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showed an interesting dynamic and game. And yes things are getting interesting now, we're getting different story lines of Homeland and the rest of CBI cracking down on Jane and now Lisbon and trying to get to the bottom of her, not goffy storylines like oh Lisbon was flirting with Kirkland. This was a very interesting Lisbon episode, we saw assertiveness from her with Jane we haven't seen in a couple years and we saw once again what a horrible liar she is(good lord that was awkward with her and Bertram/Kirkland). And we saw in a more transparent way the idea of Jane hiding information, manipulating Lisbon(30% info quote was powerful) and the impact it had on Lisbon. She definitely does feel like she's losing him a little bit. But in the end the big question for me is: Lorelei was signed on for 5 episodes, she is already dead? How are they going to integrate her into the last 2 episodes ?


This episode went against what we're used to seeing from the show. There was actual tension and uncomfortability between Jane and Lisbon, Lisbon looked mad, hurt, scared and whatever else you want to call it. This really was the dark side, this wasn't what fans wanted to see per se but it was necessary for the show. Jane was same old Jane much of the episode, in fact I was surprised he actually stayed in when Lisbon told him to, it was the difference in how Lisbon acted that you saw the show is going down a different road we've wanted to see for a while but haven't. And that quote at the end, "she had it coming", again not like the show at all to have the star say something so dark, but really that's just part of the game with Lorelei and him. He told Lisbon he felt something for her, and there was something non romantic about it, but in the end both manipulated each other(Lorelei in a surprising gnawing way of shooting the guy who could have revealed RJ and bailing on Jane) and it showed an interesting dynamic and overall game.

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