The Vampire Diaries Clip: Confronting Klaus

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Where is Katherine? Why has Klaus been talking to Hayley? And just what, exactly, does this Original suck the most at?

All of these are topics covered by Damon in a new sneak peek at this Thursday's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, "Bring It On."

Watch below to see why Damon thinks the two should team up in order to track down The Cure:

In another previously released clip, we see Elena flirt with Stefan, as her humanity-free side shows and Stefan tries to explain to her why she might wanna reign it on.

Check out this TVD video now and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after the episode ends for a detailed recap and review!

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David and sabrina 2014

Who knows if Katherine and Klaus are willing to help out Damon to find the cure when Katherine is still the same way I remember seeing her and Klaus,besides talking to Haley,will probably do whatever it takes to win Caroline's heart. I know I still may be hearing moments of Stelena but they're only temporary and as long as this season keeps going,this couple won't ever exist with all the problems happening when I just want the show to get better again. ;P =( ;P


Going after the cure AGAIN? And apart from that, I totally agree with kelly.


@Kelly I couldn't have said it better myself. Behind the smiles I wonder how the other cast members truly feel deep inside.


What's the deal? Klaus is suppose to be big and bad the toughest vampire ever. He is standing there letting a little twirp talk to him like that. Like we all get it. Kevin and Julie love, breath, cater to and probably eat Ian. Their love for Ian has ruined this show!!!! Seriously this show is awful. Season 4 is by far the worst season. I can honestly say it doesn't bother me now when I miss an episode because it's S H I T NOW! Joseph Morgan is the BEST and the greatest and he is suppose to be the toughest now he's ruined just like ALL the CHARACTERS who have to worship at the alter of this dude.


i like the damon klaus bromance that's developing. they seem to have very similar personalities. damon was very much like klaus when this show now started.


@ Farva No, the CW symbol was moving, too, so I think it may have just been this particular video and not the show.


Oh. My two characters together. Love Damon and Klaus. Too bad Klaus is getting own show and will leave TVD coz I am not gonna watch that new show just for him and Elijah. :(


why cant klaus did whatt his big brother did to damon when he shows disrespect please nicky pencil stab him


Did anyone else notice the movement in the background(like if someone was dizzy)....perhaps something is wrong with Klaus?


They're still going after this cure for Elena (and she doesn't want it) even though it got Jeremy killed and Bonnie messed in the head? L.O.L!

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Caroline: Feeding on the competition, hello did you not hear what Damon told you?
Elena: I did but who cares? I'll do whatever I want.

She's a vampire, off switch is one of the biggest perks.