The Mentalist Review: Unforgivable Things

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"There Will Be Blood" brought back one of my favorite Red John minions. I expected to be thrilled, but that's not exactly how it worked out.

Lorelei Martins returned to beat the heck out of Julia Howard and I was surprised Julia's neighbors hadn't heard her screams and called the police. 

When the CBI team later watched Lorelei torture and kill Julia via nanny cam, Jane looked as though he might be ill. Was he feeling guilty for letting her go or simply worried about what Lisbon's reaction would be? 

Jane Confesses to Lisbon

When Jane met Lorelei and let her go, I knew he was in trouble. He told Lisbon he trusted Lorelei and Lisbon appeared horrified with the revelation. Lisbon's used to Jane snooping but that he went behind her back to find the second address and then didn't call her after speaking to Lorelei, that got her wheels turning.

Knowing that Jane slept with Lorelei - coupled with the fact that he admitted he trusts her after witnessing her commit murder - it may have eroded the trust Lisbon shares with Jane.

When Jane told Lisbon he only tells her about 30% of what he does, I wondered how much of the 70% Lisbon really wanted to know. But the one thing Patrick Jane has never lied about is that he will do whatever it takes to find Red John. That he was using Lorelei Martins to do it shouldn't have been a shock.

Jane's motives were clear but will Lisbon come to a point where she'll have to choose between Jane's mission and her job?  

Agent Kirkland's return made my skin crawl. His relationship with Bertram sent up lots of red flags. We know Kirkland is in Red John's pocket. Was his chumminess with Bertram a sign that Bertram's in Red John's pocket? That Bertram is Red John? Or simply another red herring?

In the end, Jane gave Lorelei what she'd wanted: confirmation that Red John murdered her sister. Unfortunately, she didn't hold up her end of the deal. Not only wouldn't she share Red John's identity, she shot the one other person who could. That was just cruel.

And what the heck was up with Homeland Security taking over the case and custody of a comatose Jason? Didn't we go through this already with the FBI and Lorelei? And why did Lisbon seem so calm about it?

Lorelei wanted Red John all to herself and she got that. Finding her body with a red smiley face above it wasn't a surprise to Jane or the audience.  However, hearing Jane mutter, "She had it coming" was frighteningly cold. 

Lorelei was one of Red John's more interesting minions and I was disappointed her run ended this way. More so because she seemed to have lost her intelligence and her innate sense of survival in her thirst for vengeance.

Now we're left to ponder if she managed to move the Red John story line forward in any significant way besides the knowledge that Jane had at one time shaken hands with Red John. What's your take?  Are we any closer to finding out the identity of the dreaded Red John?


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@ bonaduz Thank you re my dog @ Mimi, Teddy's cancer, while terminal, is stable as of yesterday. Decent white cell and red cell count numbers. Poor guy does toss his cookies on occasion though. Good thing I have a strong stomach. But, I agree vomiting is terrible. I'm fortunate to not have that automatic gag response to it or the sound of someone getting ill. Working in ambulances and emergency rooms, back in the day, and motherhood cured me of the squick factor on every bodily fluid. At some point I've been hit. Tis easier when it's a loved one as opposed to say a homeless gentleman who is dying, though.


@Mimi - my son is already 11, so I don't have to clean up after him anymore! He made it to the bathroom in time :-D
It's different if you are a parent. Before I had children (that really irritate me sometimes!! LOL @KM) I was the same way. Arrrrghh! But now it doesn't bother me anymore, even with other people. There you go - everything can or will change according to the circumstances and a person can get used to (almost) everything, I had to learn! :-)
Loving Patrick is easy for us, because he is a TV character. Agree 100%! In real life, I'm not so sure...


and also PJ is fiction, he's not in my life so it's easy to love him of course.. I havent trown up in twenty years!! I hate it so much I keep it all inside when I feel sick... off topic I know


hello KM! how is Theodore John doing? Bonaduz ahhhhhhh I hate vomit, when I see someone sick I run away as far as I can, I know it's silly though. of course I understand, I had to let go of many friends too because we were not on the same wavelength anymore. What I mean is, I love PJ despite some his bad actions, and like KM says, it's the same for everyone around, we all find other irritating at some point, and the more we're at peace with our own person, the more we are with others too, that's why it's not a cliché to say "love yourself", it is at the base of everything else.


@Km Good morning. You just said it sooo much better. Glad doggie is ok.


Oh, I guess Family Day is deleyed - one kid is throwing up!
@Mimi - hi there! Eye candy, that's what it is!
I do agree with you about friends beeing friends, BUT - there are situations, when you as a person have to stand up for your believes and your morals and maybe have to let a (presumably) good friend go! I'm all for loyalty, don't misunderstand me, can (has) happen!


G'morning everyone!
@Mimi thanks for the link. The creator appears to be a PJ & LM shipper, though. It's just me, but I don't get people who say they love someone whose family was murder being a relationship with a murderer. Physical hotness does not mean healthy. But, I know nothing.
@Entwife, thanks. Clicking back does not always work and after 5 tries I just close the window and start from scratch.
@Meh, Mimi, and maybe bonaduz- I can love the character of Patrick Jane and not like his actions. Hence, I can find him irritating. Just as I find my real life lover and our children irritating. And, they don't say living with me is like riding a roller coaster for nothing. I'm glad we have varying levels of devotion to all these wonderful characters.
@estaticia, I agree too many unsybling-ish behaviors between the two now.


Meh I agree with everything you said! I never disliked jane for one second, because to me his qualities surpass his faults, I understand how others can be irritated by him but we all have faults and we love others for who they are-good andbad, we dont get to hang out with them when they act right and avoid them when we don't like who they are. We accept them totally or not.


hi bonaduz!
how are you? glad you enjoyed the pictures, eye candy, right? I can't wait for I give it a year to be out here.. 3 weeks to go now..


@Meh - Agree 100% with you on the 'she had it coming'. I thought that right after she shot 'coma guy' and left Jane standing dumbfounded! 'RJ is going to kill her' I thought!
I also love the PJ character. The most interesting one ever on TV (imho)! And debatably the cutest one too! :-D
Ok, ok, I'll stop and ...go! Bye

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