon. She already told him in the S1 finale that there are people (her) that care for him and need him. And he IS trying to work as a team member. More so now than ever. Would he give up his life for Lisbon? In a heartbeat! But I think he would do the same for the other members of the team as well. Would he sacrifice himself to kill RJ? I do believe so, if he absolutly can't find another way. But we all know how cunning and smart he is. I'm sure the writers wriggle him out of any deadly situation. I have faith in Bruno :-)


@entwife. i think he would try to live through a confrontation with red john and i think this was always so. but he would die if that was his assessment of the situation. perhaps now, making that decision would be more emotionally painful and poignant for him because of his deepened ties to others. but i think he's a man of principle those principles are very well-integrated. he knows what his values are, so he wouldn't have to think about it. he would act on those values. he would do everything he could to avoid having to die but he wouldn't back away if he thought it was necessary.
they're not going to kill patrick.


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think it's for iPhone but people on this site can correct me because i know almost nothing about posting -- lots about playing around with photos with a whole bunch of iphone apps and then texting them to friends.


The last 24 hours before a new episode seem the longest.


@estatica Yes, I do think he might sacrifice his life to save the team, especially Lisbon. I'm just not sure at this point if he would do it just to bring RJ down. Could be totally wrong, even easily wrong. But it seems to me, at this point, he will try very hard not to die, maybe harder than ever before. The added triumph of surviving RJ would be very great, he would love that. Heller has spoken so often of giving the viewers what they want, surely he would not kill Patrick off just to be thought more artistic and edgy by his cable buddies. Fingers crossed.


@Mimi - thank you!
@KM - I'm sure I'll love Australia. I've been in southern India for 3 month, right at the cape Komorin, where the indian ocean and the arabic sea meet. At first it was a bit (no kidding) hot, but I got used to it. The waves were insane at times. I did not dare to swim when they were 5 or 6 Meters high, I'm not that great of a swimmer! I also love the Mediterranian area (Provence, Spain, Italy). Maybe one day I'll sell my house in Switzerland and retire there somewhere. It's just too bloody cold up here (-16 C this morning - that's aroung 0 Fahrenheit for you Americans)
@Huisclothes - what is an Instagram?


@mimi i actually thought, i'll still be able to find mimi. still owe you my thoughts, haven't forgotten.


Huisclothes I cant see your pictures maybe because Im on my phone..


@ bonaduz,
You'll love it. I can't wait to get back. It will be awhile, because of college costs. @huisclothes,
I hope your beloved mends quickly. I don't do Instagram, but I bet they are great.

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