The Mindy Project Review: Island of Misfit Boys

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Anyone looking for a prescription for laughter should most definitely be watching The Mindy Project.

The gloves came off this week on "Danny's Friend," as Mindy and Josh's old girlfriend Heather (Ellie Kemper) came face to face once again. In addition to playing covert ops with her condo board to keep Heather from renting an apartment, Mindy also helped Danny confront his long-time friend about being forced into an ethically awkward position. 

Addiction is no laughing matter, but Mindy's mistakenly thrown intervention for Danny, complete with wine and hors d'oeuvres, was hilarious. She may not be a good judge when it comes to chemical dependency, and her calling together the office to confront its coworker turned into more of an office party than the usual intensity-laden script such events tend to follow. 

The Pull Up Competition

The insertion of Bonnie into the show's roster of characters has been a nice change of pace from the rather random scenes featuring Mindy's other friend Gwen (Anna Camp). The Help poop pie reference was spectacular. As was Round 2 of Mindy vs. Heather.

Ellie Kemper, of Bridemaids and The Office fame, lit up the screen and once again proved to be a well cast rival for Kaling's alter ego. It looked like the avid avian head of Mindy's condo board was going to approve Heather's application. I hope that means down the road we can expect to see some fits of fury featuring the new neighbors. 

Mindy was rather underhanded with the way she tried to blacklist Heather, but her overall fan appeal I feel leans heavily to the positive. In reading viewer comments since the show's premiere, I have been surprised to see a very polarized feeling about Morgan.

Ike Barinholtz is asked to deliver comedy in both slapstick and character driven genres. I laugh at scenes like the one tonight, where he broke the pull-up bar. At the same time, I love the great references he is written, like his asking the condo board head, if his birds would dress him like in Cinderella. I too used to consider Nerds a major food group in my younger days. 

I often forget about Danny's humble beginnings and his story of perseverance. Stevie was a great and hilarious reminder. As was his mother who mistook Mindy for African American before asking if she had any Sicilian in her. The revelation that Danny was a fat kid growing up should make for some great material from Mindy going forward. 

Whatever is in store for Kaling's crew, I'm sure it will be a riot.


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Drea xoxo

yes i saw danny! and how he got when he realised it was his friend! its beginning.....


I must be the weirdest person on this planet! I just don't get it. I've watched 5 episodes of this stupid show and I have not laughed ONE SINGLE TIME! I can watch Matthew Perry's Go On or House of lies, Shameless and others and laugh quite a bit!
I even have some chuckles when I watch Justified, Body of Proof, Castle, The Mentalist and others that are dramas and laugh more than I do with this Mindy Project.
What am I missing here?
This show is lucky that I wasn't the Network Exec. that screened it. It never would have gotten a green light from me.

C f ohara

@yoshi I just logged back in to write the same thing. That was a pretty bold and sexy move by her and yes Danny def blushed. Love their coy little flirtations. He also has taken to calling her "Mind" I've noticed. Pet names aren't far off.
Also loved Mindy's confession about being the "Dryer Bandit."
@AmyLynn I did not know that about Ellie Kemper. Good for her. Maybe she will be able to juggle two shows and stay on TMP.


did anyone see how danny saw mindy undressing and continued to stare


Did anyone love the fact that Danny was all did you see that to Mindy after he did his pull ups? It kind of turned me on. ;)


I don't know what's not to love about Morgan… his innocence and gullibility is charming! Him asking if the birds could dress him like Cinderella was classic Morgan! And hilarious! I think he usually delivers the funniest lines on the show. I love the show regardless and I'm glad it got picked up for next season. It's too bad Ellie Kemper is filming a new show for next season. She really is great on this show opposite mindy! It would be awesome to see her stick around. After last week, I'm still hoping there's more to come with mindy and the mid wife. They're entertaining together.

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