The Secret Life of the American Teenager Promo: This Is It, Amy...

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Monday marks the beginning of the end for The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

With ABC announcing that this drama will call it quits after Season 5, the network has now released the first official trailer for Monday's spring premiere - and it's rather clear Amy will be faced with some monumental life decisions before this classic series goes off the air.

Get an idea of what's ahead now:

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i hope she picks ben


I personally think that Amy and Ben belong together. My reasons are simple. Ben and Amy fell in love without the baby in the picture. I feel that there connection is unbreakable. The reasons why they dirfted was because of Ricky aka the baby daddy and Adrian the women who will do anything to make Ricky jealous. I see Ricky and Amy making the best out of a bad situation. And truly respecting each-other and love each-other for having john in their lifes... BUT that doesn't mean that they are in love.. I truly don't see love with them. I seen more passion with Adrian and Ricky and more love with Amy and ;Ben. I hope this last season describes what I witness watching them. I don't know what Ricky is thinking of in the back of his mind but I really enjoyed his and adrians love for each-other.


I really really hope they don't distroy the show by having Amy end up with Ben I think he is so annorying RICKY AND AMY FOREVER I like how they have had their issue of course but it shows the truth what they would go through and they always make it out together PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE no Ben I don't see why he should get his way after we had to hear him complain for 5 years he can't be with AMY


If Amy end up with Ben it will be a disaster
Amy and Ricky should stick with each other all this seasons have Ben about them .


ben and amy, ricky and adrian perfect.


I hope she choooses Ricky ._. instead of Ben !