The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "Bring It On"

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The Vampire Diaries returned in a big way with "Bring It On," giving us so much to discuss.

So let's get to it. In our weekly TV Fanatic Round Table, staffers Steve Marsi, Miranda Wicker and Leigh Raines break down the new Elena, Klaus and Hailey, Matt's windfall and much, much more!

Read our answers to the following questions and comment with your own below!


1. What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Leigh: Damon telling Rebekah to stop looking for the cure. Because he's right and because I'm so over that storyline!!!! "Life sucks when you’re ordinary. And what makes you exactly not like them? You’re a vampire. You take that cure and become human? You’re no one, nothing. Trust me, losing that cure was the best damn thing that ever happened to you." Also Elena's party rocked and I wanted to be there.

Miranda: Because there's something hilarious to me every time we see one of Klaus' horse drawings, I'll go with Hayley critiquing his art. I've been kind of meh about Hayley, but this week with her cutting down Klaus? Loved her.

Steve: "You're whole life revolves around me." 81-episodes-in-the-making BURN!

Vampire Diaries RT - depreciated -

2. Do you like the new Elena?

Leigh: Um, I don't like new Elena, I LOVE her. For three and a half seasons it's been whiny, victimy Elena. All this bad stuff kept happening to her and it sucked. She also couldn't breathe without a Salvatore bodyguard. She's fun as hell now, I'd hang out with her. As long as I'm not the next Caroline...

Miranda: YES! What's not to love, really? Aside from that whole trying to kill her best friend thing, I mean.

Steve: One thing I do NOT like is the seemingly arbitrary nature of the vampire-vampire sire bond, or how one's humanity can simply be flipped on and off. That said, I could not take my eyes off Nina Dobrev tonight, and not just because she got naked a lot. It was compelling (pun sort of intended) to watch this unpredictable and wild side of her character.

3. Klaus and Hayley: Hot or not (or really, really hot)?

Leigh: Really, really hot. Klaus is so angry all the time, he really needed that tension release, ya know? Phoebe Tonkin is also a hottie. I approve. Two thumbs up.

Miranda: Really, really, really hot. Really. JoMo. The tattoos. I vote we just let him be shirtless from now on.

Steve: Holy hotness. Words fail me so I've just posted the scene below instead. If the goal of this episode was to set these two up for the spinoff and make us excited for it, well played Julie Plec.

4. Elena vs. Caroline for the UFC title, best 2-of-3: Who wins?

Leigh: Caroline may be older and technically stronger but Elena had a strong point when she said that she was trained by Alaric, a.k.a. by the best. Anything paired with Alaric pretty much wins in my book.

Miranda: I'll pull for the underdog and go with Caroline. Elena seems like the cocky ripper douche type, so she'd get overconfident and Caroline would sneak in for the win.

Steve: Elena, 2-1. Caroline is capable of better than we saw last night, but New Elena's ruthless. Unless Care-Bear also finds the off switch, it'd be an uphill battle for her.

5. Favorite unlikely dynamic duo: Klaus/Hayley, Damon/Rebekah, or Stefan/Caroline?

Leigh: Stefan and Caroline are besties at this point so I don't consider them that unlikely. Damon and Rebekah are fairly similar people so same goes for them. I guess by default and recent hotness factor, it's Klaus/Hayley for the win.

Miranda: Damon and Rebekah. No question. Because they're really the only duo on the list who are unlikely.

Steve: Going with Stefan and Caroline, just because I can't quite put my finger on what the writers have in mind for these two. Beyond mutual concern for Elena, how deep is the connection?

6. Is Tyler really gone for good?

Leigh: Yes. And Matt just went from really poor orphan to really rich orphan. I'll miss you Michael Trevino... and your abs.

Miranda: No. Now that Klaus has revealed his master plan of just letting Tyler think he's in danger of dying, once Klaus sails off to the New Orleans sunset, Tyler can come home to Mystic Falls.

Steve: For the immediate future it looks like it, but he clearly yearns for Caroline and I can't imagine there won't be a scenario where they reunite at some point. Just not for a few episodes at least.

7. What is Silas the Blood Bag Bandit's next move?

Leigh: I feel like he's hidden somewhere with Bonnie right now keeping her brainwashed while inhabiting the body of Shane. They are cooking up something creepy and supernatural, no doubt about it! He's probably also trying to find Katherine, because isn't everyone always chasing that bitch for something?

Miranda: Please let it be resurrecting Jeremy so we can see his arms again! But really, finding Katherine. Because everyone always wants to find Katherine.

Steve: Sipping on Blood-tinis with Bon-Bon and working on the massacre that will complete the trifecta. Or getting back in the car to find a new hospital to raid. Six? In one week? Thirsty fool.

8. If Matt just inherited the deed to the biggest house in Mystic Falls, does that mean he can stop working at the Grill?

Leigh: Well unfortunately Tyler didn't wire any money over or leave him a secret account, but I'd be willing to be there's heaps of money hidden in secret places around Lockwood Manor.

Miranda: Unfortunately, no. He may have the house, but now he has to pay for all that upkeep. Poor, poor Matt. Maybe one day he'll make it to manager.

Steve: Unless Leigh is right, the property taxes on that place alone are probably more than his annual Grill earnings. I'd keep those double shifts for the time being if I were Matty.

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Spindae 2o

Strong Ep! So S1 hopefully they stay in this mode, more interaction less supernatural stuff!
1Fav scene!?
-hmmm! Caroline made the day! Her last scene with Tyler's letter. was a keeper. Besides that the Elena jealous scene was a match. Saroline will come up! Probably by Season final.
2.New Elena
-I like it! But the writers are pushing it over the edge so they show the BIG change!
-I didn't expect the hook up! But their interaction were pretty interesting. A nice preview for the new Show.
4.Elena vs Caro
-Caro is so much stronger. And Caro has experience, Alaric can't beat that. as I said in point 2. They are pushing it to show how she changed.
Saroline is amazing! In everything they do!
-Hopefully he is gone! Bringing him back now would just break things down. Maybe mid S5 when she is dating Stephan.
How I get it He is something like an Original. he will probably mess a lot with Bonnie! But let's see if he will reveal himself by Season end.
Can someone please kill him! PRETTY PLEASE!


1. Elena vs Caroline.. Not just cause we all love a good catfight, but because Elena kicked butt! 2. Found myself totally loving her!!! 3. Hotttt! Finally some sexy Klaus action! 4. I love Caroline but I think we need to establish Elena as our newbie resident badass! 5. Stefan and Caroline: love this thing they have going!! 6. Hope so, but obviously not. 7. Organising his third massacre 8. I doubt that!


First of all, I love this Elena. She is freaking honest beeacch! And I so love her! 1. Fav Quote: "Your whole life revolve around me!" Thats what I was saying from 3 Seasons, Saint! 2. Like? I LOVE this new Elena. Kickass. Independent. Blunt. Honest. Strong. What's not to like? 3.Gross. Klaus was good. But has anyone found Hayley's expression weird>? Urgh! Simply, I don't like her or the actress! 4. Elena. Trained by Alaric. No chance for defeat. 5. Damon and Rebekah. 6. Yes. Get over it, Care! Move on. Take Klaus. :) 7. Finding that sexy, hot liar bitch Katherine? May be. 8. Nothing interests me about Matt. LOL. But I think he will work. Only poor human on the show!


@Pratik: You're not alone. This episode pretty much sucked.


It looks like like I'm in the minority, as I found the episode pretty annoying...The story line barely moved forward.


first in
i adored the episode oh my god strong bitchie elena just how i like it

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